By: Bradley Loves

Okay now that you’ve had a little time to let the “surprise” of Part One of this series digest a little bit…, it’s time for Part Two!  Part Two goes even farther down the Rabbit Hole and ties things together in such a way that you would probably never have imagined!

Dot connecting can sometimes be tedious work…, and sometimes even painstaking…, but the rewards and the benefits of doing so are immeasurable and should NEVER be underestimated.


Almost everyone is aware at this point in time that the Earth has Ley Lines!  At least those who are above the level of “comatose” on the awareness meter!  That being said…, what those Ley Lines are being used for now…, what they were used for in the past, and how they operate is all quite fuzzy…, even to those who think they know…, what they know.

The Earth has an Electro-Magnetic Grid all around it.  The Magnetosphere is a very REAL (yet unseen) part of Earth’s “operating system” (for lack of a better word or phrase.

It does not just one or two things…, but literally millions of things for the Planet that even those “crafty” scientists are still as of yet unaware!

One of those “things” that the Magnetosphere does is to work in “tandem” with the LEY LINES and help the Earth carry and distribute energies!

You’ll notice that I said “energies” because the Ley Lines are NOT just distributing the Magnetic kind of energy…, but quite literally EVERY KIND OF ENERGY!

This is the reason why you’ll notice that there isn’t a Government Building, a Catholic Cathedral, a Castle, a Military Base or a major City that is not built squarely on top of a Ley Line…, and usually the intersection points of two or three major ones!

Now…, this has all been said before…, BUT…….., are you starting to grasp WHY these “institutions were built where they were built?   Can you elaborate on the “WHY” of it all?  And what I am talking about is the thinking behind these people (usually Freemasons and their ILK) as they chose the sites for these places?


Now…, I did not say energy movement…, or energy availability…, I said ENERGY TRANSFERENCE!

Why would I even say something like that?  Are you interested?  Good….!

Now…, hold on…, put that aside…, and let’s change gears!

What does a “vampire” do…, when he sucks the very life blood out of his victim?   Anyone?  Could the “vampire” be said to be feeding?  What is THE BLOOD of his victim after all if not the very “life force” energy that will sustain him.

And…, if the “life force” energy (in this case…, in the form of blood) is being TAKEN IN…, by the VAMPIRE…, then could we say that while he is feeding…, that… “ENERGY TRANSFERENCE”…. has taken place?


Okay…, let’s go back and look with new eyes on something worth looking at!  Or…, as I said earlier…, Connecting “dots” that no one thought should be connected!

The reason that all of the buildings, cities, churches, temples, synagoges, etc, etc, etc ad. naseum  have been built right on TOP of the intersecting Ley Lines is not to just simply take advantage of the Earth’s NATURAL “higher energy” output in those area’s…, but instead…., to literally TRANSFER as much of the Earth’s naturally collected energies into these institutions (thought forms made solid) so that it can be: HARVESTED by Ancient Esoteric Means!

Once harvested…, that naturally occurring energy, can be REDIRECTED into “any” type of “creative endeavor”…., even the creation of a FAKE or DARK REALITY!

WHOA…….., are you feeling me yet?   Are you following along with this?

Okay…, let’s break this down a little bit…, and take it step by step!

The Magnetosphere is a natural “collection device” for energies!  The most beneficial “energy” that the Earth can get…, and is looking for is: HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS!

Hasn’t it been said that “we” collectively are the stewards, or the caretakers of the planet?  If so…, then HOW pray tell would we do that?  And if you think that “PRAYER” is our gift to the Earth…, then HOW do you imagine that the physics of that actually works?

Loving Human Consciousness…, a true and complete Universal Power (THE POWER OF YOU)…, is a gift that is collected by the Earth’s Magnetosphere and then “transferred into the planet” through the Ley Lines, which then act as a “buffer” and redistribute all of the energy and consciousness into the “grids of manifestation”!


The grids of manifestation are polarity driven “engines” on the magnetic and astral level of creation!  They usually are in perfect balance…, and as a result of that balance…, a very harmonious REALITY gets created in the physical!

Physical reality can not exist WITHOUT polarity…, but the polarity should always be balanced!  And also…, there can not be any blockages, or siphoning off of all of the ENERGY!

What we have “in progress” on our planet…, is the complete and utter VAMPIRISM of every living being…, every resource…, every soul…, and even the body and the soul of EARTH itself!

Okay…, let’s step back a bit!   Let’s do a repeat!

The Magnetosphere, is a natural “collection device” for energies!  The most beneficial “energy” that the Earth itself can get…, and is looking for is:   HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS!

However…, where is the Human Consciousness that is supposed to be directed at the Earth… (MOTHER NATURE)  and collected by the magnetosphere…, and then TRANSFERED to the entire planet by way of the Ley Lines actually going?


Ahhh…, it’s going into CHURCHES…, and it’s going into MILITARY BASES…, and it’s going into GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS all of which were built using sacred geometry… (and you always wonder why that was) and also built using sacred mathematical equations (like pi and the golden mean) and are literally covered with sacred symbols and symbolism!

Okay…, who is going to tell me WHY?   What is the “affect” going to be of building these institutions/buildings using these methods?

Buckle up…, because we’re in for a BUMPY RIDE…, as the dangling head said in the Harry Potter Movie!


It’s about not only the blocking or the damning up of power and energy…, it’s about the SUCKING…, and the THEFT of that energy…, and redirecting it for some other purpose!

Remember that I have said consistently that Magic…, is the word Magnetic…, only shortened to give it a really “mysterious” look.

It makes it seem as if there is an “other” worldly thing going on…, AND that things are not being totally CONTROLLED by men and women who have that knowledge to begin with.

The very “idea” of stealing all of the world’s ENERGY…, and by that I mean: the energy of every living being…, every resource…, every soul…, and even the body and the soul of EARTH itself (as I said earlier) seems ludicrous on the face of it…, BUT if you’ve been following along with world events recently…, you’ve at least been made aware that this has been going on!


What if these CHURCHES…, GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS…, MILITARY BASES etc., were NOT located right at the cross roads of major Ley Lines!  What would be happening to the EARTH as we speak if things were “normal” and not “fubar” ?

The Ley Lines would be “transferring” and “distributing” all collected HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS ENERGY directly through the planet in a balanced fashion…, and then on into the GRIDS OF MANIFESTATION.

What type of REALITY do you think we would be seeing?

We’d being seeing a beautiful Earth…, and beautiful experience, and human beings would be “glowing” in the light of their own divinity!

We’d have “powers” of manifestion being shared to us by our Earth mother.., and many other wondrous things.

Oh…, and by the way…, THAT would all be happening right here and now…, WITHOUT an ascension!


Because THAT IS THE WAY THIS PLANET was designed to work and operate!

Not only that…, it has done it before!   The Lumerians were very magical people…, and YET the Earth was smack dab in the middle of 3D!

We don’t need to GO ANYWHERE…, we just need to get rid of the VAMPIRES!

Okay…, I’ll stop for now…, a lot to take in…,

All my love…,

More will come…
























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