By: Bradley Loves


Make no mistake about it…, there is a real WAR going on for the control of the Office of the Presidency.  Most of the “players” fighting…, are the behind the scenes “Spooks” and “Jackels” who have operated totally outside of public view around the world WITH IMPUNITY…, and with no CONSEQUENSES.

The election of Donald Trump (in my opinion) is exactly what HILLARY feared most…, and that is the GREAT CLEAN UP…, and the GREAT SWAMP DRAINING that should have taken place decades (not years) ago.

It should have happened the very day that George Bush Sr.  Committed the direction of all of the American People without their knowledge or consent…, onto a SATANIC COURSE!

Naturally…, this is what happens when one worships Lucifer!

In this special report posted at THE MILLENNIUM REPORT…, it details just how crazy the behind the scenes antics of the CIA and the DEEP STATE are when it comes to RULING the world in a clandestined manner that almost NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT.

It’s long…., but very informative! Here is what this piece says about the CIA!

What is the Central Intelligence Agency?

The CIA overrides all other intelligence agencies because it can always pull the “international security” card from its sleeve and trump the lesser agencies…, which only have the lower priority “national security.”

Presidential executive orders can be top secret and can be kept from [any] agencies not responsible for their enforcement. So if the president conducts “international” top-secret business, he can exclude U.S. intelligence agencies from this top secret intel because they only have lower national security clearance.

Essentially, the president of the United States currently conducts “international” warfare without the U.S. Congress, Supreme Court, or U.S. citizens even knowing those wars exist.

The president can also wage all types of war secretly within U.S. borders because Obama changed the National Defense Authorization Act, with congressional approval, to give him those powers. Other extraordinary presidential powers have been consolidated through numerous executive orders in the last eight years.

Here is the great problem in a nutshell!

The (former) Presidents of the United States, have been playing GOD…, and have been conducting international “business” on behalf of the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX all over the world.

That international business has EVERYTHING to do with “OFF WOLRD” contracts…, Secret Space Program Military Build Ups…, Resource Handling and Management for Global Contractors and their purposes, mainly Treaties and Contracts with Off World Races…, etc….

(Which includes by the way…, the Entire Human Slave Trade and Child Traffiking)

…. And every bit of this is all being done in secret…, behind the back of every living man and woman on the planet…, and never comes to the surface, or sees the “Light of Day”…

(All Due to “National Security” concerns)

Donald Trump…, has NO ALLEGIANCE…, to “protect” George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., or Barack Obama…, all of whom have committed ENDLESS crimes against humanity…, in the continuing militarization and corporatization of our world!  (Which is what the Military Industrial Complex wants in order to continue to basically CALL THE SHOTS from behind the scenes.

THAT…, and THAT ALONE is the “only” reason HILLARY had to become (read: IMPERATIVE and at all costs…) the “President”.

And every single Media Outlet desperately tried to help her get there…, and destroy Trump at the same time!

Her one job…, and her ONLY JOB…., (after screwing little kids from Comet Ping Pong with John Podesta, and going to her Witchcraft meetings) was to “protect” all of the former Presidents that had come before her…,  who had committed heinous crimes!

Now…., for those of you who say…, “SO WHAT?”…, my reaction to you is this:  Don’t you “F’ING”get it?

It would NEVER END!

If it does NOT stop now…, then after Hillary…, it would then be Jeb Bush!  After Jeb…, it would have to be Chelsea Clinton!  After her…, it would be one of George Bush Jr.s’ Daughters!   Then after that it would be Michelle Obama…., recycle…, recycle…, recycle….

And on, and on, and on, and on…, one “stooge” after another…, whose ONLY JOB in the White House….,  is to make certain that “Real Justice” is NEVER DONE…, and all of the criminals that went before them…, NEVER go to Jail!


Now…, who heads are really on the chopping block??

For that information…, I suggest that you read the article that I just posted!

Here it is again…, linked at State of The Nation (Same article)

It is the DEEP STATE…, the CIA…, THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX…, that has it’s head on the chopping block because they don’t want the TRUTH of their behind the scenes CONTROL to ever come out!

This “election” was for all the marbles…, and no matter what ANYONE says about Trump…, he is NOT part of their game plan!

Every “FAKE NEWS” MEDIA RAG…, on the planet is covering up for the CIA and the DEEP STATE.

The “fake news” whores who come into your homes on a daily basis…, know full well of the corruption and the abuse…, but are total COWARDS and SHEEP…, and have sold their own souls…, for a “paycheck”.

They do not deserve your respect…, nor mine!

They are FAR LOWER than the criminals they protect…, they are the whores of criminals…, and (in my opinion) deserve the deepest pits of HELL!

Why?   Because it was “their job” to expose all of this…, and they took the “bribe” not to!

They bare the BLAME…., and yes New Agers…, I said it…, BLAME!  They are responsible…, and will see the consequences of their crimes against the entire planet IF I have anything to say about it.

Donald Trump called them out…, and they DESERVED IT!

More coming!

PS…, for some interesting info on how TRUMP may be striking back…, SEE THIS:

This article…, IF TRUE…, would most certainly show just how HOT this battle really is…..

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