By: Bradley Loves


It is an age old question.

One that should have been answered long ago. However, apparently (and only recently) HISTORY has been completely re-written, and it has been re-written by the NEW AGE.


That is the real question that we are faced with.

The NEW AGE, a fake religion that was started by the Jesuits in order to confuse and confound the masses, tells us there is NO SUCH THING as evil.


“EVIL DOES NOT EXIST”  they scream from their pulpits…


As a result of this, we hear completely ridiculous things like:

  • There is NO such thing as “bad”
  • Everything is “good”
  • No one is evil
  • It’s ALL part of the light
  • There is NO such place as hell
  • Everyone goes to Heaven, no matter what they do here on Earth
  • It’s all just a “game”
  • We are ALL going to ASCEND very soon
  • Everyone goes, (no matter what they did here)
  • Evil is necessary for us to learn
  • We are all changing form soon
  • Every bad thing that happens to someone is what they WANTED
  • Etc.

These types of spiritual “teachings” have inadvertently produced some of the most callous, cold hearted, and lacking in empathy human beings that have ever lived upon the face of the Earth!

And YET, they would CLAIM (those who believe such things) that they are in fact wonderfully loving people!


This “idea” that people who do REAL EVIL while here on Earth are nothing more than “Partners in Contrast” is something that every New Ager has tried to shove down our throats at one time or anther, either in conversation, or in countless blog posts.

They have “glibly” made the claim that “good people” actually NEED EVIL in order to “learn” and so…, “VERY BAD PEOPLE” are simply their “teachers” who are quite necessary…,  and we should actually “thank them”.

(This brings to mind the classic “Wife Beater Husband” from the 1950’s who tells his wife he’s only punching her in the face for her own good, because he “loves” her.., or worse SHE is forcing him to do this to her.., and she should be ashamed of herself…)

There is a very strange type of MORONIC DISCONNECT in countless New Ager’s Minds about almost everything that happens in life these days.

They have become perfectly emotionless and stolid in the face of actual crimes of great evil.

Im wondering if they could be called: NANO-MENTAL?


As more and more that has been hidden gets revealed it seems to be getting even worse!

  • We are now reading about the CABAL’s lust for raping young children, only for the Magical Benefits that the “energy” of the root chakra can bring them.
  • We are also reading about the RITUAL MURDERS of countless children (even babies) and the eating of their flesh and the drinking of their blood, as per very old pagan religious rites.

(This is apparently very widespread, and taking place daily across the world.  It is done to “feed demons” so that they will assist in magical spells and bring power and glory to those who do the sacrifices.)

  • In addition, we are reading about the CABAL’s desperate attempts to wipe out 90 percent of humanity in order to have a LUCIFERIAN NEW WORLD ORDER come to pass.

(The remaining 10 percent of the population that is left would most certainly end up being “enslaved” while all of the young children would be held in reserve ONLY as sexual toys to be used by the Elites)

  • We are reading about the Cabal’s contracts with the Alien Grey’s and their desperate work at DULCE to create an actual “slave race” of human beings that may in fact be MORE genetically compromised that what we already have.

Countless men and women from the Santa Fe, NM area work at Dulce! (And say NOTHING).


  • We see Chem trails in the sky’s
  • GMO’s for our foods
  • Floride in the Water
  • Mercury in all Vaccines
  • Pharmaceuticals designed to kill us
  • Fake teachers in schools bent on teaching children sex instead of math or science.
  • We see God being taken out of everything, and Lucifer being inserted everywhere (especially in Hollywood)
  • We see people foaming at the mouth trying to get rid of Free Speech
  • We see women hating ALL MEN (and especially WHITE MEN)

And STILL…, we are facing a grand force of countless NEW AGERS who get up every single day of the week…, and tell us all that NOTHING BAD IS HAPPENING out there…, and that it’s all for our own good!


I’ve had conversations with some of the men and women who follow the NEW AGE TEACHINGS…, and let me tell you that it is almost impossible to get them to admit that there is any such thing as evil or bad period.

They would not “condemn” nor “JUDGE” a single solitary act taking place here on Earth even if it happened right in front of them.

And in fact,

when questioned deeply and passionately about their beliefs, they REFUSE to say they would take any action what so ever if they came upon a man raping a small child, or ritually murdering one and gruesomely drinking it’s blood.

This brings to mind absoluetly insane images of the most gory and gruesome science fiction movie that you can possibly imagine watching…, and having some idiot flower child “prancing” through the scene while smiling stupidly at the camera while horrible crimes are being committed right in front of them.


“Oh…, you’re raping that little child I see…, well…., carry on then….. IT’S ALL GOOD….”

(Prances off the set and out of view)

Or even worse…

“Oh…, you’re murdering that little child I see…, well…, we’ve all got to eat…, It’s ALL good…, by the way, save me some when you get to cooking it will you!!”

(Prances off the set and out of view)

These kinds of NEW AGERS do in fact exist…, because I’ve had conversations with them!!!

Im not joking!

They insist that anything that happens is very necessary, and that we’ve all chosen what will happen to us while here on Earth, so there is NOTHING TO CARE ABOUT and NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.


Certainly they were NOT born with this kind of information.

(Because I’m certain that never having their diaper changed, or getting held, or having a bottle to feed on would have been VERY CRUEL in their young minds.)


NO…, they weren’t born with this fictional idea…, they got it from some out of body…, other dimensional “entity”.

(One that they can’t see, and can’t verify at all)

Entities (Demons) like this have apparently told them (though Channelings) that evil does not exist….and they just simply believed it and trusted it.

(What would you expect a Demon to say??  Let’s be real here.  Of course they would say evil does not exist.)

So here we are today….

We are now a logger heads with TWO PHILOSOPHIES…

And a huge question that should have been answered long ago, but apparently has not, still needs to be answered.



It might interest you to know that long before this time that we are living through came up…, THE NEW AGE was already being planned by the Jesuits.

Helena Blavatsky and Albert Pike were FREEMASONS and both of them were absolutely certain that LUCIFER is/was the only GOD of this world.

They both wrote about this very thing in their books and said exactly that!

It might also interest you to know that Jay Parker has told us that his own mother (a self proclaimed witch) told him in the 1960’s that this “time” that we are living through right now would indeed occur, and that they were helping it to come along.

She claimed to be on the “side” of the Reptiles and of the Bankers…, which was the “winning team”…, and that she didn’t care how bad it got here in the future, because she would not be living at that time to deal with it.


And if…, what we are seeing happening right now, was in fact planned 50 or 70 years in advance…, (as this woman says it was) then why couldn’t the NEW AGE have also been planned to begin 150 years ago in preparation for this time as well?

But why would something like the NEW AGE have been so necessary?

It would have only been necessary so that when this “time” in our history actually came up…, and there was the long termed planned FINAL PUSH for a LUCIFERIAN/SATANIC takeover of the entire Earth….

Countless good men and women would stand idly by…, and watch it take place…,  while doing absolutely NOTHING about it.


Having perfectly accepted the CON and the PROGRAMMING of the New Age….

They would have been totally MIND CONTROLLED into thinking that to even lift a finger to put a stop to what is happening around them, or to help anyone else who was being HARMED around them, would be to “JUDGE IT”

And “judging anything” (according to every NEW AGE teaching) is just horribly wrong!!!

They would have been wholly programmed into believing that their ONLY WAY into Heaven would be to fully accept/tolerate/welcome anything and everything that occurs here on Earth, while saying and doing NOTHING about any of it.


WOW…, that certainly is a complete “re-writing” of history, don’t you think??

It’s a total and complete 180 degrees from the way it used to be, and it only took 100 or more years to twist it around from one side to the other.

And yet, I can honestly say that in my experience…, all you will get when you tolerate anything and everything is the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of virtue, and all that is good!


As we speak, no matter what kind of outrageous or stunning behavior/event that takes place upon the world stage…, we’ve literally got COUNTLESS men and women who REFUSE to raise their emotions about such things while saying to everyone they know…,

It’s ALL GOOD…, no harm done…, I won’t judge that.

(I’m Ascending).

These men and women continue to “prance” around like morons while murders, rapes, beheadings, and abject depravity rages on all around them on a daily basis.

Acing as if they are in some kind of strange hypnotic stupor…, they smile stupidly and glibly at passers by, proclaiming that ALL IS ONE…, AND ALL IS GOOD…, even as the blood from the RITUAL CHILD MURDERS splashes upon them while they prance nearby.

This is what it has come to!
This is what has actually taken place!

This is what WE COLLECTIVELY are up against.

So here is the problem at hand.

IF “WE” collectively will not lift a single finger to SAVE OURSELVES…, then NO ONE (from anywhere) is going to lift a finger to save us either!

Sorry New Agers…, NO SHIPS ON THE WAY…

If we can’t find VALUE in our own lives and in our own species…, (by taking real action to preserve it) then human beings are doomed to be both slaughtered and enslaved.

And here’s the bottom line…

Why would you even lift a finger to save the human race at all….


Something to think about….

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