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The Vatican Deception


Vatican’s Satanic Paedophile followers

It was around the end of eighteens century, when the Rothschilds came across the potential of the private Vatican Bank without any oversight to be adequately used for there private money laundering activities. So they offered like before to the Secret Societies, the Vatican great amounts of money and a lucrative financial participation, to further finance the Vatican’s never ending spendthrift.

On behalf of the Deep State, worldwide tax monies are laundered by the Vatican Bank under the management of Pope Francis, and then passed on to all central banks around the world, after which the population can borrow it back via the debt money system.

These funds, among other things, are used for illegal actions such as false flag operations, bribery of politicians and to buying off everyone in important positions, as is currently happening, to attacking President Trump with false deposition procedures.

Meanwhile, the Patriots are in the process to replacing the world reserve currency – the fiat US Petrodollar – because the current final fiat system is completely out of control. This urgently has to be changed with the new QFS system containing all sovereign currencies supported by gold or assets. Known as the Global Currency Reset (GCR), which has since been signed by all 209 sovereign countries.

This also means, America will return to its original constitution being the Republic of America and be being restored. Similarly, the European Union is being abolished in its current form facilitating all European nations to return to their respective sovereign constitution and currency.

Deceptively, on Instruction of the Deep State Globalists, Pope Francis has invited religious leaders from all over the world to the Vatican to sign a global pact on May 14 2020. This New Humanism initiative would create a World Religion designed to better control the world population. According to a Catholic Whistleblowing Nun the pact would ruin our society because it placed man, rather than Christ, at the centre of the initiative. Watch the first three minutes of this video.

Their Satan-Paedophile-followers became trained and specialised in snatching children on Satan’s Birthday of Halloween for use at their child sex abuse parties and Child Sacrifices, scheduled throughout the year including Easter, Christmas, plus Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Solstices.

Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) survivors have testified in international courts that global elites including well known politicians, Hollywood Stars, European Royals and Private Bankers in the US, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland and Australia have traumatised/Mind Controlled babies and toddlers through teens in their Satanic Pedophiles and Human Hunting Parties that ended in Child Sacrifice rites.

Known as the Cabal-puppets, Politicians, Executives of Multinationals, Third Degree Masons, Illuminati, and members of Secret Societies have become Satan worshipping proponents of the New World Order.

They are blackmailed through recordings of paedophilia parties, Child Sacrifice rites, murder, threats, torture of loved ones and throwing vast amounts of money to everyone of influence, in order for them to do their bidding with the result to gaining more power over world affairs.

The Truth will come out, but will be difficult to accept!

Before, the Deep State cabal can be publicly dismantled and the truth presented, the majority of the population must be awake to prevent the world from turning into chaos. For the same reason to prevent widespread civil war and global confusion the taking down of the Deep State is executed step by step. Be assured; President Trump and the Alliance have the situation under full control.

Although, the cabal is throwing around everything they have to cause delay and chaos, but that also doesn’t work anymore.

Their hiding places have been exposed, and their clones are disintegrating. Their wealth is being confiscated, and to be being redistributed under the populace. In reality their empire has collapsed. Their total termination is approaching.

It is essential that everyone is informed about what is about going to happen and what is wrong in our society today. A world that has been completely manipulated by Deep State puppets from A to Z; amongst others the harm inflicted by the central banks, the central banking economy, the fact ‘justice’ doesn’t exist, governments’ lies, total deception and fake information by mainstream media.

The truth is hard to understand. False propaganda is more easily accepted, nonetheless to believe in the truth, evidence and facts are necessary for conviction. As, in the beginning, most people will not accept the truth.

The deceptiveness by the Globalist Deep State Mafia is downright criminal and hard to understand and to believe. Politicians such as Obama, Clintons, Theresa May, Merkel, Macron, Rajoy, Rutte, Sanchez, to name a few, will fall from their pedestal. Even the background and role Royalty plays is difficult to fathom as it is a resounding crime against humanity that has to be understood.

The best way anyone can find out, is to read the book The Great Awakening. Wherein the vast majority and variety of facts are explained in an understandable way. Self-study is necessary to become delighted about the new people’s economy, which is already being prepared and presently in progress meant for step by step introduction.

Life and well-being for everyone will become more joyful, easier and healthier; no wars, no famine, no poverty, no chemtrails or food poisoning. The abolishment of taxes, provides everyone with ample available income.

Our world will change more than rigorously; no more taxes will be levied on earned money. Exclusive, the sales tax on major new items, but not on food or holistic health care to mention some aspects. – Prepare and educate yourself, so you can also help others struggling with the changes that are coming.




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