If there was a single clue that Corporations = Corpse = Dead Things were out to destroy all vestiges of Freedom in our world (and either kill or enslave us all) it would be this image above.

The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) was a trade deal that Barack Obama made and signed with many other countries around the Pacific Rim.  It was described as a treaty that would put the needs and the wants of Corporations FAR ABOVE the needs and wants of the people of the respective countries who signed on.

It was said that once enacted, individual people in these countries (and even their own governments) would have very little control over the laws made by Corporations (for corporations).

Even though Donald Trump immediately pulled America out of this very bad trade agreement the moment he became President, you can see that it’s web-page is still active AND it is shamelessly advocating for an injection that will most likely kill or mind control anyone who gets it.

You can find this website at this link:




The goal of the Trans Pacific Partnership was to take an individual countries right to make it’s own laws away and to hand it over to “corporations” who somehow were going to know better!

But if you’ve been reading this latest series really carefully (with an open mind) you are starting to see that the very structure and nature of a corporation is evil!  It’s entire purpose and goal is to make “profit”.  It does not care at all about living people or the damage that it causes to living people as long as profit is made.

Apple Corporations constant “problems” with its workers in China are a good indication of not even caring about your own employees!  The same could be said for Amazon. 

Would it surprise you to know that certain corporations still use SLAVE LABOR and CHILD LABOR if they can get away with it?

Corporations  are not people!  They are not living and breathing human beings!  They are fictions laid out on paper!  However, they have been given the status and the protections afforded to living people and even FAR MORE than that. 

In most cases they are treated way better than people.

They have been given immunities and perks that few (if any) real people ever get in the corporate court system.  This is all by design!  This was deliberate!  This was part of the agenda.  This is why almost all governments world wide became CORPORATIONS!

Not only Governments, but Banks, Courts, Law Enforcement, Agencies, and everything you can think of went “corporate”.

The corporation was the VEHICLE that Satan/Lucifer was going to ride over the entire Earth and wreak havoc and destruction upon God’s children! 

I know that this is hard for many people to hear because so  many people work for corporations, but this is what the Holy Spirit is showing me!  This is what I am being asked to write about.

The problem here is that too many people are too close to the system to see it for what it truly is – and do not see it for what it was created and designed to do.


Because it is not real, has no feelings, can not be held accountable for anything, and is merely a paper fiction, it was the perfect tool/vehicle for Satan to use against humanity.

Satan is not stupid!  He knows that most people on Earth do not really want to hurt others – especially if they will be held accountable for doing so.  So he gave them all a way out!  He gave them a means to do bad things and hurt others without thinking that THEY were to blame!

He gave them some”thing” (not someone) but something to point a finger at!  He gave them a fictional made up character that only exists on paper to blame for all of the evil that they themselves were doing to other people!  Naturally Satan knows that God would never accept this kind of excuse because it is wholly preposterous!

It would be like saying that a piece of paper murdered someone! Or that balloons, ribbons, and bows used to wrap presents somehow forced you to do really evil things.

So, the corporation = corpse = dead things was created long ago so when the time came to use it in the way that it was designed to be used, it would be ready and available to the Luciferian Cabal!

We are now at that time.



Almost everyone works for a corporation these days, and even people that work at Starbucks, Mcdonalds, Amazon, and Walmart know that the “internal” rules and laws inside of these corporations have nothing to do with the rules and laws outside of it. 

Here in America, all we have to do is look at TWITTER and all of the intel drops that Elon Musk is sharing about the internal workings of that corporation to know that something is very wrong.

What we are finding is that TWITTER broke almost every single law that America has!  They broke the Constitutional protections and guarantees of every single American they were supposedly serving.

They planned, aided, and abetted private interests (the DNC) against the public at large! 

And, here is the kicker!   Thousands of Twitter Employees (worldwide) helped them do it and just did not care!  They believed that laws outside of the corporation they were working for did not matter.

You see, apparently the atmosphere inside of a corporation is somehow different than the atmosphere outside of it.  Apparently the sky is a different color and rainbows are different colors too when you are working inside of a corporation – and therefore the rules, the laws, and the very Constitution that we all have to follow mean NOTHING inside of a corporation.

It may interest you to know that most very large corporations have their own internal security force, and if they are large enough, they even have THEIR OWN ARMIES!

Most have their own “corporate secrets” division and various spies which are sent out to try to gain information (steal it) from other corporations.

The Hollywood movie PAYCHECK is the ultimate movie about corporate espionage and theft of “secrets”.  It is a movie that involves every level of government and is a good indicator of just how very large corporations have their own internal security forces that don’t mind breaking the law at all for profit!



Elon Musk has now let loose a literal barrage of internal memo’s and documents and is handing them out to the public as concerns the inner workings and behind the scenes politics at just one single corporation (a corporation that he now owns) Twitter, and is showing us in the form of internal documents how breaking the law (and the constitution) was job one for countless Twitter Employees (all of whom were working for this single large corporation = corpse = dead thing).


But if you think that this kind of behavior is limited to just Twitter, which is a single corporation, then you are smoking something and you really need to pull over for a while!

It is my contention that almost ALL CORPORATIONS have gone completely rouge!  As I have stated above, now is the time and we are at the END GAME that the Luciferians had planned for hundreds of years.

If you look at what was written in PART FIVE of this new series – you’ll find that Pfizer, one of the biggest Pharmaceutical Corporations in the world – hid, covered up, and withheld internal documents that showed that their Covid-19 injection was DEADLY!

How many other corporations worldwide are internally doing the very same thing as Twitter and Pfizer?

If you want my honest opinion…, ALL OF THEM!

But there is a much larger picture to be seen here (and this is the part that people are missing).

These corporations sometimes have as many as tens of thousands of employees working for them!  But the internal rules, laws, and politics of these corporations have nothing to do with reality!  Therefore, these employees have been taught, prodded, and even scolded to get on board with their corporations internal policies – which more often that not involve CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES – in order to benefit the corporation.

I mean lets face it – this is what all of those thousands of Twitter employees were doing.  They were told if they wanted to keep their jobs – they would have to play ball!  Of course, the social/communist/liberals working at Twitter needed very little prodding to take away other people freedoms, liberties and constitutional rights and guarantees.   They only needed a place that would “protect them” while they were doing these illegal and criminal things.

The sick thing here is that the over arching structure and design of the corporation PROTECTS them from any fallout they may experience due to the great harm they are doing to humanity at large.  In all honesty these people SHOULD be in jail!

But as always, Satan is very clever in his ways!  He gave all of these people a piece of paper (a legal fiction) to point at and to blame for the actions of their own hands, their own minds, and their own bodies.

“I did not do that – this non-human fictional piece of paper told me to do it – and so I am blameless…!”



People had to be given “protections” for all of the evil that he wanted them to eventually do to their fellow man here on Earth. 

The Corporation = Corpse = Dead Thing offered them that protection so that millions of men and women world wide could wreak havoc and evil upon the Earth and upon their fellow man and then be buffered from any of the fallout or responsibility because they could claim that it was not THEM doing these evil things, but instead it was the CORPORATION they worked for that was doing it and they were just following the orders of the corporation.

Satan knew that all humanity really needed was a way to justify inside of their own minds that they were not the ones doing the evil but were merely being “ordered” to do it by others and he used this against all of us.

But Satan took it a step further (in order to be able to ACCUSE all of humanity in front of God’s Throne at the final moment).

He made certain that all of the evil that humanity would eventually do to itself and others would be blamed upon completely fictional characters that “IN REALITY” do not even exist!  Satan wanted God to see just how stupid humanity really was knowing that God would NEVER accept such an excuse!

It would be like saying that Mickey Mouse made me do it (when there is no such thing as Mickey Mouse). 

Satan wanted to make certain that not one single man or woman would ever have any excuse in front of God’s Throne in the final moments for their own actions, and that every single evil thing they did to others could never be passed onto someone else…, BECAUSE THERE WAS NO ONE ELSE!

Corporations are not real!  They are fictions and God knows this.



Every single man and woman on Earth will be held fully accountable for what they did with their own hands, and their own feet in front of his Throne.

This means that if someone “ordered” them to manufacture an injection that they KNEW would be deadly, and then this injection actually killed millions of people, then THEY are also held accountable as well because it was their duty to God and to humanity to say what they knew!

This is exactly why (over the last 100 years) the Freemasons and the Illuminati did everything they could possibly do to write GOD out of the picture.  They needed people (in this time period) to think and believe that God did not exist.  They needed people to think and believe that there was no such thing as right and wrong.  If God did not exist, then all of this evil could be ordered and carried out with relative ease!

They needed this so that they could complete the task they wanted to complete which was for the Luciferians (those who worship Lucifer) to take over this world and to enslave all of God’s Children.



I want everyone who comes here to read at Love Truth Site to ask themselves just one thing!  Who else (anywhere in the entire world) is writing things in the way that I write them?  Which place on the internet can you go to and then read the very same things that I am writing?

Is it just possible that I do have a connection to the Holy Spirit and that what you read here is something that God wants you to hear, and is something that comes from a very sacred level?

Why aren’t most Christian Preachers in every Christian Church around the world telling you this stuff?  Why aren’t they pointing all of this out to you?  Are they NOT connected to the Holy Spirit?

Final Questions:

How many corporations WORLD WIDE are involved in Child Trafficking?  How many Churches world wide are involved in Child Trafficking?

Honestly, the answer will shock you beyond measure.

God has given us one way out of Satan’s trap!  Maybe it’s time to rethink what you believe.

Stay tuned for Part Seven

All my love


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