By: Bradley Loves

In the Grand Scheme of things…, this article could have been called: MAGIC, MYSTICISM, VAMPIRES, THE WORSHIP ENERGY and THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

But then I thought…, that’s a bit of a mouthful!   Perhaps simple is better!

Once again…, the article is going to “go” where NO MAN has gone before!  It will most likely ruffle feathers (perhaps even some “blue” ones)…., but it has to be said.

So without further ado…, let’s dive in.


I’ve said that before…, but I really doubt whether most of the people reading it really get it. It just doesn’t really sink in.

Not only are you powerful…, your Soul and your Spirit are like mini NUCLEAR POWER REACTORS that give off so much energy, that you’d be surprised if you really knew the extent of it.

So what happens when you add old world “dark magic”…, “vampirism”, and esoteric knowledge into a playing field where there is a huge amount of “ENERGY” being created?

You get the WORSHIP phenomenon!

You do realize that human beings USED to understand that GOD/PRIME CREATOR was the SPIRIT living within them…, don’t you?

So why then, would they ever want to focus the awe and reverence of their own souls inside, for some FAKE image that was NOT the eternal SOURCE… “outside”  of themselves?


This is just another part of the “great CON”…, I have written about, which is the outward reverence and the outward focus of energy of great numbers of men and women to “outside beings”.

You see…, any ENERGY given freely…, can actually be “Co-opted” and used for purposes which are not necessarily apparent!

When I was having some honest, heart to heart talks with Shane (aka…The Ruiner)…, we discussed some things that I have still not written about.  One of those things was just “HOW” it was that the beings that he called: THE PARENTS got to be so very, very old…, and appeared still so young.

It was his estimation last summer that those (less than a dozen) men and women who were left (at that time) were “thousands” of years old…, and the oldest ones were literally going on 13,000 years.


Shane told me that each one of them were “gifted” with certain Magical/Mystical knowledge and practices (courtesy of the Draco’s) that would allow them to “create” a body that would never die…, and basically never age!

However…, Shane said that most of the ways that this goal was achieved, involved the types of cruel images that we see in VAMPIRE movies!  The “magic” needed to do this involved blood sacrifice, ritual, knowledge of sound, symbols and esoterics… (basically what people would at least think of as MAGIC).

Alarmed…, I asked Shane if there was any way that the goal of being “that old” could be achieved WITHOUT KILLING and the slurping of blood!

He said there was…, and that was through WORSHIP!

He also said that this type of “spell” or “magic” would not be easy…, since the WORSHIP “energy” had to be given up willingly!

The enormous energy waves that large groups of human beings actually “send out” in worship…, especially when they focus that worship on one particular being…, or even a small group of beings is quite astounding!

And…, if that energy is sent totally willingly (which is inline with Cosmic Law)…, PLUS…, the particular being (who is being worshiped) knows the Esoteric Ways and means by which to “capture” that energy and incorporate it into their physical and astral body…, THEN…, that being could quite literally LIVE FOREVER off of the energy being sent to them by other human beings.


Why do you think that the Native cultures of both North and South America…, which did NOT worship in the European ways…, and “sending that energy forward” had to be slaughtered?

Could it be…, that just one or two of the PARENTS that Shane talked about (and had been living for almost 13,000 years…, were the recipients of the worship energy of all of the worlds CHRISTIANS…, and perhaps all of the world’s MUSLIMS?

If “they” (these long lived PARENTS) being the very real “power” behind the European Kingdoms and Crowns…, found out that so many humans were not WORSHIPING, and sending their “energies” willingly and freely toward a particular idol or image or idea…, (that would “feed them”…) then perhaps it was better to just “get rid” of those humans before they “infected” all of the other men and women who were the very SOURCE of long life for these ANCIENT vampiric men and women!

And thus…, you had the CONQUESTS of CORTEZ…, and the massive extinctions of whole populations of peoples, only because they were not “WILLINGLY” feeding one or two particular ENERGY VAMPIRES…, who thought it was cool to live forever!

In the Grand Scheme of things…, Shane told me that the SECRECY always runs deep!

Far from being the CENTER OF POWER in the world…, the VATICAN…, and the CROWN only serve as “store fronts” for other beings behind the scenes.

Never forget that I’ve always maintained that this ultimately goes OFF WORLD!!

According to what I’ve learned…, it was THE DRACO’s who first “created” the PARENTS…, who then created DARK COVENS!

These Covens or “Secret Groups” of loyal followers that were dedicated to DARK MAGIC were given special privilege and special status in the World!

Each COVEN ultimately grew into one of the main controlling “families”…, otherwise known as the 13 families.  Which then branched out into many other sub-families.

Only then, this far down the LADDER…, do institutions like: THE VATICAN, THE CITY OF LONDON, and WASHINGTON D.C. even become important!


Because these “institutions” are both OWNED and RUN by and for those COVENS or FAMILIES that are ABOVE THEM!

So here is where so many “alternative media” folk get lost when they write!  And, even though they write some really good articles…, they are always missing the middle of the DART BOARD by miles if they do NOT climb up the ladder further.

This is why you have to place far MORE respect on the articles written by people like Preston James, David Icke, and only a few others…, who actually DO GO THERE!

Anyone who stays at the level of the Vatican, The City of London, and Washington…, are sadly not very well informed and have about 10 more years of RESEARCH TO DO.

Now…, it has basically been “bandied” around the Water Cooler…, in the circles that I travel in…, that many of the “so-called” Ascended Masters are in fact USING the devotion, and the worship of their “followers”…, in order to feed off of them, in the very same way that the PARENTS are feeding off of the masses.

Apparently, seeing the HAND WRITING on the wall…, and that the jig was up.., as far as the OLD WORLD RELIGION was concerned…, an entirely NEW AGE had to be created…, and NEW IMAGES and NEW IDOLS…, had to be put into place for the masses of mankind who were dropping out of traditional religion in DROVES!

You see…, the “worship” energy DOES NOT WORK if those who are sending it forward do not do it willingly!  So an entire NEW AGE of “fake beliefs” had to be created in order to CON millions of men and women into sending forth adoration WILLINGLY!

I truly think that this is why the NEW AGE was created!

Most people who have done really diligent study, and done very DEEP RESEARCH…, have found a trail of quite large bread crumbs that links the NEW AGE back to both the FREEMASONS…, and most especially THE JESUITS!

So all of the NEW AGE greats…, your “panel of stars” of the new age blogosphere could be nothing more than a PARADE of vampiric souls…, who are being fed by the constant attention and adoration that they get from the sycophants who adore them and speak about them as if they are literally “gods”.

This is a huge subject…, and rather than throw tons of new information at you…, I will let this start to sink in a little bit….

Ask yourself this:

How much of ANY of the things that were promised by ALL of these so-called MASTERS has actually come true?

Remember that all of the “promises” of salvation of the Catholic Church were postponed until “after death”…, and that Jesus was originally “promised” to return “soon” (love that new age channeled word)… and so the followers have kept vigil for over 2000 years!

Now…, the promises of Ascension (Salvation) will keep the next generations busy “adoring” the Channeled Ascended Masters for the next 2000 years!

Happy WORSHIP!…..

More to come….

All my love












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