By: Bradley Loves



Make no mistake about it.  What we see happening here on Earth is the beginning salvo in a much larger War between men and beings they can’t even imagine!

It is a real “War” of the Worlds if you will!  But instead of calling them worlds…, let’s instead call them UNSEEN REALMS!!

The article that I just posted today was not without real purpose:


It was written to show you that what matters most to the members of this unseen realm (and thus those here on Earth who follow them) is the complete “reigning in” of independent thought!

Thus you see all of the Banning, Censorship, Blocking of Content, Limiting of Speech and exposure of ideas!

You can not easily or adequately “Govern” a territory from afar – unless the minds of those who are being conquered become “hived” into a single and easily controlled unit.

The platform and the ideologies of the Democratic/Socialistic Party here in America is literally filled with examples of the unreasonable and unconventional stripping away of individual rights up to and including the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments and that is just for starters.


The New World Order that the “Pope” keeps babbling on about is the New World Order of Satan!  It is a Luciferean concept and follows the ideologies of many conquered and enslaved planets throughout the Galaxy!

It is Reptilian in it’s origins, and carries with it a boot heal of tyranny and repression that is somehow always sold as necessary for the “greater good”.

This is how the Orions/Reptilians/Draco keep order in their conquered worlds.   We are seeing them trying the exact same things today, that they tried doing during World War I and World War II…, but they were unable to succeed.

They use conflict and war and a divide and conquer strategy, and when the battle is over and the smoke has cleared…, and everything is in RUINS.., they come in and pretend to be helpful and clean up the mess!

They offer a NEW WAY of governing that is based on HIVE MINDED THINKING (their way) and proclaim that it was “individual thinking” and “individual ideas and practices” that caused all of the problems in the first place and destroyed everything.

They will however conveniently forget to mention the fact that it was THEY (through their use of agents and proxies) that caused all of the division and turmoil that led to the battle which caused that destruction.

If you are breathing and have a pulse…, at this point you can not miss that this is exactly what the Deep State and the Democratic Party are doing here on Earth.

I keep telling everyone to learn to “read between the lines” and to “see what is not written on the page”…

And this is what you have to do in order to see the HIDDEN HAND of off worlders and beings from other dimensions and realms working very hard through the Liberal/Progressive/Democratic Party here in America.  (And a good portion of Republicans who have sold out as well).

It is obvious that these people are filled with HATE!

And yet, ironically, they “project” the deep hatred that they have and are, unto everyone else around them.

For their hatred is so vile, they could not live with themselves if they were to clearly see where it comes from.

It is for this reason that they “label” everyone around them Racist,  misogynist, bigoted, homophobe…, when they are the ones who can’t stand to be in the same room with “straight people”, “christians”, “white people”, “old men” etc, etc, etc…., and anyone else they don’t agree with.

It is a never ending battle, but this is only the beginning of the problems for those of the Liberal Persuasion.

I am firmly “convinced” that Unseen Energy in the form of “possessions” and “demonic take-overs” is occurring world wide due to the actions that are currently being taken by the “minions” we talked about in the above mentioned article.

By getting rid of decency, ethics, morals, virtues…, and turning our world over to DEVIANCY…, the liberal/progressives have opened the doors, gateways, and portals for some very dark powers to enter into our midst.

These energy beings (unseen) look for compatible and willing “hosts” who they can then “possess” and then manipulate and steer towards a “non” human agenda!

When you see the lunacy and the craziness happening in Washington DC and the foaming at the mouth of all of the Democrats who are so mixed up they can even tell the TRUTH from FICTION any longer…, then what you are seeing is hundreds of thousands of people who are quite literally POSSESSED!

They are no longer themselves and have been taken over by “energy beings”  DEMONS (if you will) and are acting out their agenda …, not a human one.

It is the “thoughts” and the “goals” of the demons that are running through the minds of those who have been possessed in this way…, and not their own.

Even the Military knows by this point that there is NO FIREWALL on the human mind.   They have learned this in their VOICE TO SKULL technology!

So if there are some very dark and very deviant beings that have no real physical form…, and have the ability to “possess” a human body…, there is no limit to the INFLUENCE those deviant beings can have upon Earth and upon Humanity.

You see…, the BIBLE was not joking when it said that we have to pray and have to be watchful because the “enemy” is in our midst!

Yes…, it really is in our “midst” and it has always been there.

You know…, maybe we can argue about just HOW this all came about in some future article I may write.

It could have been as simple as one of the many previously super advanced civilizations once here on Earth conducting magnetic experiments that they were hardly capable of understanding and due to some huge error blew an unrepairable HOLE into the magnetic walls that separate one dimension from another dimension.

That could have happened a hundred thousand years ago or more who knows?  Maybe a million.  But it does not matter.

What matters is that every single man, woman and child alive today is faced with the fall out of that situation if indeed it even occurred like that.  There are other explanations as well.

But again…, it is WE who are dealing with the presence of these unseen entities from other energetic realms (who should NOT be here)…, and just how they got here is irrelevant to the more pressing problem that we all are facing.

How do we “identify” just who is possessed by them…, and how do we eradicate or remove the demon from the helpless human who is being tormented by it??

When Jesus walked the Earth…, he could simply cast them out on command.

Well…, is it any wonder that the Democrats literally HATE Christians?

Could it be that the demons they are all possessed by know full well that the power of GOD can command them out of their human hosts?

Look people…, this is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE HERE!


Definition of Deviancy:

  • Lack of Truthfulness and the wonton telling of LIES
  • Bearing False Witness and engaging in Deception
  • Lustful passions and engaging in unlimited sexual adventurism.
  • Engaging in deviant and unconventional methods of sex
  • Teaching little children deviant and unconventional methods of sex
  • Lusting after sexual encounters with young children
  • Cannibalism and the eating of human flesh.
  • The drinking of human blood
  • The changing of ones own gender to suit unconventional sexual desires…
  • Rampant drug using and the polluting of ones own physical body
  • Rampant alcohol use and the polluting of ones own physical body.
  • Unhealthy eating practices and lack of exercise…



All of these things listed above  (forms of deviancy) lead to the weakening of your harmonic shields and the weakening of your soul!  Once that takes place…, YOU ARE TOTALLY OPEN TO A DEMONIC TAKE-OVER.

A demon like being can enter into your weakened  energy system…, and just like a brand new SOFTWARE PROGRAM literally take over and start running your body hardware like it is now in charge!

You…, (your soul) having been so weakened due to what you were previously doing…, will simply have no choice but to go along with the demons wishes!

However…, at this point you are no longer living your OWN life…, but instead living the life of the demon that has taken you over!

These are the “beings” from the unseen realms that are in League with the Draco and the Off worlders who have been working very hard against mankind.

More will being coming on that…, because what you’ve got is enough for now.

But lest you think I’m joking…, and there is no such thing as “the enemy”…, then listen now as a father mourns the sudden death of his 36 year old son due to what he called: DARK FORCES…


Stay tuned for Part Three….









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