By: Bradley Loves

Once again…, it’s time to talk about “that which can NOT be seen with your eyes”…, but is CLEARLY having an affect on the world.

Just beyond our range of sight…, in the frequency bandwidth which can not be decoded by our brains, exist ALL MANNER OF BEINGS.

Some of these beings are harmless…, and keep to themselves…, and others are 100 percent malevolent…, and are “in league” if you will…, with the MAGICIANS of the dark cabal.

Through the Ancient Sciences of Harmonics…, Magnetics, and Geometry…, these men who have retained the knowledge of the Mystery Schools have the ability to “conjure” demons, and ask them to do their bidding.

These demons are “in league” with them…, only because it is the DARK CABAL which has plans and goals which parallel their own.

Causing human suffering, pain, torment and death…, actually feeds some of these beings, who are willing to work with, (and take orders from) the Magicians who know how to call upon them by using ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE.

It is not a secret that there are beings which are called: ELEMENTALS

These beings live on an entirely different level (outside our range of sight) and actively work with the “mechanical side” of our world.  Not all of them are bad!

However…, if you have “enough knowledge” of magnetism (magic) you can force some of these more peaceful beings into service for you against their will.

Done through the use of sacred geometry, sound, and other input I will not get into…, otherwise innocent and peaceful beings can be forced to do the bidding of men with very dark agendas.


Told (taught) by their mind control masters that there is  NO SUCH THING as magic…, (or demons) they refuse to take into account what is happening to them (and to all of us) on the unseen levels!

Many of us are being stalked, harassed, and tormented…, by beings who have been commanded or compelled by other men to do their bidding!


We have got to stop listening to people in so called positions of “authority” simply because they wear a robe, a badge, or carry a title!

In fact…, because the super advanced technology of “mind control” did not exist 100 years ago…, much of the mind control was actually done by OCCULT means, using magnetic means and unseen beings.

It is these unseen beings which can literally “flood your mind” with dark and deviant thoughts!  They can place hateful, murderous, and abusive thoughts directly into your mind…, because your MIND IS ELECTRIC…, and your thoughts are frequencies which are magnetic.

Read that again…, and let it sink in!

Penetrating the human mind…, which is really nothing more than a radio wave receiver has never been difficult for those men with very advanced ancient knowledge.

These days…, the CABAL has simply developed “technology” to do what they used to do by Occult means.   MIND CONTROL has always been going on!

We need to really start paying attention to what is happening and what is possible on ALL LEVELS.

This is why we are still enslaved!  Too many people do not wish to LEARN how things in this universe are really working.


Not all of the beings outside our range of sight however are ELEMENTALS!  Some are just down right DARK AND NASTY beings who are the parasitical carcasses of former souls that would not learn, nor move forward.

They also “feed” upon human misery and suffering because it sustains their vibratory rate…, thus giveing them life.


Let me repeat that!  We are not…, and never have been living in the fairy tale world of the New Age.  Too many of their basic premises and tenets have NOW been proven to be not only blatant LIES…, but as Mark Passio pointed out…, are in truth, very much supporting of SATANISM!

And my dear readers…, MARK WOULD KNOW!

The way this world (and our Universe) apparently works, is that if you figure out and discard ONE CON…, then another one will spring up immediately to take it’s place.

The reason this can happen is that you have not chosen TRUTH as your single minded path…, and instead, you’ve simply gotten tired of one particular lie!

That’s exactly why as the Catholic Church has dwindled from lack of support from the people (as they have tired of this “particular” lie) another lie can just as easily spring up (THE NEW AGE)…., only because the masses of men and women who have let go of the Catholic Church did not ACT nor BEHAVE in ways that demonstrated to the universe that from now on…..they would ONLY FOLLOW THE PATH OF TRUTH AND MORALITY.

If you have not cast aside ALL LIES…, then you are not on the path of TRUTH…, and will be subject (harmonically) to the next CON that comes along.

TRUTH is the only frequency which compels ALL OTHER frequencies to dissolve.

TRUTH is the counter frequency to every LIE and every CON.  But, if you allow “some lies” to continue in your life…, then you are allowing ALL LIES equal access because you have not chosen the path of ONLY TRUTH.

SLAVERY is a lie and a deception.

Our money system, and our military, and our government are BASED WHOLLY upon human slavery!

Therefore…, if you “support” any of this…, you have not chosen the path of TRUTH…, and will be harmonically subject to present and future LIES.

This is how the “mechanics” of our Universe work.  It is called NATURAL LAW!

(See Mark Passio for details)

If you listened to the two short videos that I posted last night and “heard” what Mark was saying (in his own abrasive way)…, then you’d realize that millions of people on Earth have still NOT CHOSEN MORALITY!

They still have jobs which by definition cause them to HURT OTHER PEOPLE and bring real suffering into those peoples lives.

This is not seeking the TRUTH!

Continuing to act in ways, or continuing to do behaviors, which cause ANY HARM at all…, to another human being is both wrong and immoral.

So why then…, should the Cosmos, or the Universe, bless our Earth with a LOVING REALITY?

The participants and the players acting within the reality we do have…, are proving they do not want kindness as a reality, even though they claim they do.

THEIR ACTIONS say otherwise!

Every man or woman who has worked for a bank…, the police, the military, corporations, or the government (and followed orders) which hurt or harmed other people have acted in ways which declare to the universe they do not want love or freedom to manifest here.

Most do this simply for money or a “paycheck”.

However…, because “money” or “dollars” are not really real…, and are only made up fictional digits inside of a computer…., TO VALUE DOLLARS OVER ANOTHER HUMAN BEING…, is in fact one of the darkest and most SATANIC things a living being can do.

And people on Earth (in every walk of life) are doing it every day, as a part of “their jobs”.

And now…, (only now) you are starting to see the truth of what CHRIST was saying.

We are our brothers keeper…, and we must LOVE EACH OTHER!

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

But Mark has a better word.   He says: CARE

We must CARE about what is happening around us, and care about our world and the people in it.

For the police to walk around our country in full military gear, and drive armored vehicles, and shoot people for disobedience is the very definition of a humanity that has LOST ITS OWN SOUL.

If you have supported this in the least…, then YOU have gone SATANIC.

The trouble here is that the NEW AGE (the next BIG CON) is one of the leading supporters of standing down…, and DOING NOTHING about this.

The reason that this CON can gain any “traction” in your mind is that as a being…, YOU PERSONALLY have NOT made the single minded choice for TRUTH alone!

What’s worse…, the New Age has convinced people that there IS NO real truth…, or that TRUTH is subjective to each of us…, and can be different for each of us.


The TRUTH is THE TRUTH and can not be changed just by not believing in it.


If you have not made the difficult choice to ONLY do what is loving…, then you are still clinging to the false notion that somehow…, “it’s all good”, or “there is no such thing as evil”.


I’m here to tell you (as Mark is here to tell you) that the idea that there is no such thing as REAL TRUTH is patently FALSE.

It is both a deception and a CON!

It is SATANIC at it’s very core.

Just because you’ve gotten tired of one particular lie…, and have moved away from the Catholic Church…, but then did not decide and command that ALL LIES…, and ALL CONS were now off the table…, you fell into the TRAP of the new age.

So…, NEW CONS have cropped up…, to fill the void of the Catholic Church!

The biggest (and newest CON) is the New Age.   And sadly…, it is thriving the most…, among people who sincerely believe that they are totally spiritual…, when in reality…, they are the farthest thing from spiritual that exists!

You can not be “okay” with ritual child sacrifice, child rape, mind control, human slavery, and all manner of abuse going on in the world…, AND BE SPIRITUAL!

It is not possible…, it is not possible…, it is not possible!  (PERIOD)

This is a mind that is deluding itself!

And the mind (the ego) can find millions of ways to justify its desire to not have to act, or do anything uncomfortable to correct what is happening here at this time.

This is why those Channelers who say things like this…

…don’t worry about what you are seeing taking place in the world around you…, any men and women who are suffering now on your planet…, “contracted” (a banking term) ….for that and wanted that pain and suffering…

…are in fact lying!

Let me call a spade a spade here, and call  BULL SHIT!   

Let me repeat that so that it finally sinks in…..,


For you as a human being to buy into this…, is then telling the UNIVERSE that you are nowhere near ready for real spirituality, because no real loving being stands by and watches another person suffer needlessly EVER!

This is enough for now…, lots to think about…, lot’s to think upon…

Remember MIND CONTROL exists.

Unless and until…, you take responsibility for thinking deeply about everything you believe…, regardless of who told you it was true…, then you are in fact operating and acting upon SOMEONE ELSE’S THOUGHTS.

You’ve become an ORDER FOLLOWER

























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