There are many things that a man can do with his life and with his time. 

There are countless Freewill choices to be made in every second of every day!  Because of all of these endless “choices” many people do not even “believe” that there really is a GOD – one that exists outside of space and time. 

This is a “realm” that can not be “gated”, “portal’d”, “off-world’d”, or even “higher dimension’d” to…

So the first greatest miracle in GODS eyes is that a man – a being that HE created – finally comes to realize that HE does indeed exist.  Even though there is a darkness that constantly attempts to hide HIM from you.

Even highly advanced beings, planets, and cultures do not necessarily believe that HE truly exists.

However by far – an even greater miracle (in GODS own eyes) is that once a man (or a being) finally and truly realizes that HE does in deed exist, and that HE is indeed the GREAT CREATOR that holds all things together from behind the scenes – this man (or being) – would out of all of the millions of Freewill Choices that he could possibly make during his life stream CHOOSE (of his own Freewill) to truly and sincerely LOVE HIS CREATOR – and to love HIM – “more” – than every other thing he could possibly love, want, or do while living apart from HIM.


Every man, woman, and child living on Earth – as we speak – is capable of this very miracle, and not a single bit of “Magic” is required to perform it.

All it takes is a pure heart of complete faith – or the “love” of a child.


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