By: Bradley Loves


What I find seriously compelling…, is that on this “planet”…, most people seem to learn best through oppisites!

Why…, I don’t really know!   In all honesty…, I never really “got” Earth very well. (How and why things happen here used to confuse me.)

To me…, the best way to learn is to observe…, and take logical action based upon personal observation…, (NOT WHAT OTHERS SAY).

I have vivid memories of my life going all the way back to three years old.   And from the very earliest times in my incarnation here…, I was appalled!

Why, or how people could do or say the things they were doing and saying…, not only confused me…, but made so little sense, that I began to believe that I was walking around in a “crazy house”…, ie, “Earth” does not make sense!

I ALWAYS figured that I was somehow different…, AND…, that other people must be walking around in a stupor not to see what is happening around them.

So, from the very beginning…, “Earth” was just plain confusing to me!

Things that most people…, (and in my younger years, kids…)  took for granted.., I would expound & express my opinion on…, basically calling it all “insane” and saying there was certainly a better way!

(In all honesty…, I had no knowledge of the Illunimati or Satanists at that early time…, because THAT information would have proven quite useful in determining WHY and HOW things were happening on Earth!)

What I did have, was the unfortunate experience of having a semi-abusive father and a weak and submissive mother.

One of my parents was an “only child”…, and the other was a ” baby of the family” child.

Both were extremely self centered…, and argued constantly, because they had always gotten pretty much everything their OWN WAY their whole lives!

At a mere 10 years old.., I had taken to questioning my father on many issues.., and hated how he liked to tell me that kids were ignorant of world affairs, and that “children should be seen and not heard”.

He reguarly mis-stated facts.., and many times would tell his friends things that were patently untrue.

At ten, I had had enough, becuase he especially took real pleasure in “embarassing me” in front of his buddies if I “hung around” with him too much.

I deciced to “get him back”…, and very eloquently pointed out a flaw in one of his pet viewpoints.., and “explained it” in detail, giving verifiable evidence right in front of his buddies of how he was wrong…, in such a way that even THEY had to agree with me…, and thus PROVED him wrong, in front of them.

Needless to say he was livid, and relayed to me just how horrible it was to have done that to him! But more to the fact…, he was not only angry about WHAT I had done to him…, but HOW…, I had done it.

I basically laid out his errors in such a way that a child of five could not have disputed them.  I left NO ROOM for any doubt!  And, for doing this…, I was rewarded by getting thown through a partially closed door…, (ouch) to the outside of the house with orders never to return!  (My mother smoothed that over).

(I had pleaded with him not to keep embarassing me in front of other adults…, which I think he did it because he wanted me to hang out with kids instead.  However…, you have to know that as ignorant as adults were back in those days…, “kids” were even far MORE ignorant.., and the things they used to talk about every day, and do…, were enough to make me shudder!)

I chose to hang out with adults…, because hanging out with kids my own age felt like “hanging out with baboons”…, even from the early ages of 7 and 8.

So…, in all honesty…, I have been “fighting the battle” of TRUTH vs. THE LIE…, every since I was a very young child.


The real question thus becomes…, WHY…, am I even on this planet…, and that “question” has been adequately answered over the course of my life!

This place is BASED in LIES!

And therefore…, THE TRUTH is lacking and is NEEDED!

I was sent here to bring back the “idea” that the TRUTH is a necessary and vital part of a healthy and loving society!

A “MISSION” if you will!

It is quite interesting to me that many other New Age…, and Spiritual people “claim” that they are here on missions as well…, BUT (a it’s a huge but)…, they apparently have no concern, (at all) with whether or not the TRUTH is being told here, (seeing no value in it)…, and have even gone so far as to think and believe (and even teach others) that there really IS NO SUCH THING!!

All I can say is that these people are what Jesus used to call “the blind” who are leading…, “the blind”.


  • ONLY in the light of TRUTH can any real problem ever be solved!
  • ONLY when all of the data is “on the table” can an accurate assessment of a problem and it’s solution be formulated.
  • ONLY by acknowledging exactly what is happening around us…, and what is wrong with our behaviors can we make the vital corrections that are necessary to cause better things to occur!

This is “child’s play” to me…, and is both simple and basic…, but to “get” other people to admit that LIES…, and DECEPTION are not only bad for us as a whole…, they are in fact “killing” our society, is proving difficult!

And yet…, one of the biggest “purveyors” of the NEED for lies (amazingly) are the NEW AGE SPIRITUALSITS!!

The CHANNELERS seem to feel that TRUTH is unnecessary for growth…, but wait…, MARK PASSIO (who was involved with Satanism) tells us clearly that the “higher ups” in the Satanic movement told him years ago.., they were “behind” many of the NEW AGE teachings and books coming out!

You see…, “THEY” knew that the first thing that must go…, in order to corrupt all of society.., is the TRUTH!

So…, they had to “CON” adults into thinking that LYING.., or it’s evil twin sister…, SECRECY…, were ok and very necessary!

And just like good little sheep…, (those who are desperate for a very passive solution to deep problems) swallowed hook, line and sinker that idea that TRUTH really did not exist!


Their New Age books and teachers proclaimed…, so STOP trying to define what TRUTH IS!


Now.., this step was very important in taking over all of society!  Because once you get an entire generation (or two) thinking that there really is NO SUCH THING as TRUTH…, then you are now “able” to “define” to those unfortunate saps…, what “truth” really is!

(small “t”…, thank you)

“truth” therefore, can now be ANYTHING that those in charge of the NEW WORLD ORDER say it is…, because you have people who have been taught for 40 years to think there is no such thing…, and it is all just “relative”.

Mark Passio called this:  MORAL RELATIVISM

“Truth”…, can now be:

  • That is it 100 percent okay to have sex with kids
  • Children as young as 5, can “consent” to intercourse with an adult…
  • There is no such thing as real “gender”…, and that you can be anything you want.
  • Kids can and should have sex changes if they want to…, and should “explore” their sexuality at the very earliest ages.
  • Anyone who stands in the way of this type of FREE THINKING is now a “hater”…, a “sexist”…, and an “angry white male”…

“Truth”…, can also now be:

  • Man has every right to meld with machine
  • That organic man is flawed…, and that by adding “machine parts”…, he can only be made “better”…, which is what the trans-humanists are pushing.
  • That there is NO SUCH THING as privacy…, and that man just need to get used to being watched, listened to…, and having every part of his life “supervised” by the state!
  • That “nothing” is “individual or “private”…, not even your own “thoughts” which can now be recorded and read by a machine!
  • This is of course necessary to help (force) man to make the right choices in his life (which can be seen in the list above).
  • Implants are not only necessary…, but our “friend”…, which will allow us constant uplink with the “internet of things”…, and that anyone who does not want this…, is a REGRESSIVE…, and a DANGER TO SOCIETY!



Did you notice that this happened quite suddenly. and people have NO IDEA WHY??

Here’s why!!

(And remember…, you heard it here FIRST!!)

The reason the Democratic Party had to become “progressive”…, is that they are setting up and getting your MIND ready for a “WAR” against it’s opposite!

The oppisite of “progressive” is “regressive”!

A “regressive” is anyone who stands in the way of “progress”!!

Do you see it??

Do you see how years in advance…, this is all being “set-up” so that years later they can USE THAT AGAINST YOU??

“Progress” is “good”.., according to the Satanists…, and anyone who does not want “progress” must be evil and bad!

They will LABEL these people (very soon) so watch for it…, REGRESSIVES!

REGRESSIVES will be “whistle blowers”…, and “truth tellers”…, and anyone who does not want the “benefits” of the NEW WORLD ORDER!

They will first become “hated”…, and then finally “hunted”…, once the main stream media gets involved!

It will be the WAR of opposites!

  • Anyone who does NOT want a micro-chip, or a “brain implant”…, will be a “regressive”.
  • Anyone who does not want to allow adults to have free and open sex with children will be a “regressive”!
  • Anyone who does not “like” spirit cooking and John Podesta will be a REGRESSIVE!

It will be the PROGRESSIVES against the REGRESSIVES…, and isn’t it interesting how they have simply used mere  “words”…, which have meanings…, to label one group and pit it against the other.

The subtle “beauty” of this (if you can call it that) is that it has been all very carefully planned out years in advance!!

And…, Because THE HUMAN MIND has been taught that progress is good and it’s oppisite is bad…, then most SHEEPLE will aid the NEW WORLD ORDER in rooting out and hunting down all REGRESSIVES!



The only thing standing in the “way” of this plan…, is:


The only real thing helping this along…, so as to “insure” that  it takes place is:


The lie can be both deception AND secrecy!!


Now…, can you see why the TRUTH…, no matter how difficult to look at…, is vitally necessary??

The NWO wants all of us to “get lost” in labels and opposites!!

My friends…,


All my love…

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