By: Bradley Loves


So here is what I’m thinking.  The Freemasons want to “know” Magic…, and to keep the Knowledge of real Magic “hidden” or “occulted” because that is the way to have “power” over “others”, which is what they seek.

They believe that true “Spiritual Progress” is KNOWLEDGE or GNOSIS!

And they believe that by learning all you can about every level of “light” and “dark”, and doing as much HORRIBLE (and GOOD) as you can…, then YOU become a “GOD” due to your own “diligent study”.

They also believe that it is okay to keep all of this a SECRET from the masses…, and deceive the masses at every turn and opportunity…, because if they are not smart enough to ask the correct questions…, then they are UNDESERVING.

So that’s pretty much a quick “cliff notes” version of the REAL BELIEFS of those who follow the “LEFT HAND” path of Lucifer!

They believe in strength, cunning, cleverness, and outright boldness!

What they do NOT believe in is LOVE!

To all those who follow the LEFT HAND path…, LOVE is WEAK!  LOVE means nothing!  It is the ultimate useless emotion!


Those who follow the left handed path have “studied” those who follow the path of LOVE, TRUTH and GOODNESS…, and find them “disgusting”!!

However…, the Left Handed “pathers” have learned how to “imitate” and “mimmick” the people who are on the path of LOVE in order to FOOL THEM!!!

They believe whole heartedly that lying and deception is perfectly OKAY…, and thus are very willing to infiltrate any and every group who follow the path of LOVE, and feed them every single lie they can think of…, and do it with a smile on their face!

Just take a good hard look at all of the political leaders in the world…, and you will see who I am referring to!!!

The men and women who follow the path of LOVE are sick, disgusting, and weak to the followers of Lucifer who see themselves as both deserving and strong!

The difficulty for the people who are on the path of LOVE…, is that they could not “imagine” using such evil tactics and therefore are at an immediate disadvantage in the battle for Earth, and for their own lives!

What these Freemasons do NOT get…, and do NOT understand is that LOVE really is the greatest MAGIC…, and therefore…, the greatest POWER!

In their desperate bid to gain every magic spell they can…, and every drop of astral power (from demons)…., they miss the opportunity for REAL SPIRITUAL PROGRESS…, which is made only when you follow the path of LOVE!

No amount of “obtained magic” can ever defeat even one person whose whole heart is filled with LOVE!

No tricks, spells, powers of levitation, time travel or any other “power” will ever be able to match the REAL POWER that is simply pure LOVE!

No tricks…, no secrecy, no handshakes…, no deception, no blood drinking, and no rituals are necessary!!

Just a willingness to come to terms with LOVE!

It seems to me also…, that at times…, the Luciferians have caught a glimpse of this TRUTH…, and it infuriates them even more when they see it!

You see…, they have killed, murdered, stolen, lied and done ALL OF THE WORK they feel is necessary to bring them POWER to rule and to become the GODS that Lucifer promised them! 

And yet…, they see out of the corner of their eyes people who LOVE and somehow manage to stay protected, and safe…, and even do well!

What they did not realize is that LUCIFER is not truth…, but the father of LIES!  He brings no heaven…, and no glory!  His promises are empty…, and will NEVER be fulfilled!


There really IS only one TRUTH…, and that Truth is LOVE!

The path that Jesus set out for the people is quite simple:


  1. Love the true GOD (I call him Prime Creator) with all your heart and mind and soul.
  2. Love your neighbor as you love yourself!
  3. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

(You do not need to study MAGIC…,  or gain POWERS to do these things)





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