By: Bradley Loves


The “AIR” that you breath every single day of your life may be invisible, but it is still very much “there”.

Very few people (if any) are going to deny the existence of “air”.

Just because something is unseen to your eyes, does not mean it is non-existent.

The WAR for control of this planet is not just happening on the physical level that we can see, but VERY MUCH happening on the ASTRAL LEVEL as well.

Make no mistake…, there is  real WAR going on just beyond the ability of our eyes to see it.



Our planet (and the people living on it) are being used (illegally) as a “farm” of sorts.  The people here are providing a very necessary FOOD to beings we can not even see.

These unseen beings eat “misery”.



Emotions are “E” – motions.  The “E” stands for energy.

Emotion = energy in motion.

Every being, no matter how big or small, must feed on something and those without corporeal form eat some form of “energy”.

The beings that have “hi-jacked” our fair planet eat “dark emotions”.

They eat the energy produced by:

  • Suffering
  • Death
  • Misery
  • Lack
  • Hardship
  • Pain
  • Fear


Long ago…, these beings “appeared” to those men and women running our world (Kings-Queens-Popes-Bishops-and other world leaders) and made a “deal” with them.

The “deal” was simple.

IF those men and women in charge of things on Earth were to “create” an endless supply of misery, lack, and suffering to “feed” these unseen demons…, then the demons (who have the ability to manipulate time and space because they live on the Astral Level) would help them to become super rich, super powerful, and their families would stay in power forever!

The children of those people who made this dastardly “deal” we know today as:

  • The Illuminati
  • The Cabal
  • Generational Satanists
  • Luciferians
  • Freemasons
  • The Deep State
  • Etc…

They are headed up by the “13” families….

Anna von Reitz wrote an interesting article about them only a day or two ago…, and while I do not agree with everything she says…, I agree with a lot of it.

She has STILL not made the connection that ALL of our problems are coming from “off world”…, AND…, from a level that we don’t normally see!



Everything that we see happening here on Earth…, and especially happening with in our Political Realms is due to this WAR that is going on for planet Earth.

The GLOBALISTS want to take full control of the Planet…, not for themselves…, but for their “unseen” MASTERS.

They want to be able to “create” FOOD for their ASTRAL HELPERS at the drop of a hat…, and in abundant supply.

The battle that you see happening between “NATIONALSITS” and “GLOBALISTS”…, is an out picturing of the battle between leaders who want to serve their own people/citizens…, and leaders who are part of the group that wants to serve the unseen entities who are FEEDING off of humanity!


This is why the proposals of the Democrats (and Republicans who think like them) make NO SENSE to most of us.

They are doing things which do not HELP…, but serve to make things WORSE!

This is “intentional”.

As long as they work very “hard” to make things worse for the masses they have leadership over…, then they (personally) are given vast WEALTH and an easy life!

This wealth comes to them through the structure of the Illuminati…, which operates more or less like a large MAFIA FAMILY.

Everyone who is “in their group” must produce and must do as they are told…., and when they do…, they are rewarded with a “payment” of some kind.

The money is always hidden and appears to come in legitimate ways…, but it is ALWAYS a “payment” for services rendered.

Think of how impossible it is to “justify” giving Hillary Clinton $250,000 dollars for a 40 minutes speech to Bankers.

Now think of the absurdity of this happening perhaps 20 times each year so that in one year alone – she earns $5,000,000 giving “speeches” to Bankers…, for a grand total of a little less than 14 hours of work.

You see how easy it is for those who “do the work” to be rewarded by the men behind the curtain?

All Hillary…, (and those like her) have to do is make sure that the unseen beings (demons) are properly FED!


So…, what are we talking about once again?

These Astral Demons eat “energy”!



Now…, don’t think for a moment that TRUMP has not had a significant effect on reducing the “misery” and the “suffering” levels of people here on Earth.

He has reduced the CHILD TRAFFICKING, DRUG SMUGGLING, and GUN RUNNING OPERATIONS worldwide which are funding the Illuminati…, which is what creates “slush funds” so that they can use this money to create MISERY all over the planet.

He has also reduced “foreign aid” to other 3rd world countries (which can never been accurately tracked or audited to see where it goes)…, which ALSO goes into slush funds to help the Illuminiti create misery on the planet.

See this from the latest Q drops….

Would that “CON”…, happen to be the “GREAT CON OF MAN” my dear Q ??

THE GREAT CON OF MAN: Esoterics – The Super Natural – Magicians – Mind Control and the New World Order


WOW is all I can say…, we are finally zeroing in on the REAL TRUTH!



The battle between Donald Trump…, the Main Stream News Media, the Globalists, the Democrats (and Repub’s who think like them) is that battle between those who want to serve mankind…, and those who want to continue the “DEAL” made so long ago to FEED ASTRAL DEMONS!

This deal was made by real men and women living here on Earth that long ago held REAL POWER and were “KINGS and QUEENS and POPES”.

In “return” for serving their off world ASTRAL DEMONIC MASTERS…, they were promised an easy life…, and perhaps even IMMORTALITY!

All they had to do was to turn on their own “species”…, their own brothers and sisters…, and turn them into a FOOD SOURCE!

Yesterday…, the DEMOCRATS once again “took power” in the US House of Representatives!



They hate Donald Trump not because he is a bad man…, but because his agenda is to help mankind!

Those who are in the “KNOW”…, (like Adam Schiff) are going “crazy” with desperation.  Their child trafficking operations – which is their “donation” to the off world entities is getting exposed and shut down.

When this happens…, the ASTRAL DEMONS also get “desperate”!

They are HUNGRY!

They want to EAT…, and a message is sent to their “on world” minions…., who get equally “crazy” and “insane” with their words and their actions because they know the unseen beings who are supporting their criminal lives might TURN ON THEM.

Thus you SEE all the craziness on the NEWS and in the MEDIA which seems to make “no sense”…, BUT…, it makes all the sense in the world IF you know the TRUTH!

The DEEP STATE/ILLUMINATI are desperate only because the TRUTH of what they are doing is so crazy…, and what they are hiding from the masses is so EVIL – that to even speak of it would seem to the most open minded human beings to be pure non-sense and insanity!


Yes…, my friends…, there IS A WAR GOING ON!

And it is being “fought” as we speak.    These “entities” that we can’t see have taken up residence all around the Earth and are sucking on the dark emotional energy being created as if it is a BOTTLE OF MILK.

They have grown BIG and FAT…, and need MORE AND MORE MILK!

Thus…, the leaders living here on Earth have been creating MORE and MORE suffering, misery, hardship, death and fear to FEED THEM.

THE NEW WORLD ORDER…, was a way to take FULL CONTROL of the planet and thus be able to run a direct “food line” of suffering and misery to these ASTRAL BEINGS so they could FEED BETTER and grow even FATTER.

In return…, promises of great wealth and status were promised to those that serve them.

Don’t EVER listen to a CHANNELED MESSAGE that tells you these entities do not exist!   THAT would be a “con” as well.

In fact…, many of the unseen beings calling you “dear ones”…, are the very “cattle farmers” who think they OWN YOU!

Naturally they want to speak softly and lovingly to their own cattle!  The last thing they want is to “stampede the herd” and cause a disorderly disruption in the “FOOD SUPPLY”.

Next time you look at the “fight” between Nationalists and Globalists…, (being played out on television) just remember WHO the Globalists are working for!

You have been warned!

All my love…….

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