It is time for another big “WHAT IF” article.

For those who consistently read here at “Love Truth Site” – you will have noticed that I write something like this from time to time!  Articles such as this one are written to make you think far more DEEPLY than you are used to thinking.

It is specifically designed to make you question the “WHY” of things!

Just like the Merovingian told Neo in the second Matrix Movie – “WHY” is the only true source of “POWER”!  In other words, information by itself is meaningless if you do not know the “WHY”!

Please see the video below:


As I have done so many times before, I will start out this article with the word “truth”.  In the video above, almost all of what he says is true – the only part that is a lie (by design) is that we do not have CHOICE or FREEWILL.

We absolutely have choice – and this is something the makers of the movie did not want us to know.

Our souls are not only very unique, but are “extensions” of something so large and so vast, that controlling that something has become almost impossible for the Global Elite to manage!

Those who are fighting against the rest of us –  “meaning those who would seek to control us” – have believed for many years that all they needed to do was to control our minds – and that once this was achieved, (through Mind Control Methods) they would be able to have their New World Order without any road blocks! 

So, as a result, they spent billions (if not trillions) of our dollars in the monumental study and effort to subjugate the human mind.

WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 02: U.S. President Barack Obama announces the administration’s BRAIN (Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) Initiative during an East Room event at the White House April 2, 2013 in Washington, DC. President Obama announced the new research effort “…to revolutionize our understanding of the human mind and advance the President’s vision for creating jobs and building a thriving middle class by investing in research and development.” according to a White House news release. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)


The public announcement is merely required by the THRONE OF GOD so that we (if we are awake) can object and say we do not consent! 

If we do not object – then they can claim that we AGREED to everything they wanted to do to us.


What we are talking about is a serious (and very hidden) effort that has been ongoing for 75 years!

After 75 years (following up on what the NAZI’s were doing) they found that they indeed could hack the human mind, read it, plant thoughts and images into it that were NOT your own, see through your very eyes, and even compel people to commit a certain level of evil that if left alone – they would never have done!

This was studied (in secret) in a vain attempt to control all of us (through frequency and through broadcast technology).


After 75 years of study and countless billions or even trillions of dollars stolen from us and then used against us in their Deep Underground Labs and Military Bases, they have come to the unfortunate conclusion that it is not our “minds” that control what we will and won’t ultimately do – as much as it is our own souls that are the final word on our thoughts and our actions.

We are very “special” human beings indeed, and are endowed with an indestructible soul given to us by our Creator that is extremely creative, powerful, and unlimited.


“THEY” never imagined that they would be at this point in time – so very close to an AGENDA that they have planned for so long a time that it can barely be remembered – and NOT have total control over humanity yet.

And just so you know – the AGENDA that I’m talking about has nothing to do with us!

It is MY OPINION (as part of this big “WHAT IF” article) – that their true “long-term” agenda has always been an all-out ATTACK against God our Creator Himself.

Earth (and therefore humanity) was always just a stepping stone – or an important tactical position that needed to be conquered first “BEFORE” they would be able to stage their final battle against God!


mRNA gene therapy is actually designed to alter or change your DNA

Not necessarily meant to kill you – but in fact change the very essence of who and what you are!

I will get into this a bit later, because for now we are talking about the present moment and where the Dark Cabal appears to be going with their “so-called” bio-logical weapons.

Once again, it is my opinion that because they could not completely take over our minds (as they thought they could) in order to control us like virtual robots – they have decided they have no other choice but to attack our very souls!

This, above all else, is the reason for the JAB as I see it, and the all important “WHY”  (see video above) that they have chosen to use a biological weapon against the rest of us.

If you’ve noticed, not everyone is actually dying from the JAB, and I believe that there is a good reason for that. 

I have read many reports saying that there are at least three (if not many more) different versions of each shot that they are being giving out (even from the same JAB maker/company) and then each company making the JAB also has various ingredients within their own versions – with a unified goal or purpose in mind.

If we can now eliminate what is obviously false – and that is that these JABS were ever intended to protect us against Covid – (which they are obviously not) then we can they finally FREE OUR MINDS to explore other possibilities and what the real and true purpose of these shots really might be for!

While some “versions” are actually meant to kill, (bring down the population to manageable numbers) other versions are meant to alter or change the human being  – through their DNA – by way of the messenger RNA (gene therapy).

It is my firm belief that what they are attempting to do (with their five year bio-science experiment) is to attempt to rewrite our human DNA (using mRNA) in such a way that it disconnects us from our souls!

In the larger context of their GREATER AGENDA (which is to attack God by invading Heaven) they feel that they have got to get as many willing participants here on Earth as they can get BEFORE they move forward in their all-out effort to literally steal God’s Throne.

It is also my opinion that in the GRAND SCHEME of their agenda – WE – meaning the entire population of the Earth, do not even matter to them!

This is why children as young as six months old are forcefully being given the JAB regardless of what effect it has on their little bodies!  They will either survive, or they won’t.

We are merely cannon fodder in the last ditch attempt to control us totally!

We are expendable foot soldiers who were planned to be used against God and his Holy Angels in THEIR WAR against Him!

Could it be that all out MIND CONTROL did not give them the results of absolute control over the human body and mind that they were looking for – and so they have shifted gears, and have gone “all-in” with mRNA gene therapy and have determined that the only way to bring on board enough ZOMBIE HUMANS into their attack/battle plans against the Most High God was to disconnect these human beings from their souls first?

Everything that they have done in the last few years with this so-called JAB has been 100 percent experimental, and because they are even admitting it is totally experimental – it is my opinion that this is the “WHY” of their gene therapy plans.

It is also my opinion that THEY are very closely monitoring the results of each JAB (through personal medical records) and are monitoring exactly who gets what JAB so that they can understand the changes that are happening to each of us on a genetic level.

They are not just looking for the ones who survive, (your death does not matter in the least to them) they are looking for the ones who are changing genetically in a way they feel they can use! 

They are looking for the ones who survive one, two, and three JABS – and whose DNA has changed in the very ways that they are seeking to change it.


It is also my opinion that the COVID-19 “tests” are not (and never were) “testing” for the so-called virus because it has been proven over and over again (by countless labs from all across the world) that there really is no Covid Virus that can be isolated. 

The Virus has never been isolated or found!!

Not a single LAB anywhere in the entire world has ever isolated the virus – and this is a fact that has been proven now without question – so how in the world then can it even be tested for? 

The logical answer is that it can’t be tested for.  So why then are they still giving endless tests – and what are these tests looking for?

My opinion is that these endless COVID tests are actually testing your DNA to monitor the changes!

THEY are tracking the changes to your DNA in real time by constantly testing you for “covid” – and each time they test you, they are looking for gene therapy progress and for specific changes to your DNA.

This means that the medical profession is in on this big time!  And that most of them (not all), but most of them have literally sold out for a paycheck.

They are monitoring all of the particular concoctions (or JABS) being handed around the world to see if any of these JAB variations are producing the results that they want to see!

Each new booster, in my opinion, is not really a booster at all, but instead is simply a new version or slightly “tweaked” variant of the very same mRNA gene therapy that on a macro level is attempting to do only one thing – and that is to disconnect you from your soul!

As I’ve already said, every man, woman, and child on Earth – who runs in (like a sheep) to get these JABS over and over again are merely offering themselves up to be part of this insane EXPERIMENT.

And, by the way, they have consistently told everyone (in their legal paperwork) that this is indeed an EXPERIMENT and that if you willingly participate, you cannot hold them accountable for anything that happens to you.

The only logical reason that they are putting so much pressure on people to get these JABS in the first place is that they are desperate and need to move fast!  It is almost as if they are running out of time!

The biggest reason for their huge rush to get this done, and their entire problem (as I see it), is that they did not actually think or plan that they would need to go this far!

Once again, my opinion is that they really did believe that MIND CONTROL would be more than enough to force the majority of us into joining them in their hellish march against Heaven!

Because it did not turn out that way, they are now working as fast (and as furiously) as they possibly can to try to cover lost ground in a very short period of time (mere years) in the vain hopes that somehow at least one of these JABS may actually do the trick and forcefully disconnect the human body genetically from its own soul in such a way that the body simply does whatever it is told to do – and never questions why!

This is why (in my opinion again) the entire world was put into lock-down and the entire world was more or less forced into participating in this evil “experiment”.

THEY felt that they needed to move very quickly in finding just the right chemical concoction that could disconnect the human soul in such a way that that body would live – and could be ordered around and – would obey any order without question.



In order to do this quickly, they needed every single man, woman, and child on Earth to become a Guinea Pig!

Because THEY control all of the corporations on Earth – they have been able to use that control to make certain that no Government on Earth could stand in their way or put a stop to these plans.

They have moved so quickly and so recklessly, that it is clear to me that they must feel as if they are running out of time – otherwise they would have taken far more care to HIDE this experimentation underground, and would have done it over decades and decades without using the entire world to achieve it.

In other words – some sort of major Galactic/Cosmic Event, or some other very important EVENT that has already been set up to happen on the clock, and is getting closer and closer, and they feel that they must be ready for it.

Their insane rush into this entire thing and even continuing to do the “experiment” while being fully exposed from all sides leads me to believe that they are nowhere near ready, but feel they have no choice but to continue even with the full exposure of their actions being pushed out daily!

This is also why (in my opinion) – even though many people have discovered that this whole thing is basically a FRAUD – they still keep pushing new JABS and BOOSTERS – because they have not yet found the right concoction!

They have not yet reached their goal – and so – in desperation – and in full view and total exposure – they feel they must continue and try to complete the reason they started this and reach their goal even if they know that many of their own will  now die for what they have done.

It is almost as if the WHIPS OF SATAN HIMSELF are at their backs – and they can not stop even if they wanted to.



This was a massive “WHAT IF” article.  I have written these before.  They are written to stimulate thinking in a different direction, and to compel people to do research in a different way.

It is written to force people to THINK BIGGER and LOOK DEEPER

So, do the research, and look very carefully at what I’ve written here. 

See if (just perhaps) this is the “WHY” behind the reason for the JAB.  Or, see if this WAS the reason for the JAB, and just perhaps that purpose has now been thwarted by the White Hats?



Notice the word “Neurotransmitters” above, and notice that the word “NeuroTechnologies” was used in Barack Obama’s Brain Initiative…

Are we starting to see a pattern here?


All my love…

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