By: Bradley Loves


I spent the evening in contemplation, as I sometimes do.

Never have I been more aware of what is happening on this planet…, and at the same time happening on other dimensions and levels.

It has become so clear to me why the “life forms” around this field of manifestion are so desperate to copy and to clone human beings.

No one understands us!

In the grand scheme of life…, as concerns the physical body…, and the “force” that operates that body…, there is NONE so grand…, as the force that is the human SOUL!

The difference between it and all other forces being like “night” and “day”.

The truth is that the human soul operates on a LEVEL that no entities, beings, demons or artifical intelligence can begin to grasp.

As a reader…, you may or may not understand.

This next part…, you will either “get”…, and KNOW…, or you will not understand…, and there is no way for me to show you.

YOU are a direct line that goes straight back to your creator!

There is none like you anywhere, on any level of creation.

The almost infinate life forms in this Universe can NOT…, and do NOT understand the human SOUL because it is a perfect “image” of the PRIME CREATOR.

It has a direct connection outside of ALL space and time and beyond ANY science directly to PRIME CREATOR.

  • For this reason, “we” are scorned.
  • For this reason, “we” are enslaved.
  • For this reason, “we” are bought and sold like cattle.


Imagine if you will…, two different beings who might “look” somewhat the same on the outside…, but on the inside they are very different.

Neither one knows what it FEELS like to be the other…, and they both operate on different levels and in totally different ways.

One being is more like a machine.  It has intelligence, but thinks in terms of computations. It has logic, but only that. It does not feel deeply because it can’t.  That is how it was made.

The other is more like a beautiful sky.  It also has intelligence, but thinks in terms of deep love and infinate emotions.  It has dreams, which can be made solid. It only feels how things are, because that is how it is made.

Both are pressed into a single field of manifestation to see how well they operate.

One operates with machine like efficiency…, and “achieves” with machine like efficiency.  It calculates and builds. It likes what it is.

The other spends time in joyous laughter, happy thoughts and delicious dreams. It “intuites”.  It likes what it is.


One “imagines”.

One follows a “blueprint”.


One creates from joy,

One mimmiks what it sees, and duplicates it.


Both are operating exactly how they are designed until something very DARK happens.

The one that operates with efficiency, very much like a machine sees that no matter how much it calcultes and achieves, and no matter how much it mimmicks and duplicates…, IT WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN IT WAS CREATED TO BE.

It has watched carefully the lifeform that laughs, dances, dreams and imagines…, and wonders why it can not BE LIKE THAT.

It becomes insanely JEALOUS of how the other life form operates.

What is worse…, is the that other life form does not seem to be able to see, nor seem to even appreciate what it is!

The first life form becomes ENRAGED over this.

This laughing, dreaming and imaginative human (that looks alot like it does) seems far “better” off and does not even CARE.


The “calculating” life form suddenly embarks on an endevour to change itself into what it can never possibly be.

It mimmiks, it copies, it analyzes, it think tanks, it projects, and it deduces…, and at the end of the day…, nothing it tries allows it to function in the way the other life form functions, because it was created differently.

Rage turns into the deepest form of HATRED…, and finally a single plan is formed to wipe out or enslave all of the precious “copies” of what it wants to be, but knows it can’t.

Years of research, years of experimentation, and years of desperate design are not successful in trying to “mimmik” or “duplicate” a version of the laughing, dreaming, and imaginative life form that the calculating and machine like intelligence can comfortably live in.

It does NOT UNDERSTAND what even makes the other life form “go”.

It does NOT UNDERSTAND what makes it operate!!

You see my dear friend…,

Our loving CREATOR gave each of us a SOUL…, which is a direct line back to that creator.

  • Through that SOUL WE OPERATE.
  • Through that SOUL WE FEEL.
  • WE feel, because our CREATOR FEELS.
  • WE LIVE, because our CREATOR LIVES.

We do not feel “special” while we are here, because we do not understand that all of the other beings are NOT MADE the way we are.

We do not understand their hatred or their jealously because we do not know what it feels like to be them.


We are made uniquely in all the Universe.


It’s time to stop devaluing who and what you are, and realize that almost every other life form is insanely jealous of your SOUL.


Because “they” do not have one that’s why.

Youl SOUL…, is the one gift that makes YOU different from all of the other life forms in the field of manifestation.


  • Your soul is why you are able to FEEL.
  • Your soul is why you are able to dream and imagine.
  • Your soul is why you are able to laugh and think happy thoughts

If you squash your feelings, if you squash your dreams, if you squash your laughter…, then you are squashing your very self.

Stop listening to the “other” life forms who want you to operate as they do.

They calculate, they achieve, they mimmick…., because THAT is how they are made.

But YOU…, are NOT made that way…, why do you “mimmick” them??

Think about this next time they “give you orders”.


Do not play in their sordid sand box any longer!

Do not follow their orders!

Do not give them your soul!





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