By: Bradley Loves



With the death of Isaac Kappy, a “b” list Hollywood Actor who came out and identified some really big name Actors that were involved in Pedophilia…, it has become apparent to me that this “issue” really needs to be addressed in a big way!

I have been writing for five long years now…, and this subject is one of the most difficult subjects to address or talk about in a public setting!

I known a LOT MORE than I’ve shared about this world wide problem because I’ve done some pretty extensive research into it at this point.

It is ugly, perverse, obscene, and literally just EVERYWHERE…, openly hiding a few inches under the radar of the public’s perception.



How do you point out that which is basically some of the most PERVERSE STUFF that you can possibly imagine?

Many good or loving adults have always known in the back of their minds that this “stuff” was out there…, but they consoled themselves with the idea that it is only a SMALL percentage of humanity that does this or is into it.  



If this is what YOU thought…, then you would be MISTAKEN as well!  

There is a very large percentage of adults WORLD WIDE that are into adult/child sex…, and it is an INDUSTRY that generates TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS (not just Billions).

With the advent of I-phones, Computers, Lap-Tops, and countless Social Media Groups and Platforms, that number is growing exponentially!

If you ask ANY honest (and most of them are NOT honest) school administrator for Middle Schools and High Schools across America what their biggest problem is…, they would say that it is students using their “smart phones” for SEX-TING!

Sexting (another form of texting) is sending naked images of yourself to your friends and peers.  Kids as young as 11 and 12 years old are sending nude images (selfies) of themselves to friends and peers now as part of the Social Culture of growing up.

Many Liberal Teachers all across America know about this…, (some even encourage it)…, while very few try to stop it.

As strange as that sounds to you and me who are in our 50’s and 60’s…, this is the “culture” of kids these days!

Adults world wide who are sexually attracted to young children LOVE this idea of sexting…, and seek out kids online who have nude images of themselves and try to get the kids to send them.

Additionally…, middle school kids have their own form of secret sexual code which involves wearing cheap colored wrist bracelets!  These bracelets (to the kids who know and wear them) are sexual indicators as to what type of sex they have done, or are willing to do, with another kid.  Each color stands for something different.

If you are a parent…, don’t expect your kid to admit he or she knows what these things are really for – its “just for kids to know”.

If you don’t believe me…, here is a 13 year old girl who has a huge following on YouTube and is well known for her “edgy” political commentary.

This kid is part of what is known as GENERATION “Z”…, and they (Gen-Z) are the exact opposite of the Millennials!

These kids (who are between 1 and 20 years old) are NOT snowflakes at all…, but are hyper vigilant, and very direct about their observations of how crazy the world actually is.

They HATE political correctness and are open to talking about the complete and total hypocrisy of the world.

In the video above “SOPH” (which is the name she goes by on YouTube) talks openly about the craziness of middle school and the rampant “sexting” of images between kids and the total “sluttiness” of kids and adults these days (among countless other things).

A great video to open your eyes (warning…, FOUL language)



I don’t want this man’s death to be meaningless…, so I am going to use it to showcase this WORLD WIDE EPIDEMIC!

This article from last year talks about the trouble that Kappy got into with LAPD after he went public on 4-chan and 8 chan.

LAPD Goes After Thor Actor Accusing Big Stars of Pedophilia

In it (written in late 2018) he named many household names!

Over the past few days, he has been ramping up his social media posts to continue and accuse Green of being a child abuser, along with some big name Hollywood stars, some of which are just too unbelievable, including Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Stephen Colbert, Bill Clinton, and Claire Grant.


He also talked about his close friend Seth Green (who he claims is a pedophile) and part of the Illuminati!   He  Tweeted that Seth Green asked him to “join up” and apparently gave him the standard offer of a yearly salary of 250,000 dollars a year (just to be part of their group) and any car he wanted…, which presumably could have been a Lamborghini!

Last year I was asked to join the #illuminati by @sethgreen
The offer was $250k a year and any car I wanted. As if I would abuse children for such a paltry sum

Kappy apparently knew he was now being tracked by Hollywood’s Pit-Bulls (as all truth-tellers are) when he Tweeted this:


And even though he apparently committed suicide only a few days ago…, he Tweeted this in 2018.


This is Kappy’s last video before he died, done only 3 or 4 days ago!

In it he talks about how he really messed up…, apparently saying he recently did something really EVIL…, and could not live with himself.

(I’m wondering if “fake memories” were installed…??)

He also talked about Q-Anon, and believe it or not JFK Jr., saying that he was still alive and would help to change the world.

However…, his death looks VERY SUSPICIOUS…, and even though some are saying suicide…, it looks a lot like murder.



Before you start doing research, I recommend downloading TOR BROWSER from here:

Pick your computers operating system and download the appropriate one.  The reason you want this is because it allows ANONYMOUS BROWSING because it does not track your IP address – in fact it changes your IP address and shifts it into another country.

If you have a VPN – Virtual Private Network…, that can be helpful too.

The point is – even if you are doing research…, and are trying to EXPOSE this stuff…, they still “track” your movements online unless you take precautions.

Once you’ve got this stuff…, you can pretty much go anywhere either on the REGULAR WEB.., or on the DARK WEB without too much blow-back.



What you are going to see is that Adult/Child sexual material is everywhere…, and I mean literally everywhere…, and is FOR SALE!

It is world wide and is a TRILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS.

The worst offenders in the world, as far as I can see, are CHINA, JAPAN, and SOUTH KOREA.

These countries literally flaunt Adult/Child sex on the Internet!  They advertise, sell it, and make money off of it.

Next are the Arab Countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and then India, which has a market for children all it’s own.

Finally, you’ve got the Western Countries with England, France, and Germany being at the very top of the WESTERN version of world wide child-sex Industry!

Next is Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, and finally America with most of the problems being centered in California, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Idaho.

These states, by the way…, are where the biggest concentration of SATANISTS are…, so it would stand to reason.

  • And isn’t it interesting that so many of the crazy liberals from California are so buddy buddy with CHINA??
  • And isn’t it also interesting that all of BIG TECH and SOCIAL MEDIA is becoming more and more friendly with CHINA?

Russia and the Ukraine (which includes Crimea) used to be way up there under Yeltsin…, but believe it or not PUTIN has really cleaned things up a lot in Russia!   And I don’t mean just a little bit…, he’s has really come down VERY HARD on websites in Russia that openly display pedophilia sort of stuff. 

This major Russian clean up started in 2008!    It is still there, but highly controlled!

Now don’t get me wrong…, this stuff is all over eastern Europe as well – Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania etc.   And yes…, all over South America in countries like Argentina, Columbia, and Brazil.



Now…, the biggest offenders or participants of the child porn industry are also the biggest BUYERS and SELLERS of young children for “Slavery” and for “Child Sex”.

Once again…, CHINA is at the very top of that list.  SAUDI ARABIA is in second place…, and this is not surprising when you look at both China’s and Saudi Arabia’s records on individual human rights…, which are almost non existent.

When I say buying and selling children as toys and sex slaves…, I mean exactly that!  You pay money…, you can “buy” a child for any reason what so ever! 

Naturally, this is all “black market” stuff…, so don’t think you’ll be hearing about it on the News or in the Main Stream Media!



The biggest and most blatant example of the world wide distribution of this kind of material is the open distribution (for sale) of what are called 3-D images.

Protected under the category of “ART” (where have we heard this before) images of naked children having sex with adults that are computer generated do not fall under the “legal” definition of pornography in most countries.

This is because they are “computer graphics” and not real pictures or images that contain children.

HOWEVER…., and this is BIG…

The computer graphics industry has gotten so good at generating computer images of human beings…, that really well done and high quality images of naked children that are having sex with each other (and sex with adults) have become increasingly difficult to discern from REAL IMAGES!

These images are for sale EVERYWHERE on the internet!

And naturally most of the Computer Graphics Tech is centered in and around Hollywood!

Think of Jurassic Park and the life like images that you’ve seen on the Big Screen!

Now…, what is far, far worse than just creating literally millions of computer generated images of naked young children engaged in sex…, there is an entire culture of men and women who are into the BONDAGE AND ABUSE OF CHILDREN

Thus, computer generated images of naked children being tortured or enslaved or abused are everywhere AND…, are FOR SALE TO BUY!

One of the worst things that I came across during my research (on 8-chan) was a long computer generated “story” that was made of hundreds of 3-d computer images of boys being used as “food source” in a mock society.

In this legally protected ART FORM…, the author of that story depicted a normal everyday society where young boys were captured by the hundreds, herded like cattle into industrial slaughter houses, killed, and then cut up like BEEF!

Some of the images in that awful series showed a naked boy that was up on a poster inside that slaughter house and was divided into “steaks and ribs” and where the best “cuts of meat” were exactly like the image you see below:

The rest of the “story” showed arms, legs, and other cuts of the children inside of normal “meat market showcases” where families of everyday men, women and children were out shopping for their dinner and picking out what kind of “steak” they wanted to eat that night!

This series…,which could be easily downloaded…, was FOR SALE to anyone who wanted to buy the entire “story”…, which was amazingly life-like in detail and imagery!

Now…, this was the worst that I saw during my research…, but there were literally thousands and thousands of other “ART SERIES” (too many to count) that involved child slavery (where naked kids were attached to the fronts of riding carts to be used like horses to pull their masters around) or where they were crawling on the ground like animals, and had leashes attached to their necks and were being treated like pets, or where they were living in dungeons and simply being “abused” by grown men and women in awful ways.

Again, CHINA, JAPAN, and SOUTH KOREA are hugely into this type of “commerce” and have countless websites selling it to anyone with a credit card, as is Europe, Russia…, and finally America, Australia and Canada!



If you have a child that is at all computer savvy, then by the age of 10 or 11 years old…, they are navigating not only around the regular web…, but also the DARK WEB…, and are being exposed to this KIND OF IMAGERY!

Trust me when I say that it is not hard or difficult to find…, and that it is EVERYWHERE….

And…, with a little bit of extra effort…, these kids can easily find open sites (these are also easily findable) that display naked images of real children in both pictures and video that can be downloaded for FREE!

And you wonder why you’ve got Middle School children using their “smart phones” to take NUDE SELFIES and sending these images to their friends and peers!

They have already SEEN IT ALL ONLINE!


These people are desperate to get kids used to and accustomed to sex at an early age…, and once you do some research you’ll find that their ART FORMS are not just about having sex with kids…, but some really sick, sick deviant stuff including torture, abuse, slavery, and cannibalism!

Most of Hollywood is involved in Adult/Child Sex…, and as Corey Feldman said in this short video…, that is Hollywood’s dirty little secret!


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