By: Bradley Loves


Countless men and women who have staked their lives on keeping secrets for the Deep State and obeying their every order will be betrayed and SACRIFICED by their own “higher ups”!

Just like the “lower level players” in a huge bank robbery are usually executed right after the job is done (so that the loot does not have to be split in so many different directions)…, the highest level human players on Earth and their Off World Masters are planning on KILLING all of the lower level underground workers right along with the rest of us living on the surface!

In other words –  “honoring” your NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT – bought you the very same bullet that the people on the surface are going to get!

See this from my article:


Some predict an inevitable civil [?] war between the Electorate/Constitutional/Surface government of the U.S., and the joint humanoid-reptiloid Corporate/National-Global Socialist/Underground New World Order government, which incidentally was bought and paid for by American taxpayers and other unsavory money-making projects.

This war will apparently provoke an armed United Nations / New World Order invasion of the U.S.A. which, according to George Washington’s famous ’vision’ at valley forge in 1777, will ultimately end with an American victory as a result of Divine Intervention.

Something like this may be inevitable if FREEDOM is to be preserved on this world, and beyond. We should never forget however that the NWO corporate elite and their draconian masters intend to ’depopulate’ the surface of this planet AND the underground systems as well.

According to one Navy intelligence source the 33-plus Masons [there are allegedly several degrees above the 33rd degree which interact directly with the draconians and are part of the interplanetary initiatory lodges] intend to set the left-wing caverns and the right-wing caverns against each other in order to depopulate the underground realms so that they can impose absolute Bavarian-Draconian global control of ’both’ worlds.

The 33+ and higher degrees according to this source intend to ride out the inferno in super-secret fortified caverns while the 33rd and lower degree masons and their respective left-wing and right-wing armies will be left to die in the surface and subsurface wars.

It may be that some of the 33+ Masons intend to ride-out the holocaust in their Alternative-3 bases on the Moon and Mars, IF those bases are still active.

Remember, the roots of BOTH the ’right-wing’ National Socialist AND the ’left-wing’ Global socialist agendas trace back to Bavaria. Isn’t it interesting that the legendary ’dragon’ has TWO ’wings’ – a right wing and a left wing – both of which are controlled by a single ’beast’?.


So here is a very logical question!

HONOR – LOYALTY  and KEEPING PROMISES are divine and spiritual traits of goodness!

So how is it that people who are working for criminal beings (human or otherwise) expect to find these “qualities” in the people they work for – beings who are pure evil??

How could these beings possibly have any true “honor” and “loyalty” to them,  or find value in “keeping their promises”??

They can “pretend” they will, and “mimic” godly or divine behavior for a period of time when it suits their agenda, but there is no real feeling to want to do it without any gain, nor do they even care in the end.

This is why in the Sci-Fi movie STAR WARS…, there were always ONLY TWO SITH!

There could be thousands of Jedi on the side of goodness…, but on the side of DARKNESS…, there were always only two because “darkness” does not want to SHARE POWER – PROFIT or GAIN with anyone…, even those who helped them to get it!

Darkness wants everything for itself!

Thus…, the Sith (in the movie) always eventually killed each other (regardless of their feigned alliances!)

The same will happen (apparently) here on Earth in real life once the great battle starts!


So much for those who are keeping endless secrets from the rest of us because they think “THEY” will be kept alive and taken care of!

A word of advice to these idiots….

Next time you run out of toilet paper…, use your NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT to wipe your bottom with…, because THAT is how much it is worth in helping to keep you alive once the great battle starts!!!

However…, it MAY just get you a first class ticket to HELL!






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