By: Bradley Loves


This may at first sound strange to you…, but it is absolutely true when you think it through.

However…, there really is ONLY one “type” of contract in the entire world…, and that is:


If you will allow me to unwrap this for you…, it will soon become clear.

If you “enter” into a contract with any other man or woman…, and you REQUIRE that they “sign” something for you…, you have now entered into the realm of “magical deception”…, that was created by Satan and his minions.


Think about it.

Where is the “only” place in the entire world where a “contract” can be “enforced”??


And WHO created “the courts”?

Aren’t the courts part of the MONEY SYSTEM??

Since every single court today is a court of “Admiraty Law, or Maritime Law”…, or even worse…, “Military Law”…, there is NO HOPE for a just and fair outcome, because you have entered into the Synagogue of Satan in order to get it.

First of all

I like to do buiness on a “handshake” alone.

That tells me that I am giving trust to other person, while at the same time they are giving trust to me.

Our “agreement” is a verbal one…, based soley on face to face communication…, and done in the very moment that we made it.

There is usually little room for “poor understanding” about what each of us wants…, UNLESS there is poor communication.

If there were poor communication…, then THAT IS MY FAULT.

And I will somehow have to negotiate with the other soul an amendment that WE BOTH are happy with.  You see…, It’s always WIN-WIN.

The ONLY possible purpose of a contract is to “BIND” the other soul to a specifically written (not verbal) agreement…, and if they don’t perform…, then you have every single intention of taking them to court.

BINDING someone else…., (regardless of what you call it) is in fact A MAGIC SPELL.


Because as every single Lawyer will tell you…

It’s ALL “spelled” out on paper…

Everything you agreed to do…, is SPELLED out right here!!

Don’t you see the SPELLING??

Can this be any MORE blatant or in your face??

If you asked for a contract with another human being…, then YOU have every intention of perhaps ending up in COURT if it did not go well!

As I’ve said…, the COURT is the Synagogue of Satan…, and WHO pray tell would want to ever go there??

Remember who it is that the courts represent!

They represent BANKERS!

CONTRACTS are always about MONEY…, nothing more!

They are about: Who gets paid…, and how much!

Even if a lawsuit if brought against you for murder…, the issue is still about WHO GETS PAID…, and how much.

If you are sent to jail…, then it is about accessing the very LARGE TRUST account that was set up for your ALL CAPS NAME so that the STATE can now “get paid” to house you in a prison.

Many “truthseekers” out there have discovered that there really is NO SUCH THING as a criminal matter…, because all matters are really only CIVIL MATTERS which boils down to contracts.

The Judges are there ONLY to decide who gets paid.  Anything else is smoke and mirrors and is a con.

Now…, if you “insist” on using contracts…, then what you are really saying is this:

I am afraid that the person I am dealing with will not treat me fairly, so I must magically BIND THEM to their promise.

Or worse…

I fully intend to take ADVANTAGE of this schmuck…, and when he/she figures it out…, the ONLY way to make certain that I get all of their money, is to FORCE IT OUT OF THEM in court.

And the ONLY way that happens is by having them “sign” a CONTRACT.


We have been taught that contracts are always necessary…,

Let me be the first to tell you…., they are NOT!

They are FOOLISH!

Here is the problem…,

Too many people do NOT want to work hard at anything they do.

They do NOT want to take the time to look for an honorable man or woman with whom to do business.

They do not want to take the TIME necessary in order to get to know them…, and to see if they can be trusted at all.

And so…, they simply pull out a standard contract…, thinking that they will USE the full force and weight of the COURT SYSTEM if they have to to get what they want.

(Of course…, this means willingly using something that is a SATANIC SYSTEM)

And remind me again why anyone would want to use that??


I have learned many such lessons in my life…, and have walked away from many jobs…, after having done a few days work…, (with no pay) because I found out that other party was going to refuse to pay me.

TOO BAD…, but I learned a lesson.

I had no contract with them (only an agreement)…, and now…, I WALK AWAY…, and they can keep a few days labor at my expense.

They have always regretted it later.

They do not get to benefit from my quality of work, and usually the Universe makes certain that they lose much more than I did.

For some strange reason…, they had it in their mind that they were going to MAKE me do far more work than what I agreed to do…, and get away with it…, and if I didn’t…, they would not pay…., snicker, snicker…

I have never lost more than a day or two of labor this way…, becuase I always “communicate” very effectively about every problem as it arises.

One must be constantly on guard and vigilent.


If I choose not to be responsible…, and revert to the use of a contract…, then if I do not get paid…, I would be running immediately to a “court”…,

(like a little 2 year old)

and asking mommy and daddy judge to FORCE him or her…, he or she…,  to do what they said they would do.

The “court” smiles…, knowing that there are very tiny children in front of them…, who are not grown up yet…, and who refuse to take repsonsiblity for what they do…, and what they say they will do…, and so then surprise surprise…


The court hits them with a “spanking”…, which is a judgement…

However…, there is a bigger issue in play here.



If you do not cross the street in the correct spot…, mommy and daddy justice will come and make certain that next time…, you do.

If you do not wear your safety belt…, mommy and daddy justice will come and make certain that next time…,  you do.

You see…, “the court” also takes care of CHILDREN.

That is what they do.  Children can also be adult people who are not grown up yet.

And…, if you can not come to a logical verbal agreement (and then follow it through) with your neighbor, friend, spouse, or business partner…, and do things only on a “handshake”…, then in their opinion…,


This was all very well laid out in the long Military Brief called:


Anyone who needs govenment…, like a mommy and a daddy looking after them…, deserve only to be treated like children.., or worse… like cattle!  They are no better than steaks on the table…..

Please go back and read the Brief…, that is in there….

This is why the world is run the way it is run.

The Powers That Be see only sniveling little children out there…, who refuse to grow up and to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR LIVES.

And so…, they contiue to give us MAGICAL CONTRACTS which are used to BIND PEOPLE.

The very first step in growing up then…, is learning how to do “business” without CONTRACTS.

Contracts are magic spells that are intended to bind…, and which have a very real magical and “other worldly” enforcement going on in the higher levels.


That is just like saying that there is such a thing as “wet” fire…, or “dry” water.

There is only one reason for a contract…, and that reason is TO BIND.


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