By: Bradley Loves

Regardless of what you may have read in the last few days…, there IS NO battle on going over the Earth as we speak!

The “WAR” for our minds, hearts and souls, has been ongoing for decades, if not hundreds of years already…, and the players in this battle are already very well “entrenched” here and are using very advanced technology against the masses of the population of the planet.

I’ve checked into it…, and the “idea” that a WAR in space suddenly “went hot” is absolute TRASH…, and has no validity to it.

It is a “story”…, being “sold” for entertainment purposes only…, and those who PAY to hear the “story”…, are paying for the entertainment VALUE it brings to them.

There are now hundreds of people who used to be part of the Alternative Media who have “turned” to the dark side, and are handing out pure propaganda, and hoping to “cash in” on the thousands of people who want to hear about “the latest”.

We are most definitely fighting a battle…, and YES…, there is a WAR going on…, but it is a MENTAL WAR!  It is a WAR for the MIND!

That is the realm this war is being fought in.  It is about whether or not humanity KEEPS it’s FREEWILL…, or…, hands it over willingly to the dark…, by surrendering to their agenda BY THEIR OWN FREEWILL SUBMISSION TO IT.

No overt WAR is allowed!

No overt WAR in SPACE is happening.

No “ships” are duking it out above our heads!


All my love!







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