By: Bradley Loves

It saddens me to have to write this article.  In fact, it just plain hurts.  But, some of these things just have to be said, because no one else will say them.

I’ve just finished reading a blog post that was put on

The link to this article is here:

It is a type written transcript between David Wilcock and a whistle blower he introduces as: Emery Smith, and someone who he has previously called: Paul.

I’ve got to tell you, the sheer incredulity and jaw dropping horror of watching these two men discussing these super important issues in such a banal and inane way is beyond proper description!

David Wilcock (for all practical purposes) claims to be a spiritual being and for the life of me, why he can’t find it within himself to ACT like a spiritual being, is the BIGGEST QUESTION on my mind.

This discussion (if even true) missed every important SPIRITUAL POINT that a true spiritual man (not a fake one) would want to ask a man like this one!

The lurid conversation, that these two men apparently had on camera, MISSED the boat totally, and thus did not ENLIGHTEN anyone as to the TRUE NATURE of what is going on here on Earth.

Well, what in the world am I talking about?

For that answer, (unfortunately) I am going to have to ask you to read the transcript for yourself.

There is no other way that I can make my point UNTIL you have read what was said (if it is indeed true).

So please STOP!

Go back, and read the post, and then come back here!

For the purposes of my article, I will take this conversation at face value and assume that both Wilcock and “Smith” (if that is even his real name) are being truthful here.



The very first question out of David’s mouth as a “spiritual man” should (oh yes my friends, SHOULD) have been:

Why…, on God’s Earth, when you saw how EVIL these people were, did you “contract” to work for them??

That should have been David’s very first question if he really indeed, and, in the tiniest way understands HOW the universe actually works!

Every true MASTER would have asked that question!

That is the question that PRIME CREATOR himself would have asked!

I am going to place a few quotes taken from the article for you to think about!


Emery: . . . with arteries, veins, nerves, just different types of tissues. Different types of cellular tissues, I mean.

Sometimes you would find cartilage in a weird area, you know. And sometimes you would see neural matter. But it was always different.

And then the samples started getting more intact, where you could tell that, whoa, this is a hand, you know.

And I could not tell you what that is at that point. I couldn’t even say . . . And you’re not allowed to ask ANYTHING. You just do that, and you don’t talk to anybody, and that’s your job, and that’s it.

David: What if you told your friends or your family? Like were you given security briefings about that?

Emery: Yes. That I would be killed!


Listen up people…, listen up!

From this guys “own mouth” he is telling us that he WILLINGLY, did work (in secret) for people who told him he would be KILLED if he talked.

The very NEXT QUESTION out of David Wilcocks mouth should have been:



  • It is pure evil for a man to threaten another man’s very life just to force him to keep secrets!
  • It is the farthest thing from spiritual there is, it is anti-life, and identifies the man or woman making such a threat as a LIVING VIRUS that needs to be cut out and stomped out for the good of the human body.

By “not” asking this very question, David shows us how little he knows about the on going effects and the absolute HARM that is being caused here on Earth by lies and deceptions.

By NOT calling attention to this immediately, he fails to ENLIGHTEN all of humanity to the horrors that secrecy and lies are actually causing our entire civilization as we speak!

Well…., so what were the very next words out of David’s mouth?? What did he say?  Here was his response!

David: Really?


Like a two year old watching a “scarey movie” and getting wide eyed at the correct part of the movie…, he blurts out “REALLY” like a little kid.

Gee willikers Wally…, they really did that?

Yes Beaver…., It was quite the thing to see…


  • As an interviewer, David should have been ALL OVER THIS GUY asking deep and probing questions as to why he would be willing to keep secrects from the rest of man kind in the first place!!
  • Why he would be willing to allow another man to threaten his very life and not say something
  • Why he would not come forward right away and inform the public that there were men and women threatening to KILL HIM for simply telling the TRUTH.



This issue is so important, it can not be over-looked.

If you read the rest of this post, you may (or may not) be grateful to this man for finally coming forward, because now you have a few really tiny “bread-crumbs” of information about super secret projects and a small VISUAL IMAGE of what a part of these underground bases are like!

That’s all thats been achieved here (if that).

But the real HARM done to our Earth, our Society, and our History done by this one man…, and literally hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of men and women like him is incalculable.

By being “willing” to do “work” for people who threaten to take your very life if you say anything or reveal anything, “YOU” as a living and breathing being are supporting the LUCIFERIAN and SATANIC structure that continues to enslave all of us!

By being “willing” to do “work” for people who threaten to take your very life, you are AIDING and ABETTING in the TREASON that being perpetrated upon humanity.

By being “willing” to do “work” for people who DEMAND that you tell lies, (or they will simply kill you) you are ACTIVELY taking on a roll as a COSMIC LEVEL CRIMINAL due to the real damage and inevitibable HARM that is being caused to the Earth and it’s human beings as a result of these lies…, and in ways that are so great, and so far reaching, that you can not begin to adequately comprehend that harm.

For David Wilcock not to, at the very least, ask:



Shows us that he has NO CLUE what the Universe is…, or how it really works!

This is truly a shame.   Because he “could” be a good spokes person for humanity, if he CARED the slightest bit ABOUT humanity.

It is the gravest insult to “threaten” a man’s life, or his families well being.  Anyone who does this, is not only insane and psychopathic, but on a path that will lead them straight to the darkest pits of other world.




Our world, and our humanity is only in the condition it is in because countless (and I do mean countless) men and women have willingly TAKEN OATHS to keep secrets from the general population.

As a result of this secrecy, atrocities and horrors that can not even be IMAGINED have taken place upon our Earth.

NONE OF WHICH would ever have occured if those men and women who KEPT these secrets would have REFUSED TO DO SO!

However, for money or a paycheck, or as a result of fear, or simply as a result of not really “getting” or understanding how the UNIVERSE works…, they became willing participants in COSMIC LEVEL CRIMES against their own species!


The “TEACHING MOMENT” that David could have had, was this one, and this one alone.

It is the ONLY “truly” SPIRITUAL LESSON to be learned here.

David claims to be a “spiritual man”…, so how is it he missed the only spiritual lesson to be learned????

The very end of the transcript is all about the “bad things” that are apparently happening to “Mr. Smith” for his coming forward.



He betrayed MANKIND!  He betrayed the TRUTH!  He betrayed HIMSELF. He betrayed the EARTH!

These are the Cosmic Level Consequences that are waiting in the “wings” for every single one of these men and women who signed “CONTRACTS” and as a result of the secrecy have allowed absolute HORROR to take place here on Earth.

I really do wish that you as my readers could have talked to Bryan Alexander for a few hours before he died.

You would have been appalled at the torture and the torment “THEY” were putting him through.

He was a loving, caring, spiritual being who was TORTURED TO DEATH through the use of advanced “Directed Energy Weapons” (DEWs  i.e. NO TOUCH TORTURE)

Countless men and women “worked on” and took “paychecks for” the design, building, and deployment of these insidious WEAPONS, while keeping secrets, telling lies, and decieving the general population…, (OF WHICH THEY ARE A PART).

  • They willingly betrayed their own species for “mammon”!
  • They willingly betrayed their own species for 30 pieces of silver.
  • They willingly betrayed their own species because they were curious and wanted to get a look under the rug of the underground bases.
  • So they kept quiet and took the money.


This makes them ACCOMPLICIES and ACCESORIES to Bryan Alexander’s murder!

This was, and is a COSMIC LEVEL CRIME…, one for which they will most certainly be punished!

You may as well know…, because you will find out sooner or later, just ONE of my many mission parameters is to WITNESS!

I came here to TESTIFY!

PRIME CREATOR wanted his “own” representatives on the ground, who would follow and watch every single thing happening here, and then witness and testify as to WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and HOW.

Believe you me…, the finger is going to pointing in a million directions at once when men and women finally drop their “body suits” and come back to the spiritual realms.

You will NOT be able to say at that time…,

I was only following ORDERS, or I had to do it for a paycheck!

PRIME CREATOR will not hear such lame excuses becuase for every example of “impossible” that you show him…, he will show you a thousand other men and women who had even harsher and more extreme circumstances in their lives and still DID THE RIGHT THING.

  • You will be shown countless people who did NOT TAKE THE MONEY.
  • You will be shown countless people who refused to keep the secrects knowing it would HARM OTHERS.
  • You will be shown people whose lives were threatened, and they walked away from the job, moved their family to a safe location and took a job as a school janitor to survive.
  • You will be shown people who were told to KILL other people and refused to do so, walked away from those giving the orders, moved their families and took a job waiting tables to survive.
  • You will be shown millions and millions of people who DID NOT do these horrible things that harmed humanity, even though they had a chance to.  THEY CHOSE WISELY.
  • Your excuses, even though they may be many and varied, will be viewed on the other side…, and as you are telling PRIME CREATOR and all of HUMANITY whom you have caused great harm to, how you had “no other choice”…, you will then be shown real time holographic recordings of thousands of people in your very situation (and ones in situations much worse) who chose differently and did NOT harm others, the planet, or our species.
  • You will be shown that it was your own FEAR…, and ultimately your OWN COWARDESS that led you to give in and to do the things you did.
  • You will be shown that every single choice you ever made here was faced by many others as well, and they CHOSE WISELY, where you did not.
  • Your “arguement” will hold no merit…, and then the witnesses will come forth to testify!


You still have a chance!


  • Stop keeping these damn secrets!
  • Stop lying to and decieveing all of humanity!

And when you “meet” someone like Emery Smith (if that is his name) then the first words out of your mouth should be:

How in the world could you possibly work for, and take money from, people who threatened your very life??

At that very moment…, you had to KNOW they were EVIL and that they were working against GOD, against PRIME CREATOR, and against LIFE ITSELF.

What in the world is WRONG WITH YOU as a human being????


This is what a TRUE MASTER would have asked in this interview!


My brothers and sisters…, THINK ON THESE THINGS!

All my love….

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