By: Bradley Loves


STAR WARS!!     (The Freemasonic point of view)

“LUKE” (Lucifer) Skywalker…, a young rebel, dressed in all white…, (a “good” guy in the movie) dreams of the Stars!  Although he does not know it yet…, his life will soon be changed by learning MAGIC!

The “truth” of who he is, has been hidden from him (unfairly)…, and the knowledge of Magic has also been hidden from him!

The learning of magic (magnetics) is very necessary for Luke (Lucifer) in order to use the FORCE (the magnetic force) so that he can become a Jedi. ( A Magical Priest or Magician).

Using the “force” is an “Ancient Religion” according to one of the high ranking officials on the Death Star.

The problem for Luke (Lucifer) is that he does not yet know that his father (Darth Vader) is the biggest villain in the Galaxy!

In order to properly learn magic…, (in order to face his father) he needs to seek out a being who is “very old” and knows this Ancient Magic.  This being is a “reptillian” looking creature named “YODA”….

[Helena Blavatksy wrote in her book: The Secret Doctrine…, that Satan or Lucifer, was the rebellious son of an Archon demi-god named: Jehovah Il-da-boath!  (pronounced: Yal-da-boath).   Yal-da —  Yada— Yoda!]

Because the Freemasons believe that Lucifer is the “good angel” who has been treated unfairly by GOD, and that GOD or  “Adonay” is evil for keeping magical “knowledge” away from human beings…, they have portrayed Luke Skywalker (Lucifer Skywalker) as the HERO of the STAR WARS movies!

It is Luke’s “destiny” to join the REBEL cause and “fight” against the EVIL Galactic Empire using the MAGIC that he will learn from Yoda (A reptillian).

It is Luke’s (Lucifer’s) destiny to set the Galaxy right again with his band of REBELS and SPACE PIRATES (Han Solo)  who have no respect for laws or morality…, and just do things the way they want to!!

According to Alice Bailey…, and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn…, “learning magic” is very necessary for anyone who wants to join the REBELS (led by Lucifer – The Light Bringer)…, so they can fight those who are EVIL – supporters of the Creator God Adonay…, and bring in a NEW WORLD ORDER under the leadership of the cheated FIRE ANGEL LUCIFER!

These teachings MUST remain secret…, because the “knowledge” of MAGIC is the knowledge of POWER OVER OTHERS!

This knowledge is not for the undeserving…, or the profane masses…, OR…, anyone who will not support LUCIFER and help bring him into power!

This is how the Freemasons “see” the drama being played out!  This is their perspective, and thus their world view!!

“They” are the “good guys”…, those who follow Jesus are the “bad guys”!

Don’t forget that George Lucas sold all of his companies to “DISNEY”!!

DISNEY is a well known as part of the Luciferian Cabal Agenda (with millions of hidden subliminal sexual messages in their childrens movies)…, with Walt Disney himself suspected as a pedophile.

Freemasons believe in keeping things hidden for the sake of Lucifer!!  Therefore those who lie and deceive (for Lucifer) are “GOOD”!  Anyone who tries to tell the TRUTH…, and expose the “agenda” before it can come to pass, is a CRIMINAL according to the Freemasons!

What is happening on Earth as we speak??

More and more people are “going to jail” for telling the TRUTH…, while those who tell lies are staying “out of jail”.

Hillary Clinton should be in Jail but is not.  Others who are in jail for telling the Truth should be out.

Hillary Clinton’s hero was Saul Alinsky who wrote the book: RULES FOR RADICALS – (REBELS)  and dedicated his book to the original radical and rebel “Lucifer”.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta and his brother Tony are into “Magic” and “Spirit Cooking” and this is where Marina Abramovic and Pizza Gate comes in.

What does this tell you and show you about where we REALLY ARE…, as opposed to where the New Age is telling us we are  ???

That the LUCIFERIANS are in power!!

It is the NEW AGE MOVEMENT that has helped them achieve this “Divine Goal” by continuously lying to the masses…, (who deserve to be lied to, since they do not openly support Lucifer).

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