By: Bradley Loves


The legal system in America after 8 long years of Barack Insane Obama at the helm…, has transformed from what was once a system of justice to what is now a highly advanced “weapons system” designed to hunt down, attack, and kill!

Just like the Military has it’s bombs, cruise missiles, and many other forms of advanced weaponry…, the current day Democratic Party (under the careful direction of Barack Obama) managed to turn the entire legal system of America into one huge tool of carnage.

Like a sword, or a battering ram, lawyers and their research teams working toward GLOBALISM are using LAW to pummel, impale, destroy their opponents!

Ironically…, many of those who end up on the wrong side of their sword have committed almost no crimes at all.

It makes little difference however…, because just like in a real war with real bombs…, there is always “collateral damage”  once an attack has been launched and in their “holy quest” to take down President Donald Trump…, any living and breathing human being who just happens to be standing in close proximity to “the target” gets their lives ruined in the most disgusting and in humane ways possible.

This article from the Conservative Treehouse lays out just a little of how the LAWFARE GROUP (aka Warfare Group) has taken to using every bit of knowledge they have about the legal system to radically weaponize it into a tool of War and human Destruction.

This has nothing to do with “justice”…, but instead has everything to do with “winning” an undeclared WAR at all costs!

See this post describing the extreme level of co-ordination between Robert Mueller and the Lawfare Group to continue the endless bombardment of President Donald Trump by using non standard legal tactics mixed with a plan to introduce damaging propaganda and deception in ways that can NOT readily be verified!


Details Emerging of Coordinated Mueller Testimony With Congressional Democrats…

Pay attention to how these are being structured.  Two open sessions with limited questions, and only one opportunity for questions by each member of the committee.

The House Judiciary Committee will have to choose which of its members are able to ask Mueller questions during its open session. Unlike the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the Judiciary Committee is quite large, almost double in size, so only 22 of its 41 members will be present for the open session, the aide said.

The details of the agreement between the committees and Mueller’s office are still being worked out, a second congressional aide said, and could still change.

Judiciary Committee members who do not get to ask questions of Mueller will still be able to attend a closed session with Mueller’s staff following the open testimony, where they will be able to ask about material that was redacted from the public eye.

Notice the closed session without Mueller.  This is with Andrew Weissmann and the key members of his investigative unit.  This is the heart of the real corruption.  Mueller is only the figurehead.  Weissmann is the real lead, and the closed door session allows the Democrats to use the Weissmann testimony.

Each member of the Intelligence Committee will be able to ask Mueller questions for five minutes in the open session before following up in a similar closed session.

Limiting the exposure of Mueller is a way for Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler to mitigate the risk. Only one round of questions.

In the closed sessions, the Intelligence Committee will have access to the unredacted version of volume I of the Mueller report, which focuses on the question of collusion and conspiracy with the Russian government, while the Judiciary Committee will have access to the unredacted version of volume II, which focuses on obstruction of justice.

Nice trick here.  Notice the closed door sessions are not classified.  This is the way for Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler to get the material -the innuendo and suspicion- injected into their narrative.

The unredacted content will be discussed; that means all of the investigative pathways, including the maliciously corrupt false trails will be put into the discussion.   AND the politicians are free to talk about any/all content of that discussion because it is not classified.

Neither committee will have access to any information that is redacted for purposes of protecting information provided to the grand jury.

Although there will be no transcript of the closed sessions, they are not considered classified, so members may discuss what they heard.

The first congressional aide said members of both committees will not be restricted in what they can ask Mueller, but they do expect he will largely stick to the information he provided in the report. (link)

Without a transcript, there will be no factual record of the testimony behind closed doors.  This allows Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and staff to make any claim about the content, regardless of the level of falsity, and there’s no factual way for rebuttal.   This is by purposeful design.


I don’t ever remember conservatives turning the legal system into a WEAPON…, but maybe I have not been living long enough yet.  At any rate…, at this point in time it is the Democrats (the Deep State) who are using it in this way, and their goal is quite clear:


Now, the only thing that I can say here is that if these “lawyers” are willing to do this to a sitting President of the United States…, then what hope do you and I have of ever getting a fair shake or trial inside of America ever again??

My friends…, I’m sorry to have to say this…, but it will not be possible if this is left to continue!  Precedent will have been set and pure evil will simply become the norm!

Your country is now officially dead!

America has succumbed to the sick and twisted minds of evil Lawyers, Congressmen, and Judges who (for all practical purposes) are wearing the robes of Satanism and are set on using the full weight of the legal system as a “tactical nuke” that can be dropped on anyone, anywhere who challenges their ultimate power and authority…, even a sitting President!

It does not get any more real or dangerous than this!

Truth-Tellers and Whistle Blowers will have NO HOPE of ever finding a pathway to justice and instead will find themselves either bankrupt, socially destroyed, rotting in jail, or simply dead!

The stakes are now as high as they can possibly be and for the life of me…, I don’t know why the White Hats are still sitting on the 100,000 sealed indictments!

If this were a basketball game, I’d say they were running down the clock and simply wasting time by passing the ball from one player to the next up near the half line while not even trying to get anywhere near the basket.

And just like a spectator at a basketball game would be quite frustrated to watch something so ridiculous…, so too are the real patriots in America who are watching this endless back and forth in the Main Stream Media…,while all of the real problems of the country remain UNSOLVED and the evil lawyers are allowed to make a complete mockery of the Courts and the Justice System.

(…Not that they were that just to begin with.)

Anyway…, a word of fair warning…, steer clear of the American Legal System…, it is no longer a system of Justice…, but instead it is a wholly corrupt system being run into the ground by men and women so profoundly evil and disturbed that the only proper way to describe it is to say it is now a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION!


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