By: Bradley Loves


There is a clear chain of command that operates in this reality and that chain of command begins in places that you and I can not see!

While there is a chain of command for the light…, there is also a very powerful chain of command for the dark!

Sadly in this “modern day” that we all supposedly live in…, people quite falsely think that nothing exists beyond their range of visible sight!

(They could not be more mistaken)

This is the “mistake” that almost everyone who tries to get a grip on what is happening here on the Earth always makes when trying to decipher what is really happening out there.

Even Admirals and Generals who have been in the game for a long period of time seem to be completely taken by surprise when they are  finally faced with beings and entities that are completely foreign to our reality and can not readily been seen using normal methods!

They (like so many others who have made the mistake) have bought the kool-aid that nothing out of the ordinary can have any sort of effect upon our reality and that nothing out of the ordinary is out there (period)…, that is until they meet up with it face to face and have to swallow their disbelief.

Naturally…, this mis-conception comes as a “result” of MAGIC and the MYSTERY SCHOOLS having been totally written out of history by less than honest men, while even more recently the true meaning of spirituality has been written out of history as well!

It has conveniently re-emerged in a prepackaged and sanitized version of “beliefs” that all boil down into a marketable version of TRUTH called the New Age.

Thanks EVIL MEN and EVIL WOMEN you really screwed everyone up good.

Since the unseen “DARK” control structure on the physical level is far more visible to us by way of deeds it is far easier for us on Earth to connect the dots of just who the dark players are rather than the light players.


Because darkness always leaves an “ugly” trail of destruction behind it everywhere it goes, while the “light” not only prefers to work behind the scenes – it also prefers to remain anonymous.



At the very bottom of the chain of command (as Jay Parker has so aptly told us in his video interviews) are the Generational Satanic Families.

These are people who are born into families that traditionally worship Satan!

Far greater in number than people like you or I could ever have imagined if we had not been so informed.., these (dark) people number in the millions and are about 10 percent of the world’s entire population!


And they are LEGION:

These are the people who are trained from a very young age (through mind control) to “run” the world and serve the dark hierarchy even as that hierarchy goes off world and then into the UNSEEN realms of the cosmos.

These people are “trained” to think in terms of life-times and thousand year periods – and told to “forget” about what is happening here on Earth in just one short life or period of time and not to worry about it.

They are working on a LONG TERM PLAN of enslavement for all of Earth and all of mankind and they are “taught” to overlook the damage they are doing in the very short term.

Jay Parker – has told us that far from what most people think…, not everyone who is a Satanist has millions of dollars in the bank or are able to live like kings and queens.

There certainly is a “worker class” on “side dark” that supports the evil structure working against all of humanity.

What keeps this “worker class” going and doing all of the horrible things they do are the satanic “promises” of a dark salvation, dark rewards, and ultimate power over the cosmos after they pass from this Earthly life!


What makes these people keep doing their hateful jobs day after day even if they are not highly “paid” is that they are usually well versed in MAGIC…, and have also been taught from a very young age to do spells and conjurings of various sorts and have learned to work with unseen demons/entities who are willing to “protect” them in exchange for a payment of energy.

Much of Hollywood and the Music Industry ALSO  starts out at this “low” level and are highly paid only because in their current positions of visibility as actors and singers – they can be used in such a way as to benefit the Satanists.

If they suddenly become “non-useful”…, (after being given all that money and fame)  they end up in an insane asylum or worse, dead!

There are also many “smart” or “clever” common people who are watched inside of the University Systems and the Banking or Accounting Systems and are groomed in such a way that they might “learn” about Satanism and be willing to embrace it to move up the ladder of success.

Of course it is rare for these people to be told about the “unseen” levels before they are ready for it!



This includes the very beginning levels of Secret Societies which are the College Level Fraternities and Sororities!

These are known as SECRET SOCIETY “LITE”!

This is where young men and women (just kids really) come and learn to take:

  • Secret Oaths
  • Secret Pledges
  • Do Secret Handshakes
  • Learn Secret Codes
  • Learn to Lie and Keep Secrets
  • Learn that it is better to betray all of humanity than to betray your SECRET BROTHERS OR SISTERS.

This is where SECRET CLUBS like:

  • CAP and GOWN
  • SCROLL and KEY
  • 6 SPHINX

…breed their new crop of super deviants that are willing to sell out the entire world for money, position, power, and a good life!

These people are taught to take Oaths that go far beyond life itself and swear to keep secrets of their evil acts…, even if those evil acts end up selling out ALL OF HUMANITY to very dark beings that most of us can not even see!

This is where good young people are taught to:

  • Hide in the shadows
  • Use non-disclosure agreements
  • Use uncommon or symbolic languages
  • Teach others to work against their own interests
  • Make deals which benefit only a tiny group, while causing great harm to all the rest…

This is the upper – lower and middle levels that takes in all kinds of people and slowly grooms them while moving them up the ladder of success depending upon how much evil they can be convinced to do in their lives and how willing they are to sell out their country and mankind in general!


Believe it or not…, it is not that difficult to get otherwise good people to do all kinds of low level evil…, if you just give them something in return!

Whether it is a nice home, lots of money, an expensive car, a yacht, world travel, or just nice clothes and jewelry…, lots and lots of people will take the bribe and do consistently visible works of low level evil…, if the bribes keep coming into their bank accounts.

Congress is literally filled with such people!

This may not involve killing.., but instead it certainly involves theft, corruption, and the ruining of the lives of countless people they do not even know.

In fact…, men and women in our own “intelligence” agencies do this type of low level evil on a daily basis as well…, and they only do it because they want to get a paycheck!!

The FBI and CIA are regularly ruining innocent peoples lives too…, especially if those “people” are deemed to be threats to National Security.

BUT…, that “threat” may be something as simple as telling other people the TRUTH.

I wonder what GOD has to say about that ??

So in this regard…, those who are holding out for a “larger” payday are simply far better negotiators than these useless “agents” of governmental agencies…, many of whom do evil.., only because some superior “ordered them” to do it.

So what kind of “Big Boy” Secret Societies are we talking about then after we over look the small frys?

  • The Freemasons
  • Opus Dei
  • Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
  • The Muslim Brotherhood
  • Knights of Malta
  • Committee of 300
  • Ordo Templi Orientis
  • The Rosecrucians
  • The Knights Templar
  • The Jesuits
  • Brotherhood of the Snake
  • Brotherhood of the Bell
  • The Trilateral Commission
  • and others.

These far larger “Secret Societies” take in new members and groom them to see if they can be bought or bribed once they get to a high enough level to do some REAL EVIL…, and not what we have been talking about up to now which is just run of the mill low level evil.




The Trilateral Commission is the very first indication that we have that the “control” of our planet goes OFF WORLD.

If we check out the latest article by Neon Revolt…, we find among the Secret Space archives he presents that the very logo used by the Trilateral Commission is the same logo used in the Deep Underground Military Bases by the ALIENS!

I highly recommend reading this entire Long Post….

Majestic 12, the Secret Space Program, and The Wilson Memo. Deeper Disclosures with #NEONREVOLT. #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Just to show you how “extensive” even one of the above listed “Secret Societies” can be…, and just how far their reach is globally…, then have a look at this chart!

I’m Sorry it is not in English…, but I can’t find that version.

This single chart gives you an idea of the inter-connections and pull of just one Secret Group!

(Unelected people who keep their agenda hidden)

Once you start reading the long post above by Neon Revolt…, it is far easier to see that these Secret Societies are radically tied to OFF WORLD CONTROL and AGENDAS….


Stay tuned for Part Two….

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