For the last eight years, I have consistently (and without fail) told the TRUTH as I knew it to be.  With the help and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, my fingers literally flew across the computer keyboard almost every single day (without fail) come rain or shine.

I dedicated my life to not only bringing forth hidden knowledge and deeper understanding, but to exposing those who would do HARM to the rest of the world. 

I did this without dropping into hate or loathing, but instead simply called a “SPADE a SPADE” and did not hold back as far as telling everyone who came to read my articles and posts exactly how it was.

The Holy Spirit was with me every step of the way – and so much of the information I put out to the world came directly from that perfect intelligence.

Looking back across the very broad spectrum of posts, articles and the many series that I have written, anyone who is not prejudiced against the truth or prejudiced against me (and looks at everything logically and with an open mind) can see that I did in fact consistently write and tell the truth.

Now, IF over the last eight years I have been able to consistently (and with great accuracy) tell the truth to the whole world, then what about the NEXT EIGHT YEARS?

Hmmm, let’s see…, that takes us right up to 2030 doesn’t it?

I do suppose that with the help of the Holy Spirit – I will be able to continue to consistently tell the truth and help the entire world.

It seems very strange to me (however) that those who call themselves the WHITE HATS are not actively protecting me!  They have seen, read, and benefited from everything I have written over the last eight years.  There are some (and I do know this) who are exceedingly grateful for what I have done and want me to continue. 

But why not offer aid and some real help?

This puzzles me.

I know that they often use technology like Looking Glass and Super Computers (Simulations) to help them find out what is coming and to predict the future.  And they protect these technologies  and machines with their lives!  These machines are guarded day and night because they can sometimes predict the future with a high level of accuracy.

These machines are guarded because they are VALUED!

But, if a machine is so valuable – then how much MORE VALUABLE is a human life?   I wonder if they ever have considered that God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit values HUMAN LIFE far above the value of mere machines?

What about the value of a human being that has a great track record of telling the truth and predicting the future with a high level of accuracy?  Does that human being deserve less protection than a machine deserves?

I guess only time will tell. 

But I for one am highly curious as to WHERE the White Hats place their highest value.  And, I am also curious to know just WHO they think created the entire Universe?  I am curious to know if they truly believe in God, the eternity of the soul, and God’s ability to CARE about what happens here on Earth – so much so that HE even sends souls to help out?

Regardless of whether or not the White Hats VALUE what I am doing for humanity, I do know someone (very real) that values what I am doing here and that is the Holy Spirit of God! 

It is the Holy Spirit that is helping me every single day – and it is the Holy Spirit that has made every bit of this monumental writing project possible.  I mean let’s face it, who in the world can imagine writing so many articles, posts, and series over 8 long years and consistently hitting the nail on the head every single time?

It’s got to be some sort of record!

Directly over the Target suddenly has new meaning.

All my love


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