By: Bradley Loves


What I have been attempting to do (over the last few days) is to show you in very concrete terms just how “made up” our entire “system” of thinking is.

It is very easy for me to say things like:

“Our entire way of life is run on a Satanic System of thinking…”

But it is a wholly different thing to bring out enough proof, so that even the most hardened skeptic will have to admit to it.

You see…, we ALL (all of us together) are responsible for what we are seeing taking place on Earth!  All of the “bad”…, is happening because we allowed it to take place.

Yet…, as big as a statement as this one is…, it usually gets a “deaf ear”.


Let me give you an “analogy” here so that you can clearly see what I’m talking about.

Let’s say that we all lived on another planet…, a planet where everyone worshiped “THE BRICK”

Let’s also say that from the very moment that a young child was born…, they were TAUGHT how to make bricks.  Big ones, small ones…, medium ones.   They used bricks to trade, and to build with…, but mostly…, they just MADE THEM, because they loved them.  There were bricks everywhere.

Now after a certain amount of time…, the planet came to be over run with bricks…, because THAT IS ALL THE PEOPLE EVER DID ALL DAY LONG WAS  MAKE BRICKS.

So along comes a “holy man” from another planet…, and the “brick people” ask him for help.  Our planet is not beautiful any longer.  There are huge pits everywhere from digging for materials to “make bricks”.  Not only that…, the bricks are everywhere…, we have no room to live any more.

We’ve tried to find ways to organize all of our bricks…, to make them look good…, but we are unable to find a system that will allow us to organize our bricks to we can make more and live happily.

The holy man looks at the problem…, and then says:



Now to you and I…, that solution sounds perfect and simple…, but remember…, these men and women have been taught since the day they were born to WORSHIP BRICKS!  They LOVE BRICKS!  THEY MAKE THEM ALL DAY LONG.

Their entire lives revolve around making bricks.  So to say to them…, stop making bricks SOUNDS CRAZY!

What they actually want the holy man to do…, is show them how to organize their bricks…, or stack them better…, or ANYTHING ELSE BUT STOP MAKING THEM.

Because they want to keep making bricks.


What we need to realize about this “story” or “analogy” above is that it applies to us as well!

Our entire world “structure” or “system” revolves around MONEY! 

It revolves around something that is very much a FICTION…, a “made up” and “pretend” device.  The other side of the coin in our world is that you can’t have “money” without having slavery as well…, they have to go hand in hand.

In fact…, our money system IS at its core a slavery system.   However…, we have been “taught” all of our lives that “money” is a good thing.  Like the brick people worship their bricks…, we worship MONEY!

We do everything with money!  We teach our children all of their lives the “value” of money.  We show them what it can buy.  We teach them at school what they can do to EARN MONEY.  Then we show them how many “THINGS” they can get if they have money.  Then we send them out to get a job so they can GET MONEY!

We are a money consumed PLANET…, and our planet is now being DESTROYED BY MONEY!

Now…, the very same holy man who visited the previous planet comes here to Earth…, and we cry out…, help us!  Our planet is being destroyed!  What can we do to survive?  What will help us?  We are in deep, deep trouble here!

Now…, just like the holy man told the “brick people” to stop making bricks…, he has an answer for our planet as well.  Here is his answer:

Stop worshiping MONEY!  Stop using it!    Your adoration of money is causing all of your problems!  Along with money comes SLAVERY!  So just stop using it totally, and all of your troubles will go away!

Now…, do you see the problem we are having?

Since you do not worship bricks…, or make bricks…, or even care about  bricks…, it was really simple for you to totally agree with me that those silly brick people should STOP MAKING BRICKS!


You, who have lived on this planet all of your life…, and have been taught all of your life to use money…, to respect money…, to even worship money!  YOU are having a hard time with this one.

You see…, those men and women who are our CENTRAL BANKERS are like “gods” to our planet!   Don’t you DARE tell me they are not…, because not one of them ever goes to jail, or gets punished for anything they do!  We don’t allow that.

They are above the law…, and above every other man or women! They are “gods”, and we have come to worship what they do!



“WE” have done this!    It’s us!      (Are you starting to get the picture now?)



Money is all about control…, and with the control of money comes SLAVERY!  It truly is THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL…, and THE ROOT OF ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS!

The Bible was right about this one thing!   It knew!  And yet who has ears to hear?  Who has eyes to see?

My friends…, think on these things!

All my love….


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