By: Bradley Loves


There comes a time in every discourse where it becomes both plain and evident that the conversation is going nowhere!  No matter how many subtle hints get dropped…, no matter how nicely something gets said amid the discourse, it is all for naught!  The words are falling on deaf ears!

The reasons for this are classic and easily seen.  Too much programming…, too much MIND CONTROL is already in place and functioning inside of people, such that the persons who desperately NEED to see, are blinded by their own programming.

It is at times like these, when other tactics and strategies must be implemented in order to help these people break free of their mental handcuffs!  It is for this reason that I have spent all morning devising a “TEACHING TOOL”, that packs more of a punch, and more of a wallop than the regular fare.

It is called:


This is a work of fiction to be sure…, but, at the very same time…, is EXACTLY what the Illuminati would say if they could get away with it!  It is exactly what they WANT to tell you, but can’t, due to their own internal oaths toward secrecy.

They swore they would rather die a brutal death, than tell you what their plans are for a Global One World Government, because if everyone knew…, it would be far less easy for them to achieve the goals.  I’m am not kidding when I say that they have all sworn an OATH to die before telling us all what their plans are…, Just ask SVALI!  Here is the rare interview that she gave here:

Also see this video:


This “letter” is what the Illuminati WOULD say to the world, if they were not afraid of being killed by their very own, and breaking their oaths of secrecy!  I am simply the messenger that is helping them to vocalize what they want you to hear, and by doing so, hopefully educate you at the same time as to what is really going on behind the scenes!

Only you can know what to do with such an open letter!  Perhaps you will pass it around so that others can finally “SEE”…, and stop being part of those who are BLIND!

It is in this hope and in this light that I give you:  THE LETTER.

Have you had enough yet? When are you damn useless eaters going to finally give in?    You’ve seen what we can do! We’ve told you what we want, now just shut up and give up!    No more Brexit’s!

A One World Government is our choice for the world. A One World Currency is our choice for the World. A One World Religion is our choice for the World. Stop standing in our way!

The Nice attacks are our way of showing you who’s really in charge here, and who will always be in charge here. We are!  And, we can pull off these kinds of attacks all day long! Europe is ours, not yours! With MK Ultra, drugs, and satellites in orbit, any one of you can become our next killer, know that! The world is ours, not yours, and you are lucky that we still let you live on it! Now, take a hint, be good little sheep, and start herding yourselves in the right direction! We already own the Police, the Courts, the Agencies, most Militaries and most Governments, so why do you continue to fight us?

Resistance is futile!

Our Black Sun Solar God wants this world, and we are going to give it to him, whether you like it or not. When our bought and paid for Prime Ministers, Presidents, and our other hired help, get on the television and tell you what we want from you, LISTEN TO THEM!

You are only making it far more difficult for us to take over, and in the process, causing yourselves more pain, and causing us more delay. Give up already!

Oh, and for the last time, for those of you living in America who may be reading this. GIVE UP YOUR DAMN GUNS!
Your President keeps telling you what we want, why don’t you heed his advice? How many more events in your country do we have to organize for your benefit in order to get you to see that your owning guns is not what WE want? Hundreds? Thousands? What will it take? We will get them from you eventually, so why keep fighting us?

We will now make a solemn promise to all those of you who must eventually die. Your deaths will be both quick and merciful! We actually only want to get rid of half of you! This 90 percent crap was never our idea, it’s really only 50 percent at the very most. We actually think this is MORE THAN FAIR!

We promise to let half of you live, hows that? But only in certain areas of the planet that we will designate for those who will willingly serve us as faithful slaves. Surely you can see that nearly 7 billion of you living on our planet are far too many… and are useless for us to have around, not to mention to have to take care of given that we now have robots and machines that can do almost everything better than you can do anyway?

After all, if you are not serving us, then what could your purpose in living possibly be?

You should take an example from your police forces and your militaries, who already do everything we say…, and do it EXACTLY when we say it! They are just like perfect little dogs, who obediently do what their masters tell them to do. Why can’t the rest of you be more like them? Following our orders is not so bad, and as you can see, for those that do, they are very well paid!

Additionally, microchipping you will be for your own good, since it will help us to keep track of you. Why can’t you see that? We can’t have people running all over our planet without knowing where they are and what they are doing!

One simple microchip, as well as a few little extra implants inside of your heads to help you with your wayward thoughts of freedom and personal choice is all we want! After all, you can not be expected to control your own minds, so we will do that for you! Living under our One World Rule will not be so bad, you’ll see. LUCIFER is a kind and merciful being! He has plans for all of you!

Just think of how much fun it will be to have sex with your own children where ever and when ever you want! We know this is what you want deep inside, so why keep fighting us! How many more events are you going to need to see on television like the recent attacks that you’ve seen to know that we can cause as much mayhem and damage in our world as we want to, and there is nothing you can do about it?

Remember…, the POLICE work for us…, and will always cover up who really did it! We can go on like this forever! Can you? Also, many of your music stars, television actors, movie stars and media personalities have already signed themselves over to Lucifer, on paper, and are totally willing to follow him! You should follow their example! Look how much money they are getting now! Look how nice their homes are! They LOVE being part of Lucy’s crowd. Yes, Lucy is where it’s at!

How many songs have you heard that were written about Lucy? I’ll bet you didn’t know they were all referring to Lucifer, did you? Well…, it’s time that you did!

Oh, and to all of you “Christians” out there, come over to our side! Did you know that almost all lawyers, courts, and police agencies are already working for us anyway, even if they claim “Jesus” as their savior? They’ve already sworn an oath to Lucifer, even if they don’t know it. By taking a false oath, which is any oath that is not to your stupid GOD, all of these men and women are bearing false witness against GOD and Jesus every day of their lives, and are breaking one of his most primary commandments.

So, when that day comes to start putting all of you in camps, it will be them who are rounding you up, and shooting at you! And they will be doing our work for us! In the end, they really can’t claim Jesus as their “savior” can they? Not when they have already taken an oath to us to round you up and put you into camps, which is exactly what LUCIFER himself has decreed! They will be doing exactly what Lucifer wants, and LUCIFER will be with them as they are shooting at you and killing you as you run.

Oh, and in addition to almost all of the lawyers, courts, and police, did you know that 10 of thousands of your priests and clergy in America have already agreed to sell you out and have promised to “join us” when the time comes? So again, when it comes time to start rounding you up, and putting you into the camps, those who you trust the most have already agreed to come into your homes with the police and the soldiers, and have promised to read you Bible scriptures that will tell you to give in to the government, and to not fight us, but instead to just cooperate.


Millions of people will go down into the camps only because of this one thing alone! And, it will be your own priests and your own clergy who are doing it to you, not us. This is very much what Lucifer wants. He loves this kind of betrayal. Come over to LUCIFER now! Stop wasting your time by fighting against us! Almost all of your precious Global leaders are already on the side of Lucifer, and on the side of the One World Government. We own them all! Why not join them, and stop resisting us!

Resistance is futile.

You people are honestly far too blind to see that most of your leaders are already Pedophiles! Most of your world leaders, from far into the past, and even now in the very present, were and are happily enjoying having sex with as many kids as they can get their hands on! Jimmy Saville was one of our greatest allies.
Countries like England, Belgium, Netherlands, Austrailia, New Zealand, France, Germany and the United States…, these are some of the best places to have this type of great fun, if you want to join us, just to name a few!


And, your police are protecting them every day for us, so they can continue doing it, because they all work for us! If you can’t see this, then why do you think that you have the right to live on our planet? It’s so obvious to a tiny handful of the smart ones among you by now, that if you can’t see it as they can, then you are really not SMART enough to be one of the ones that gets left alive to  serve us! We don’t even want you, you’re too stupid.

However, we promise to be merciful when it comes to putting you down! We will do it humanely (for the most part). We promise it won’t hurt too much.
For those of you who want to live and to serve us, then please embrace LUCIFER! If you can’t embrace Lucifer right away, then please by all means, embrace our temporary alternative religion called the New Age.

We created that as a stepping stone toward helping you to get more comfortable in getting to know Lucifer and what he really wants, which is your complete and total surrender to him forever!

Until we finally reveal that the New Age was really our creation, It serves us just as well in secret.

Surrender, Surrender, Surrender!

Give in, and don’t fight!

Never take any action!

Just observe it all.

Just watch, and never, ever get involved.

In this way…, our Global takeover can proceed very smoothly, just as Lucifer has planned! You see, we’ve got that base covered too. We’ve thought of EVERYTHING!

Now, all that we need is for the rest of you stupid useless eaters to start doing what you are told. STOP resisting us! Get with it and become obedient just like your Presidents and Prime Ministers are telling you. Listen to your masters. We will let many of you live if you do.



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