Today, Luke and I were going to do another podcast concerning A.I.   We got just a few minutes into the podcast when Luke’s computer crashed (and fried) and could not be revived.

These types of things are not accidental!   The information that I had prepared for this particular podcast was extremely important for everyone to hear, and once we got into the podcast there were forces at work in our world that did NOT want you to hear it.

Even though many people discount what I do here, you as a loyal reader have got to realize just how imp0rtant LOVE TRUTH SITE is – and how important the LOVE TRUTH SITE PODCASTS are to humanity. 

This is not hyperbole’, and I am going to shift gears just a bit here in this article and prove it to you.  What I want to do is to show you – in no uncertain terms – that what I am writing here on Love Truth Site every single day (and what I have been saying from the very beginning) is extremely important for everyone to read and to hear.

What I am going to do (every day) from now on – is to remind you of what I was posting just 3 years ago as we come up to the Anniversary of Covid.  If you’ll remember – in December of 2019 – no one in the world and certainly no one in America had even HEARD OF COVID-19 just yet.

It was not on anyone’s radar – but the Holy Spirit of God was helping me even back then to write and to post some EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TRUTHS here on Love Truth Site that were leading up to what was being planned and what was coming!  Just watch and you’ll see how important it all is!

The only way that I can actually get everyone to understand why “THEY” rolled out such a Draconian Plot all over the world is to show you how “THEY” were being exposed here on Love Truth Site every single day and also being exposed by the Q White Hats.

This will also PROVE to you why Federal Marshals (who are surely going to wish they had never been born when they finally face God) attacked me at my home, shot it to pieces, beat me so badly that I had to be taken to the hospital, and dumped me in jail (all for telling the truth) and “labeled” me as a terrorist here in America.

You will be very surprised to see all of the very serious “truths” that I was posting (for your benefit) exactly 3 years ago – and compare that to what the WHITE HATS (and Elon Musk in his Twitter Dumps) are posting right now as we speak.



On December 16th of 2019 – 3 years ago today – Love Truth Site put out PART FOUR of a spectacular series called:




If you read this article carefully – it is just filled with information that we are only starting to hear about now!  In fact – this one article alone could have saved us all from Covid and from the Jab, had people only understood and grasped what I was trying to say!

Oh – if people worldwide had only read and really grasped what I put in this one single article…, how many lives could have been SAVED!!!

Knowing what we know now – let’s read the first part:

This part of the series is going to be one of the more important parts.  The reason it will be notable is that I am going to show my readers once and for all just how critically important CONSENT really is, and why it can not be cosmically ignored!

This is also going to prove to you exactly why the Dark Cabal/Illuminati.., as powerful as they are…, must still follow Cosmic Rules and must (repeat) they must gain our “consent” for everything that they want to do to us!

This will then lead you to understand WHY they purchased the entire world wide media structure – and why they are using it to “drum up support” for their policies and issues – INSANE as they are!

In fact this post is going to be SO VITALLY IMPORTANT that I would call it cosmically sublime.

In the first few paragraphs of this post from 2019, I tell everyone worldwide two very important things:

First – I say that YOUR CONSENT or YOUR AGREEMENT is imperative for the Deep State/Illuminati to get for everything they want to do to you – and without your consent – they can’t attack you and hurt you.

Secondly – I tell you that they had purchased the entire world wide media for a very specific reason and that reason was so they could convince you of the need for their evil policies and issues (and mandates). 

In other words – I basically said they were going to cover up the truth by HIDING IT, and use the media that they owned to out and out LIE TO YOU – all in order to get you to go along with their agenda.

Knowing what we know now 3 years later – was I right?   Were these words written in this post really important for everyone to hear and to grasp?

How many lives could have been saved world wide “IF” just these two things were really understood by the public?



This is a bit harder to get, but still very important to know.   Basically what I am teaching here is that every decision that we make not only CHANGES our future – but can also CHANGE THE PAST.

Time is not what we think it is.

Once a TREATY with the Draco and the Alien Grays was signed by Adolf Hilter and then later by Eisenhower…, those TREATIES changed not only the course of Earth’s Future…, but they ALSO changed the course of Earth’s PAST!

Thus, things like this begin to instantly manifest into Earth’s History…, when they were never there before!


This is also very important for everyone to know:

Both CONSENT and INTENT are critical to study and to understand when we are talking about “causality”!

Causality is how reality becomes different or changed – and how the FABRIC or the STRUCTURE OF TIME becomes altered in space.

These two statements are very important to try to grasp if you can!  This is how the Deep State/Cabal/Illuminati Magicians are continuously causing great harm and great damage to everyone living on the Earth.   They “manipulate” us all by using dark magic, illusion, secrecy, lies, and deceit.  They are wolves in sheep’s clothing and their entire agenda is to “CON” us into going against our own interests.

They can NEVER cause us pain and damage without our help!  They very literally need us to give away our POWER to them before they can cause us any harm or damage.

This is why it was IMPERATIVE – and critically important that everyone worldwide understand what the MSM – (Main Stream Media) was there to do, and why this particular post (written 3 years ago) was so vital to read and to pass around at that time.

Knowing what we know now…, can you see that it was mostly the MSM – (Main Stream Media) which aided and abetted the Deep State and the Luciferians in getting everyone world wide to CONSENT and AGREE to be complicit in our own lock downs,  our own masking up, our own social distancing, the closing of all of our businesses, and eventually even going in and getting a DEATH JAB that was loaded up with Nano-Tech, Graphene Oxide, and many other substances what would turn our human bodies into biological computer hardware?

They could never have achieved or accomplished their agenda if “WE” had all simply said “NO”…

If everyone in the world had really grasped what I was writing here on Love Truth Site just 3 years ago – then they would have not gone along with the MSM – and believe it or not our entire world wide history would look very different.  We would not have gone through all of that and we’d all be much better off.

Later in the article, I wrote this:

Causality is the study of how RIPPLES  can and do effect space and time throughout the Galaxy.  It is the study of matter vs. magnetic and harmonic force!

Causality goes far beyond the study of mere waves and physical phenomenon that create changes in reality and takes us into the much finer and more subtle non-physical phenomenon such as CONSENT and  INTENT!

Causality moves into the non physical realm of the MIND, EMOTIONS and CONSCIOUSNESS!

I do not expect everyone to get this – but it is TRUE nonetheless.  People who are very spiritual and connected to God will understand this part.  Based upon the most recent round-table (Homework Video) that I posted with Kerry Cassidy, Gene Decode, and Patriot Underground – I know that at least they get what I am saying here.

Then I say WHY consent and agreement is so vital in creating their enslavement agenda:

You see…, they have realized and understand that the COSMIC RULE BOOK applies to everything!   This is why – no matter how they actually manage to get it – they MUST always extract our “CONSENT” for everything that they are attempting to do to us here on Earth.

If they do not get our CONSENT – meaning they have not “cornered” our human INTENT…, then anything that they attempt to manifest into our reality can not be SUSTAINED IN THE TIMELINES – and it will just vanish!


Feel free to read the rest of this post!  If you do – you’ll find that almost everything I wrote back then is being PROVEN TRUE AND CORRECT right now!  And in a few more years – IF I DO THIS AGAIN – you’ll see that not only was I right about a few things – I was right about EVERYTHING!

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Stay tuned for more

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