By: Bradley Loves


How is everyone liking this series?  It really is just a continuation of the “How Deep” series with another name.

Continuing with our investigation into cults and religions…, here is a very good question…


Here is the TRUTH!


Lest you think I’m joking…, we are going to take a good look at some of the Ancient “Statues” and Symbols once again to prove that it’s all just a mix and mish mash from a time long ago!


Above is a picture of a statue of St. Peter, who is surrounded by adoring “feminine” counter parts, which represent “fertility” and “reproduction”!

Now let’s take a much closer look!!


The woman on the far right is holding an image of the SUN…, just like she would hold a little baby!    It is the “SUN GOD”! (Apollo)

Or…, you could say it is the “SUN OF GOD”.   Or, you could also say, it is the “SON OF GOD”

Who exactly do the Catholics worship anyway??

The Son(Sun) of God!

Therefore, it is a PAGAN RELIGION of Sun and Sex Worship!!

In the Ancient Egyptian Religious Dogma…, (which was the fake religion for the “profane” masses of that time)…, the sitting Pharaoh, was considered to be “GOD”.


So what has changed from then to now??


Are you freaking kidding me?  The Popes (most of which have turned a blind eye to child molestation) ARE JESUS ???

Or, at least so say the “Catholics”!    Now, it is clear that most of the run of the mill “Catholics” sitting in the pews do not necessarily think this…, but this is what the Religion itself proclaims!

Getting back to the “source” of all the lies…


Here is a picture of Pope John 23rd!

(Does this guy look scary or what??)


Okay…, now let’s do a little comparing of these two images!


The most interesting symbol that is almost exactly the same, is the SOLAR BLAZE on the wrist of the Pope and on the wrist of the Babylonian Sun God.

Here is what the “Catholics” actually “ CLAIM for their Pope….



Once again…, in the great tradition of the FREEMASONS…, whose “job” it is to “deceive” the profane masses…, the Catholics have continued this tradition of deception even to this very day!

So…, since the “Pope” is “GOD” on Earth…, what are some of the “POWERS” (think Magic) that the Pope claims for himself?


So…, the Pope…, (as GOD) on Earth…, can modify or change DIVINE LAW (GOD’S LAW)…, since he is actually GOD in the flesh.  (So they claim).

Wow…, that is a whole lot of POWER…, for just one guy to have!  Do you think he will use it for the good of all??

So not only is the Pope…, basically GOD!   The Church goes one step further to say what happens IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE!!


So, let me get this straight…, you are either “with us”…, or you are “against us”…, and to go against us…, is to go “against GOD!”


What level of ARROGANCE does one have to have to make this type of claim??

Or…, is it all just a CON…, a LIE…, a DECEPTION…, given to the masses in the tradition of what the Freemasons have said??

What did Albert Pike say again?


Who is really “higher” on the food chain anyway??

Is it the Pope?   Or, are the Freemasons actually BEHIND the Pope??

If Roman Catholicism is the new “fake” Religion for the profane masses…, then wouldn’t the so called “leader” of that fake religion simply be a “controlled stooge” wearing fancy clothes and a fancy hat??

Thus, the “claim” of the Pope being “GOD” while here on Earth…, just like all the other fairy tale religions going all the way back to Babylon…, would simply be a LIE, or a DECEPTION in order to fool the undeserving and profane masses into “worshiping” a man or a figure head instead of seeking greater TRUTH.

Back to Babylon…, and the lying whores….


The “triple crown” actually has great meaning to those who are supposedly wearing it!


So the “POPE” is not only GOD…, but now he is “KING” of:

  1. Heaven
  2. Earth
  3. Purgatory

The only thing that was left out of the list was the “KING” of bullshit!!


I’ve got a bridge that I own, and it’s for sale….

Half price…, only today…,

I can sell it because I’m “THE GOD” of that bridge…, and also the “KING” of that bridge…, and ummm…, let’s see…,  the “QUEEN” of that bridge too!  Yes…, I’m both the KING, and the QUEEN…, and their SON all rolled into one!

And…, let’s see…, that bridge was given to me by “space pirates”…, and then I “incorporated it”…, and “WILLED” it back to myself forever!  So…, it’s MINE…, MINE…, MINE!


Okay…, enough joking around…, the leaders of the Catholic Church don’t really believe that the Pope is actually GOD…, do they??


Lord our GOD…, the Pope???      Maybe the Catholics “definition” of the word “GOD” is different than mine!  Maybe they are just mistaken…


Wow…, they just keep digging the HOLE deeper, don’t they….?  It’s starting to get thick!


They “forgot” the chief purveyor of HORSE DUNG!



Okay!  So now we are getting somewhere…, the Romans called their supreme leaders…, also known as EMPERORS…, who were the actual Caesars and heads of Rome…, the Pontifex Maximus!  (High Priest of the State of Rome)


The Pope is not “claiming” to be the High Priest…, but instead, claiming to be GOD HIMSELF!

But…, is there a deeper story…, that goes back further in TIME??

Here is the Ancient Sea “GOD” Neptune!




Neptune at one time, was ALSO a representation of the “SUN GOD”!   His “trident” was the “seat of his POWER”!



Okay…, so now we have come full circle again!   We are BACK to fertility!  We are back to the worship of the SUN and the MOON…, back to the worship of MAN and WOMAN…, and back to the SUN GOD!

The “image” above could be inside any Catholic Church in the world today!  But do you KNOW what it really means???    Is the real meaning behind the image hidden (or Occulted) from you??




Uh Oh…, the all seeing eye in a CHURCH!   This smells like Freemasonry!



Not the Pope too!    He’s a Freemason!!

“GOD” is a Freemason!!!   Crap!!

But what do the Freemasons believe again???



What else do the Freemasons believe???


Yep…, it lies…, it deceives…, it misrepresents…, misleads…, and misdirects…, it is the ULTIMATE VERSION OF “FAKE NEWS”!!

More will be coming!






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