By: Bradley Loves



I did a repost after my main article for today because this is all leading somewhere. It’s important.

WE as a people and as a species, have been lied to so much and so often, that we are beginning to think AND act like those who lie to us!  We are BECOMING THEM!

Remember who these people are for goodness sake:  THEY ARE SATANISTS

They reverse everything on purpose and say that up is down and down is up.  There is no “room” for TRUTH in their lives because TRUTH is the path to GOD.

Therefore, the only path left to them is the path of LIES.  Deception has become their way of life…, and tricking, conning, and befuddling the masses is their full time sport.

Everything…, and I mean EVERYTHING they tell us is a lie…, and it starts from birth!

However…, this is what “THEY” do (double emphasis intended).

This is not for us!

OUR PATH…., our path to GOD, is the path of TRUTH!

We can not afford to become THEM by thinking or acting like THEM.

We can not start taking on their idea that the truth somehow does not matter.

TRUTH is the ONLY thing that matters.

Whether in our alternative media…, or in our lives and our actions…, we can not afford to start “accepting’ lies as normal.  Once we do…, then WE BECOME THEM.

WE become the followers of LUCIFER…, who is also called:


I think it is quite clear now that the USA CORP and those who run it have given themselves over to using UTTER DECEPTION…, and therefore…, the USA CORP. has gone completely Luciferian.

The threshold for TRUTH has to be very high for those of us who are seeking to move forward.  We see thousands of “apologists” inside the NEW AGE…, who say that the constant barrage of LIES we get from the GOVERNMENT or the MEDIA…, or the PRESIDENT…, are excusable for one reason or another.

Yet, we all have FREEWILL.  We all have to make a choice.  We are in those days that were talked about so long ago…, when it was made clear that every living man, woman and child would HAVE to make a choice.

That choice is for TRUTH.  That choice is for a calm heart and a balanced life.

Mark Passio called this; UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS

Because the REAL UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS happens within each person, where they become united in thought, word, and deed.

In other words…, there is NO DIFFERENCE (EVER) between what a person thinks…, what they say…, and the actions they take every moment of every day.


A soul has become one with the holy trinity of their being here on Earth in thought, word and deed.

It all starts with TRUTH!



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