By: Bradley Loves


My first and foremost obligation is to the TRUTH!

My blog is dedicated to uncovering what is hidden and destroying the fake narratives that are being used to further ENSLAVE us.

Even if doing so is quite unpopular.  Especially if it is unpopular!

In so much as I possibly can…, I present various researchers ideas and what they’ve uncovered…, along with varying viewpoints.

  • Mark Passio
  • Jay Parker
  • Jordan Maxwell
  • Kerry Cassidy
  • Shane Bales (The Ruiner)
  • Steve Quayle
  • David Icke
  • Alex Jones
  • and others

There are some people out there that I “trust”…, and others that I do NOT trust.

There are some people out there “posting” on many blogs and websites that are considered “really huge” in the New Age Community while I personally think and feel that they are bald faced LIARS.

This is purely my own “feeling” based upon extremely well tuned intuition, but I treat it as valid.

I have rarely been wrong about people…, because what they are all about is in their energy field.

The thing that really works for me is that I “separate” the message from the person who is giving it.

There is no such thing as an “INFALLIBLE MESSENGER”.

This type of belief leads us to place certain Channeled Sources upon a throne of sorts or a pedastal because once we think they “must be believed at all cost”…, then they could most likely say ANYTHING…, and no matter how ridiculous it sounded…, it would have to be supported!

It is a very slippery slope when certain messengers are given a FREE PASS and a sort of GOD STATUS!

For instance:

Any message from the likes of:

  • Arch Angel Micheal
  • St. Germaine
  • Hillarion
  • Etc…

Seeingly “must” be believed as GOSPEL, and can’t be argued with.


You see, too many New Agers…., ONLY WANT TO HEAR POSITIVE THINGS!!

So naturally, they flock to anyone who is willing to “TELL” them only positive things. (Regardless if it is true or not).

This serves NO ONE.

I refuse to “play” in that kind of sand box because of how totally misleading it really is.

It gives good men and women the impression, and false idea, that there is nothing bad happening here on Earth…, and SO…, there is nothing that needs to be DONE ABOUT ANYTHING because everything is OKAY.


There are massive crimes being committed as we speak!

As a writer and a blogger, I am interested ONLY in getting the TRUTH OUT THERE, so naturally I CARE deeply about who is saying what, and what their agenda is.

Now…, that being said…, the things that are happening in this reality are quite complicated…, and because so much of it is hidden, getting a really good grasp on all of it is sometimes very tricky (as I’ve said recently).

So, I will present my readers with ideas, theories, speculations and facts as a mix…, and use the somewhat “miraculous” process of actually “THINKING” for myself…, in order to put everything together and make sense of it all.

Sorry New Agers…, I’m not going to ever run to a “psychic” or a “channeler” or a “medium” and beg them to PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE TRUTH IS….

As I’ve explained so many times before…, those men and women who religiously “sit at the feet” of certain AUTHORITY FIGURES (whether those figures are in the “government”, or in the “church” OR…, even live in a tiny house in the country and “channel” a so called “Angel”) are in my opinion, the biggest SLAVES in the universe.

And make NO MISTAKE here…, (because I am not saying this to be mean)…, every single man or woman who follows channelers and Channeled Messages Religiously.., while treating these so-called MASTERS they channel as “Special Beings” really are in the strictest sense of the word…., ENSLAVED!

(They just don’t know it.)

They are NOT FREE…, because they DO NOT THINK for themselves.

Why is that so difficult to understand??

Here is the perfect proof of the matter.

Do you realize just how much TRUTHFUL INFORMATION about countless subjects and various issues have come out over the last decade or so…, only to be doubted by NEW AGERS who just could NOT DIGEST such information, and so ran off to a Channeler to get the “always positive” perspective of an OUT OF BODY ENTITY??

Think about this!

In fact, I will take this even one step further.

I personally know of people who are so “addicted” to channeled messages, that they can not “take any action” or “move forward on any issue” without first hearing, reading, or taking into account WHAT THEIR FAVORITE CHANNELED ENTITY SAYS ABOUT IT FIRST!

They are literally incapable of thinking for themselves any longer and NEED TO BE TOLD WHAT TO THINK!

Can you believe this??

People will actually not take any action what so ever without “clearing it” with some “entity” from another realm first!!!


I’m sorry to have to be so perfectly honest here.

Anyone who absolutely has to run to another being in order to “ask” what they should think, say, or do about a certain thing is a veritable child…, an infant…, and a SLAVE.

(Especially if that “being” does not even live here in this realm of manifestation).

The saddest and most dispicable part of this is that I’ve dealt one on one with many of these types, and in every conversation that I’ve had with them, they always “claim” that they are some of the most extremely loving people living on the Earth…, (such is their opinion of themselves) and yet they are ANYTHING but loving in my opinion.

They DELUDE themselves by claiming to be taking the high road and being on the most loving path there is…, (that being the path of being totally NON-JUDGEMENTAL and totally FORGIVING)…, but I’ve actually found (when push comes to shove) that they screech and claw at you like VAMPIRES when you calmly and quietly challange their belief system.


There is NO BETTER example of this than what we see happeing with the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS who desperately wanted to see HILLARY CLINTON as President.

They were a highly “calm”, and highly “tolerant” bunch of men and women about every single thing in the world (until their Candidate lost the Presidency.)

Suddenly ALL of their tolerance and all of their forgiveness went OUT THE WINDOW!

They changed over night into screeching and clawing VAMPIRES who were going to “rip the eyes” out of their enemies because it was the NECESSARY AND LOVING THING TO DO!!

These super “TOLERANT GROUPS” are:

  • Lesbians
  • Gays
  • Transgenders
  • Women’s Right’s Groups
  • Black Activists
  • Defenders of “Immigration”
  • Defender’s of Human Rights
  • Anit-Violence (Anti-Gun)
  • Freedom of Religion (Satanism and Witchcraft… “Hollywood Style”)
  • Evening Talk Show hosts and Comedians
  • And too many others to name here….

You see, while living under Barack Obama and “Hillary”…,  these men and women were very happy to show us just how “tolerant” they were every moment of every day…., and as Paul Joseph Watson says:

THEY VIRTUE SIGNALED to the masses their much “higher level” of spirituality…, UNTIL…, they didn’t get what they wanted!

Suddenly…, they became some of the most VIOLENT and CRAZY human beings on the planet…, talking about killing anyone and everyone who does not stand wirth them…, while desperately trying to STIFLE ALL FREE SPEECH, and telling everyone who is still on their side to go out and get “guns” and to carry “baseball bats” in order to protect themselves from the NAZI’s…, the ALT RIGHT, or even MORE ridiculous…,  ALL WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!  (Especially men).


I remember clearly back in 2011 or 2012…, that I “joined” an on-line NEW AGE group which was supposed to be simply a CHAT FORUM where those in the group could actually exchange opinions about “spiritual things” and talk through any mis-givings they may have.

The “leader” of the group that I chose to join is quite well known…, and runs his own blog/website which supports ONLY channlers and channeled messages as the whole of his NEW AGE/ASCENSION PROPAGANDA.

I read from many blogs (to this day) which have heard of this guy and think he’s the “greatest”.

In the course of “discussions” within the group that I was a part of only for a shot time…, I just happened to make the “mistake” of asking questions and posing opinions (calmly)…, that did not fit within the Channeled Narratives that were part of this man’s BLOG…,  and I was very literally EXPELLED with extreme prejudice from the chat group that he started (by his own hand).

There were no arguments and no harsh words on my part…, simply an opposing opinion which this so-called SPIRITAUL MAN could not risk having inside of his CHAT FORUM!!

Just the very idea that I was asking QUESTIONS that did not follow the Channeled TEACHINGS that he was posting on his blog…, was a “toxic” and “unbearable behavior” according to a personal e-mail he sent to me.

In other words, he was going to very carefully CENSOR all opinions on his CHAT FORUM…, so that only those in “agreement” with his blog could have a voice.

Who was this man you might ask??


Who runs a website called: GOLDEN AGE OF GAIA.

Can you imagine that??

The moderator of a chat group (which was literally created to discuss opinions…,)  was telling me that actually “discussing opinions” was NOT allowed within the group, and was TOXIC to the rest of the group!!

In other words…, ALL OPINIONS had to be cleared with him first.  (According to his personal e-mail to me)


We actually went back and forth with just a few e-mails where he tried to defend his actions by saying that his blog was MORE like a religion than anything else…, and that as a religion HE HAD A DIFINITIVE RIGHT to preach what he believed, and that he also had a right to “kick out” anyone who disrutped the flow of the BELIEF SYSTEM.

He then asked me if I would stand up inside of any regualar church during a service…, and argue with the Priest or the Pastor giving a sermon…, telling me that it was just plain RUDE to do so!!

He told me that kicking me out of the group was an act based on “SAVING HIS RELIGIOUS FAMILY” from intolerant views!!!


This man STILL runs this NEW AGE blog by the way…., and in my opinion, he is one of the most Vampirish men on the planet because he can NOT deal with any opposing viewpoints!

He has NO BUSINESS speaking for the New Age Community what so ever…, because he can not TOLERATE any other viewpoint or opinion which might be different than what his carefully selected chosen “channeled info pushers” are giving him.

(Even if none of it is the TRUTH).


And what (you might ask) were the opinions that got me BANISHED in the first place??

What was my terrible SIN and my TRANGRESSION??

Merely posing the “opinion” that perhaps Barack Obama might NOT be a saint or a VERY HIGH SOUL…, as his channeled messengers were preaching…, and that maybve he was NOT sent here to save the planet!

That is what got me EXPELLED!

I had dared to “question” an idea that was being put forth by certain CHANNELERS at the time…, and my very questions were considered to be INTOLERABLE!

You see…, back at that time…, many of the Channelers in the NEW AGE were pushing the idea that OBAMA would in fact “DISCLOSE” all that was being hidden from the mankind.

He was going to tell us everything about UFO’s…, everything about the Secret Space Programs, and literally save the WORLD!



(So said many Channeled Entities)

But instead (as we’ve now seen)…, in the end that he did NOTHING BUT LIE to Americans and to the WORLD.

  • Many of his lies are only NOW starting to surface.

Now…, in the course of time…, almost every single “PREDICTION” ever made by these certain chosen and  “infallible” sources used by Steve Beckow…, who runs this New Age blog…, have been PROVEN to be wholly INCORRECT about so many things…., the growing number really can not be counted any longer.

THEY HAVE BEEN PROVEN INCORRECT…., simply because so many of the things that were predicted to happen (by these channelers) NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

You’d think that this kind of experience would give an intelligent guy pause, and something to think about deeply…, but instead…, he “doubles down”…, continues on with the same sick and twisted channelers and “beyond this world” sources…, ONLY BECAUSE what they tell him…. SOUNDS VERY POSITIVE…..

(Even if it never happens or actually manifests)

You see.., because it sounds really positive…, and sounds like something “good” is going to happen…, THEN HE PUSHES IT ON EVERYONE AS THE TRUTH…, while discounting any other possiblity or idea that comes along which is not equally as “POSITIVE”.


This type of behavior, in my opinion, is not only lacking in objectivity…, but is quite dangerous.

YES…, we do need to think good and positive thoughts, and have lots of HOPE.

But, we don’t need to be STUPID about it.

And, we certainly don’t need to CENSOR other good men and women who have opposing ideas and viewpoints…, just because they don’t agree with what we believe in!


And…, for those of you who may think I’m the one casting stones here…, remember…, HE was the one who took unilateral action to BAN ME from his CHAT FORUM simply for having a different opinion which I stated quite calmly and rationally!


You see, this man is basically NO DIFFERENT than the countless LIBERALS I was talking about earlier in the post…, who were “virtue signaling” about just how loving and tolerant they were to the masses…, UNTIL THEY DID NOT GET THEIR WAY!

(Basically standing on the “street corner” and pounding a DRUM announcing their abject purity – much like the Pharisees of old used to do)

Once “challenged” however…, they take what most people would consider to be very AUTHORITARIAN/COMMUNISTIC ACTIONS to put down ALL opposing viewpoints with extreme prejudice.

(Viewpoints that they consider to be DANGEROUS and TOXIC)


This is NOT SPIRITUAL, nor is it NOT LOVING!

I’m sure that you’ve already understood this…, but because this kind of thing usually stays (QUITE HIDDEN)…, most people can not believe that it could even be happening.

I’ve decided to (REVEAL) this single experience of mine only to show you how seemingly nice people can be very different BEHIND THE SCENES…, where you don’t get to see how they operate for real!!

(Except in private e-mails)

That’s ALL for now…

All of my deepest LOVE



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