Nothing really can prepare people for the FACT that everything they have been taught to believe is a lie! An “awakening” such as the one we are all living through requires personal time and investment. It requires a strong mind and strong soul.

Too many people are giving up very quickly in their journey because the TRUTH that they are seeking is still being actively hidden from them and covered up. It is not being “spoon fed” to them or handed to them on a platter.

And yet, who promised you that your “awakening” would be easy?

Who told you that while waking up from many years of slumber that everyone would laugh, sing, and hold your hand along the path to knowledge?


Do you even know that this means?

It means this:

Let him who would be fooled – BE FOOLED!

This means that “they” who are running this world do not feel as if they owe you any truth at all! Not even a tiny bit!

So, to just be perfectly clear…, since I’ve told you over and over again that KNOWLEDGE = POWER…, (and “they” do know this) then “they” are not going to give you any knowledge (aka TRUTH) at all because that would cause you to become powerful and thus a threat!

Are we on the same page yet?


Nothing you have EVER been told by “them” is true – it is ALL LIES! So the real question then becomes “Are you happy with that?” AND, “What are you going to do about it?”

Once again, finding out the TRUTH requires EFFORT! It requires a strong heart, mind, and soul and you’ve got to put TIME and ENERGY into it!

If you do not want to do this and keep doing this to “wake up”…, then “THEY” are very happy to continue to LIE to you, CHEAT you, and STEAL from you until you die!

Finally…, a word of fair warning. The information you seek is out there and you can find it if you look for it, however in your research and in your all of your endeavors, be careful of A.L.I.C.E., be careful of A.I., and be careful of followers of Satan whose only goal is to deceive…

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