By: Bradley Loves


If you want to know what it feels like to be in the presence of GOD, then imagine what it feels like to be around someone who is always loving, kind-hearted, compassionate, and in a good mood.

Now, some may say that these attributes don’t exist, but they really do!

They can exist and do exist for those who strive hard to make right choices.

Problems of every kind and type are the result of making WRONG choices and I’m sorry to have to correct the New Agers among us and say that YES…, there is such a thing as a WRONG CHOICE!

Now…, if there is such a thing as a “right” choice and a “wrong” choice.., then we can safely admit to ourselves finally that here on Earth there is such a thing as RIGHT and WRONG.

The “idea” that right and wrong do not exist…, or rather that good and evil do not exist are merely fantastical wishes that have no basis in fact or reality.

The New Agers in large part have been “conned” or “duped” by clever manipulations of words on the pages of books that claim a higher truth, but instead have very little (if any) truth in them at all.

They have been sold a bag of goods just like in the days when traveling merchants used to sell bottles of SNAKE OIL that supposedly healed EVERYTHING.

In the days of Ancient Rome…, one of the Maxims they lived by was this:

Let him who will be deceived…, be deceived.

This simply means that “life” itself was seen as adversarial, and that no help was going to be given to you to figure things out, if you were not smart enough to figure it out for yourself.

The best current day maxim we could recognize today that is similar is this one:

It’s every man for himself


We see this maxim being played out in almost every part of our society and in every part of our human cultures!   And…, it does not matter WHAT country you live in.

Naturally, this is NOT the way GOD intended it to be.

Our FATHER intended for us to love each other and to help each other!  This was not a one time thing…, but was a constant and everyday type of thing.

The trouble here is that men and women (human beings) started to make WRONG CHOICES consistently (based upon faulty teachings) which were cons and lies.

Long ago, they were “conned” or “duped” into thinking that GOD had somehow held back vital information from them which would allow them to become EQUAL to HIM!

No such information exists!

There is no information that can be learned, attained, or gained that would ever help make an eternal soul EQUAL to GOD the SOURCE of all things.

It is like saying that a drop of ocean water can be EQUAL to the entire ocean!


A drop of ocean water is a “portion” of the Ocean and has all of the same attributes and characteristics of the Ocean…, but let’s be honest here…, it is NOT and can NEVER BE the entire Ocean.

Here once again…, the New Agers have been conned!

Many of them have taken to chanting the words:


When nothing could be further from the truth.

This again would be just like a tiny drop of the Ocean claiming this:


Just as it is impossible for a drop of the Ocean to “be” the entire Ocean…, it is impossible for a single created SOUL to be the SOURCE OUR FATHER GOD!

Wrong thinking leads to making WRONG CHOICES here on Earth…, and ever since the days of BABYLON…, human beings (in positions of great power) have been making insane WRONG CHOICES.

Believing themselves to be “better” than all other souls living around them, they created (by choice) an entire system of control and domination whereby they ruled over all of the other souls, thus creating division, hardship, pain, suffering, sadness, imperfection, misery, sickness and every other unGODly thing the mind can imagine.

These men and women had FOOLED themselves into thinking that they were EQUAL to GOD…, and thus had a “right” to create these disasters for the punishment, control, and subjugation of mankind…, whom they considered themselves “better than”.

This is where we have been as a species for thousands of years since Babylon.

Kings, Queens, Rulers, Elites, and Governors all ruling over other souls in ways that are anything but “loving”, “kind”, “compassionate” or in a “good mood”.

THEY ARE WRONG – pure and simple.


Until the bulk of humanity comes to believe and realize that there is such a thing as:  RIGHT and WRONG…

Then the pain, suffering, hardship, sickness, sadness, and all that goes with it will continue here on Earth!


Because all of these conditions are the RESULT of WRONG THINKING and WRONG CHOICES!

Sadly…, the “more power” that you give a man…, for instance a “world leader”…, the more dangerous he can become IF he (or she) makes WRONG CHOICES.

The very first and most obvious WRONG CHOICE as a leader is to consider yourself “better” or more important than everyone else.

See this article for a basis of understanding:


There is one solution to this mess and that solution is PRAYER to our loving FATHER…, who will lead us to take RIGHT ACTION and make RIGHT CHOICES in our lives.

When we take right actions (and shun wrong action) our lives will improve and become much better!

However…, first you must believe, and yes…, ADMIT…, that there is such a thing as:  RIGHT and WRONG!

New Agers…, your PRIDE…, and your ARROGANCE are your biggest blocks to attaining good things in your lives!

ADMIT that right and wrong DO exist…, and then make every effort to choose RIGHT THINKING and RIGHT ACTIONS and shun WRONG ACTIONS and WRONG THINKING.

Your lives will improve immediately!

All my love….



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