It is a “Wake Up” call to all who can hear it.  This being said, it might be difficult for some to read or hear.

I feel that it is appropriate (at this point) to take a break from the other series that I am currently writing and to write something from the heart!  This is a bit different than the other heart to heart posts I’ve written to date.  This one has some deep spiritual teachings and implications that come with it, and I certainly hope that you can open your mind to them.

This is going to dive really deep into spiritual truths and it is going be difficult for some to hear.  However, we as a species and as a planetary race have got to face up to certain things (collectively) that we have never wanted to face!



This includes some very important things that will affect us (as a race) in the near future and these are things that we have never considered because we don’t want to look at it.

The problem (in a nutshell) is that “we” collectively do not take care of our young!  This is something that every other benevolent species and race that travels in this Galaxy (and in the Universe) has taken particular notice of.

Not only do we not take care our of young, but we do not teach them the truth (we lie to them constantly) and from the very day they are born, they are confused about who they are, the true nature of the Earth, the history of our planet, and what their role should be in a well functioning society.

We (as an entire race of adults) have become our own children’s worst enemies!

Furthermore, we turn a blind eye when they are being abused by figures of “authority” – like school teachers, school board members, county workers, the courts, and countless others who claim to have such authority over them, but do not. 

In other words we do not DEFEND them when other adults are trying to directly HARM them.

This goes much deeper than just taking a 6 year old to a Drag Queen show at the local pub where the child is forced to see a man’s genitals, or taking them to the library so a grown man dressed up as a monster can read them children’s books about sex and gender.

For centuries the richest among us have used and abused very young children by traumatizing them and torturing them!  They do this for purposes of mind control and to use them as “government assets” in countless black projects and programs that are run out of Washington D.C.

SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) is both widespread and rampant behind the scenes on our world – in addition to that, we have also used children as sex toys and sex dolls, we have bought and sold them to traffickers all over the world so that rich people could own them (human slavery) and even use them as pets on a leash.

When I say “we”, what I am talking about here is that “we” are all part of the same human race!  “We” are all part of the same human species!  So yes “WE” really are doing this stuff!

If we are not STOPPING IT – then we are allowing it!

What is even worse than abusing them in this way is that countless children worldwide (each year) are just plain killed in Satanic Rituals and sacrificed to demonic entities like Moloch, Baal, the Black Sun, Baphomet, and many others.  This is clearly still taking place, and there are huge swaths of humanity (satanists, witches, wizards, and others) who are into this kind of stuff.

This is just a start my friends.  This is just the beginning of our little heart to heart for today, and if you can expand your mind – there is a purpose to what I am saying.



I mean lets face it.  If you were part of a wonderful race from a different world and you came face to face with an Earth human being – someone that is part of a race or species that has no interest at all in caring for it’s own young – then why would you want to be anywhere near someone like that?

Logically, if a being does not care about it’s own young, then can it be trusted with anything important?  There is nothing more basic than caring for your young!  Can you do business with a being that does not care for it’s young?  Can you expect that a being like this would be honorable?  If push came to shove, would a being like this ever protect you from harm if it does not even protect it’s own children? 


Well, if you met a being that does not protect it’s own children, then what are the chances that this being would lay down it’s life to protect someone from another race or species? 

(Small to non-existent?)

If benevolent travelers from other places in the galaxy were looking for trading and business partners – why would they do any kind of business or trading with a species like ours?  I mean honestly – if we (Earth humans) do not even care about our young – and we kill them (or we allow them to be killed) in ritual sacrifices, or we harvest and sell their organs, or we eat their bodies as meat, or we buy and sell them as slaves, and we use them in extreme experiments – then WHY would any other race or species that is more advanced than us (and is benevolent) ever want Earth humans to even exist much less do business with them?

It is far more likely that we would ALL be painted with the same brush as the worst among us and avoided at all costs! Certainly they would not be highly motivated to come in and “save us” from any oppressive groups who were enslaving us (merely because we have collectively allowed our own children to be enslaved first and did nothing to stop it).


It is also far more likely that they would just stand back and simply hope against hope that we destroy ourselves and then say GOOD RIDDANCE after the fact.

Now, again, I am not saying that you (as one of my valued readers) does any of this!  However, this is taking place all over the world! 


There are millions of adults doing this stuff around the world – and no one is stopping them!  In fact, millions of others are “employed” by them and take money to help do these dastardly things even if they are not doing it themselves.  They do it for a paycheck.

The truth of the matter is that this is all very systemic and worldwide and is connected to the ELITE FASHION INDUSTRY – (*Those who love to be very well dressed and wear expensive clothes*)

The Storm Rider (from Telegram) had a few things to say about the huge ongoing drama between Kanye West – Twitter (Elon Musk) – and his recent Alex Jones interview:

Mad genius or just crazy?

What ever the case, Kanye West has brought world attention to Pedophilia and human trafficking that goes back to the early 1900s when kids were sold in Fairs and trafficked through the U.S. in trains and were provided to the ELITES and pedophilia trafficking rings through orphanages. 
     What ANONS have been talking about these past years and was labeled a conspiracy is now being EXPOSED as BALENCIAGA is caught inside the Satanic pedophilia rings connected to ELITE fashion wear.
      As KANYE WEST spouts grotesque words like “I love Hitler” the mainstream media is in full force to cancel him….. But this open Mad Genius or just Crazy antic’s is trolling the Media and forcing them to cover Kanye’s antic’s while at the same time people who have never heard of Kanye West are going down the rabbit hole of SATANIC rituals , pedophilia, human trafficking that is all connected to the ELITE ESTABLISHMENT that CONTROLs the fashion industry. Hollywood and mainstream media are controlled by power’s that has created the ROTHSCHILDS family. ROCKEFELLERS ect ect ect. These are connected to a KAZARIAN Mafia that INFILTRATED the Jewish nation centuries ago.
       Over 3 Crypto CEOs and bosses have died in the past week after the COLLAPSE of FTX.
In the meantime PANIC is hitting the DNC on the EXPOSURE of FTX and now the DNC is publicly embracing FTX and MSM has had to soften their tune on FTX…..

(The REAL reason DNC is defending FTX is their connections to money laundering scheme operations through U.S. corporations. To Ukraine, to DAVOS, to WEF group)////….. But sources point to COLLAPSE of SEVERAL CRYPTO CURRENCY INCOMING <
……. This COLLAPSE will connect the EU Central banking system to the CORRUPTION money laundering of the EU and make direct ties to the UN. NATO)

         In many parts of the world as Italy, France top fashion icons are going against BALENCIAGA and the open SATANIC Masonic rituals connected to the fashion industry which in turn is connected to premonition of CRYPTO CURRENCY on their countries…… Currently several media BLACKOUTS Have begun of the exposure of BALENCIAGA and several Elite fashion networks connected to pedophilia, human trafficking, Satanism and several small crypto CURRENCY networks COLLAPSING in their countries the past 18 months.
          With the death of China’s ex-leader Jiang Zemin who CONTROLLED the CCP communist party , the COLLAPSE of CCP is IMMINENT as their control of XI has backfired in the Last Coup strike attempt against XI.  ( Many don’t understand XI is Fighting his deep state forces and he is labeled EVIL…. Just as much as TRUMP is Fighting the Deep State in the U.S. CURRENTLY and he is labeled EVIL… Just PUTIN fought his deep state and labeled EVIL)
> Inside sources say XI is EXPECTED to step down in 2026 after the COLLAPSE ( CIVIL WAR) CCP / CHINESE CITIZENS……… And a new era will begin with a new free Chinese republic and Leader and the current moment XI is playing the part inside the COLLAPSE of the CCP.////// The collapse of CCP is CONNECTED to the world crypto industry.. The Fashion industry ( half a trillion in investments through global fashion industry )……… The same industry that is TRAFFICKING kids, humans between China. Middle east. EU. UK. Canada
     > It’s HIGHLY EXPECTED KANYE WILL GO INTO MIL. PROTECTION PROGRAM in fall 2023 after the his supposed 🎥🍿 DEATH<
 _For how MUSK has banned KANYE on TWITTER., TRUMP has PUBLICLY renounced KANYE/////////………>. but not everything is as it seems…… Behind the SCENES > Military intelligence PULLING strings. SAFE GUARDING THE ACTORS FROM EACH OTHER////.

_🗝️ McAFEE holds the key to EVERYTHING.
>Julian Assange holds the same key
>Epstein servers holds the same key
>Hunter BIDEN LAPTOP holds the same key
>CIA servers from Frankfurt base holds the same key
> INFILTRATION of CERN in 2018 holds the same keys
>Dong Jingwei the vice minister of State Security in China’s Ministry of State Security and Intelligence brought the same KEYS to TRUMP< ///// WE HAVE IT ALL



– The Storm Rider

And we honestly wonder why loving and benevolent beings want NOTHING to do with us (or our planet)!



(Like attracts Like)


All of the beings in the squares above are called “Regressives” and they believe in Slavery!  They may have advanced technology, but they do not care a single bit about life, liberty, happiness, goodness, or anything else that is godly.  The are total rogues and they are evil!

Because of Earth’s Standard Operating Procedure of using Birth Certificates as “chattel property” so that all human beings could be treated as “slaves” (at least on paper – and which as of the writing of this post has not been taken care of nor done away with) – no advanced civilization wanted anything to do with us.

At the highest levels – all of the people running this planet are financially ENSLAVING the rest of us, and every benevolent species that comes here NOTICES this stuff.  It’s not like it can be hidden from them.

I know that it is not YOU doing this stuff!  I know that, I really do.  But we are talking about the entire human species from Earth as a whole, and how things are being done on Earth!

The rest of us are NOT STANDING UP and are not putting a STOP TO THIS!

We are simply rolling over and allowing it all!



So what have YOU done to speak out against this?  What risks have you taken to put yourself out there and to say in no uncertain terms that this can NOT BE ALLOWED?

  • Have you sent out links everywhere – even to those who did not want to hear about it?  Have you put your foot down and said this can not continue to happen:  NOT ON MY WATCH?
  • Have you even done enough research to know for certain that this is all really happening – or is there something more pressing you need to do with your time – like watch television?
  • You are a part of the Earth Species!  You have an obligation to speak out to change things like this and make them better!



Every other species and race that comes to Earth sees us as all as ONE species!  They see us as just one race!  They do not want or care to look at each individual Earth human to see if this one is good or that one is bad. 

They look at us all as a whole!  And as a whole, our entire planet is really f*cked up, we are doing everything that I’ve listed above and more – and hardly anyone out there cares to even say anything about it to the people they know (much less take action to put a stop to it)!

There are many so-called spiritual people here on Earth who fancy that they are going to “ASCEND” – but very honestly, if you’ve lived here on the Earth (in the 3rd density) then you are at least partly responsible for what has taken place here during your entire lifetime and for what was being done to all of the children while you turned a blind eye to it.

Have you “earned” that ASCENSION that you are hoping for?



We (collectively) are also turning a blind eye to the countless experiments being done in Deep Underground Labs and Bases.  We have allowed our militaries worldwide to run amok – and they have not just used our children in deeply dark experiments, but they have also used countless adults!

Some of the adults that they are abusing on a regular basis are the most spiritual among us!  In other words they are tormenting and torturing the best souls that Earth has to offer! 

Beings from other worlds and other galaxies have noticed this as well!  As they pass by, they notice that we do not treasure or cherish godly values.  They notice that the highest and brightest souls among us are being tormented and tortured by the Deep State, the Dark side of our Military, and by the countless Agencies and Agents we pay and give authority to.

They notice that we do not take care of the souls among our species who tell the truth, and that we do not care about the ones that risk their lives to make things better for everyone.  We neglect to SUPPORT them.  We neglect to help them.  We neglect to make their lives easier because they are speaking out!

  • They notice that our police can and do treat the best among us as criminals and thieves! 
  • They notice that those souls who DO tell the truth are being tormented and tortured by Frequency Weapons from behind the scenes (by government agents and agencies) and are being mind controlled for good measure.
  • They notice that our police and sheriffs beat and jail some of the best and the brightest men and women among us only because they are trained to follow orders and they simply do not CARE ENOUGH to ask who it is that they are beating and jailing if they are told to do so by someone in authority!
  • They notice that we have a wholly corrupt and controlled legal and court system that is designed to be used as a way to get rid of anyone standing up to the corporate system that does all of this evil and they certainly notice there is NO JUSTICE to be had here on the Earth.
  • They notice just how many men and women who work for the Internet/Telecom/Phone Companies KNOW that all of this is happening and yet say nothing to we the people. (They value their paychecks more than they value innocent lives).
  • They notice all of the computer programmers who are writing code in order to hack and spy on everyone worldwide and who are doing so with the understanding that these other men and women could be brought up on charges or be jailed for merely having an opinion that goes against those in authority – and yet they still write these programs and codes anyway because the pay is good.
  • They notice that men and women here on Earth are willing to sell each other out for paycheck (which is merely paper with ink on it) and they are rightly horrified by what they are seeing!

They notice in countless little ways that “WE” do not care about each other (especially our own children) and their whole point of view for a very long time has been “just let them all die” because they really have no value!



He sent a few million souls to Earth starting in the 1940’s through the 1980’s who would do everything in their power to force and compel CHANGEHE sent them to wake up the sleeping masses!  HE sent souls that would never give up!

He sent these souls to rock the boat and to wake up the sleepers.  Instead of wanting to wake up – the sleepers jeered at them and used derision, hate, and slander against these loving souls who volunteered to come here.  They marginalized them, called them conspiracy theorists and conspiracy nuts, and would not even talk to them or listen to them.

People took away their friendship and would not engage with them, give them jobs, or interact with them.

What is even worse than all of this is that once these souls were found by the Deep State and were identified by the Darker Forces, they were then targeted, beaten, bankrupted, abused, tormented, and cast aside by those in Earth’s “authority structure” and were treated just like so many other men and women who have desperately tried to help humanity throughout the many ages.

And (as per usual) humanity as a WHOLE has been turning a blind eye to all of this – and when it gets written about, talked about, and pointed out to them – almost everyone on the Earth would rather talk about something else (ANYTHING ELSE) than to take a long hard look at what we COLLECTIVELY are allowing to take place.

Remember, I am talking about all of us together as an entire group! 

I am talking about all of us as just one SPECIES!

This is the way all other races and species actually see us when they come here. 

They see us as just one species.  And they JUDGE US ALL by what is happening here on the Earth because it is obvious to them that we collectively ALLOW all of it to continue.  They see exactly how many men and women worldwide are involved in these doing horrible things and they simply shudder.



As a result of what has happened to the Volunteer Souls and Emissaries – very benevolent beings have now shown up from very highest levels!  They have been sent here because GOD KNEW these higher souls would never have given up so easily, and that something else must have been going on.

What was found was that there was an extreme INFESTATION of very dark and evil beings living under the Earth in Deep Underground Bases and Tunnels who had been given permission to be here by Earth’s Leaders.  This should NEVER have happened.

These things are now being cleared out for us as we speak!  They should never have been here!

The rest, however, is up to us!  We must stop hurting each other NOW!

We must stop allowing the children to be killed in Rituals!  We must stop allowing innocent adults (who came here to help everyone) to be beaten and jailed and to be targeted with frequency weapons!

We must put a stop to these INSANE Courts worldwide which treat men and women as chattel property and put a stop to these greedy Lawyers and Judges who run corporate courts and private jails FOR PROFIT.

These corporate groups have no jurisdiction over living and breathing men and women.  Judges and Attorneys need to be held to account for all of the great harm they have done over the years to humanity! 

(All of it done for money)

Regardless of what you think of me (or this little heart to heart) I have told you the TRUTH! 

I have told you why high level beings and benevolent souls from other worlds and realms do not want anything to do with us (yet).

We have not taken the very necessary steps to really wake up to what is happening on here on Earth and to STOP THOSE who are doing these horrible and evil things.

Full Disclosure will not come until all of humanity has had a “RECKONING” and has taken a good look into the mirror!  We need to know who WE ARE as a species before we can meet other species.

We need to know about all of the things we were allowing to take place behind our backs merely because we did not care enough to figure it out.

We need to come to grips with what keeping our heads down, saying nothing,and taking that paycheck did to our entire species!

We need to know just how close to the edge of our own total destruction we actually were!

Regardless of what you may think – GOD SEES EVERYTHING

Thank you for reading, thank you for listening, and thank you for sharing this heart to heart everywhere!

Part Five of the other series will be coming soon!

All my love


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