By: Bradley Loves

Many people have come to the conclusion that the USA Corporations involvement in Syria has to do with protecting oil pipelines, and even though that is a single contributing factor…, it is far MORE about POWER and MONEY!

Ultimately things are far more complicated than what we are being told on the surface!

This article, from, talks about the larger issues at hand, and I highly recommend reading it:

Here is what I consider to be the real “meat” of this article…

If it’s not a pipeline war, then why is the US intervening in Syria? The US decision to support Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in their ill-conceived plan to overthrow the Assad regime was primarily a function of the primordial interest of the US permanent war state in its regional alliances. The three Sunni allies control US access to the key US military bases in the region, and the Pentagon, the CIA, the State Department and the Obama White House were all concerned, above all, with protecting the existing arrangements for the US military posture in the region.

(It is) ….The massive, direct and immediate power interests of the US war state — not the determination to ensure that a pipeline would carry Qatar’s natural gas to Europe — (that) drove the US policy of participation in the war against the Syrian regime.

The “players” in this “war  state”…, are NOT who you would think they are!  It goes far deeper that just politics…, and it points out severe and “systemic problems” with our entire civilization!

The Military, Industrial Complex…, (that Eisenhower warned us about) is an enormous “money making”…, and “profit taking” conglomeration of CORPORATIONS…, who have grown so big…, that they need to continuously fund their gargantuan operations with more, and more MONEY!

Wars need to be “fought” nowadays…, only to JUSTIFY the expenditures of huge amounts of dollars worldwide on the endless MILITARY PRESENCE AND INFRASTRUCTURE!

The “War on Terror” (TM*)  *trademark, was invented because the enormous military industrial complex NEEDS to be fighting an enemy (constantly), in order to continue to justify more and more investment in it’s world wide operations!

It is common knowledge that certain Firemen and Firefighters in the state of California were “known” to have set some of the largest fires in their areas (only because financial support was getting cut for their equipment and salaries).  They did this only to “shock” those who were making those cuts into ADDING more money to their operations and not taking it away!

In the meantime…, hundreds of homes were lost, and peoples lives were destroyed.

The “War in Syria” (TM) is the very same thing as the “War on Terror” (TM)…, on a Global Scale…, and on Steroids!

It is the “vehicle” by which the “planet sized blob” of the Military Industrial Complex can continue to justify its need (read: addiction) to a constant and almost “intervenes” supply of dollars, directly into its main artery.

It is all about MONEY AND POWER!

Regardless of the collateral damage or the fallout to humanity…, there are countless corporations in the United States and across the world who DEPEND upon the constant purchases of new military hardware, weapons systems, and upgrades.

Please see these before and after pictures of Alleppo!–24–2008

This “happened” on OUR WATCH people! 

We must take responsibility for doing NOTHING while those that we call or tolerated as our leaders DID THIS!

And for you “New Agers”…, this was BARACK OBAMA, your own very “high soul”…, who did this!  He knew very well that ISIS was being created!   He knew very well what they would do.  Don’t you dare say “you” are not responsible…, because anyone who tried (like me) to speak out against him…, YOU shouted down in print with your articles and channeled messages, repeatedly telling everyone how good he was, and how much help he was giving to the world!!

The amount of money we are ultimately talking about is FAR MORE than most people can possibly imagine…, and is in the TRILLIONS of dollars per year (not billions).

Add to this that each and every one of these “corporations” are also involved with making MILITARY HARDWARE for the “Off World” operations…, and now you will know why all governments on Earth are desperate to continue to fund these CORPORATIONS!

Are we really in a “spat” with Russia??   Or…, could this entire thing simply be Smoke and Mirrors…, (A CON) and a reason to sabre rattle so that infinitely more MONEY can be funneled into the very CORPORATIONS who have to exist and thrive at all costs??

Here is an even deeper thought.  The CABAL and all of their “think tanks” claim that one should never let a good Crises go to waste!

The “War in Syria” TM…, could also be “cover” for Top Secret Operations that are recovering ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY!

Remember that Syria is smack in the middle of what used to be Ancient World of Babylon, Akkad, and Sumer.  It is also known that these civilizations were the successors of FAR MORE ADVANCED civilizations which had super powerful technology that came before them!

The world (in every country) is full of underground tunnels, caverns, bases and cities…, some of which are ANCIENT!

There is a real world battle going on as we speak…, between not just governments…, but also differing world Militaries (and the “Corporations” that are behind them) to find as much ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY as they can!

Syria…, would be one of the countries that would be FILLED with Ancient Tech…, and underground facilities of an Ancient Nature.

Ultimately…, the “race” for Ancient Tech…, is still about MONEY…, because that part of the equation is all about POWER…, and POWER = MONEY!

Haven’t they said that “All Wars are Bankers Wars”

No matter what you see on TELEVISION…, or in Newsprint…,  no matter what “the corporate paid whores” tell you…, they are ONLY telling you what they are told to tell you (which is NOT THE TRUTH).

It will not be long before the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX is “running” the MEDIA.  In fact, here is Alex Jones saying Obama just signed a Bill making that one step closer to reality.

What can you do about this??

You must become “informed”!  You must at all costs do your own research, and make it your duty to LEARN as much of the TRUTH as you possibly can…, (every day) before all of the ways that you can do that, are removed from you.

We do not have the luxury of “time” where we can sit on our hands and indulge in the FALSE HOPE…, that someone from outside of us…, is going to swoop down and SAVE US!     That is what little children do!

We are the ones that we are waiting for!


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