By: Bradley Loves


This is a very sobering update for my readers just to let you all know that things are not as they seem.

Even though I write and blog daily…, for the sake of humanity…,  behind the scenes I am being harrassed and tormented.

I have been experiencing extreme directed energy attacks (far more than normal) for the last 30 days or so…, and it really is difficult for me to even sleep.

Also, my residence was recently broken into…, and several things were stolen.

The reason that I am telling you this is not to worry you…, because I do not want you to worry.

But, if I suddenly stop blogging for several days in a row, then you’ll know that the Deep State/Cabal/Illuminati has most likely gotten to me.

For your information…, I am in perfect health, have no health issues, and do not contemplate suicide.

This is important for you to know…, so that if I suddenly end up “dead”…, it will not have been by my hand.

I consider the information stream of disclosure and the small role that I play in it VITAL, and thus will continue to share TRUTH with you until I can no longer do so.

It is also important for you to know that certain POLICE/JUDGES/AGENTS already tried to “frame me” once before (under Obama’s rule) for crimes I did not do, and that they could never prove.

(They wanted me in jail badly).

However, on their way to trying to do so…, the police involved CHANGED vital records, erased and re-recorded testimony, lied, fabricated evidence, perjured themselves and committed countless other CRIMES while trying to get me to stop sharing the truth over the internet.  (Which I refuse to do to this day).

The only reason that I am mentioning this now (since I’ve never said anything about it before) is that it appears as if they are up to their OLD TRICKS once again and giving it another go!

Having my home broken into and things taken from there is usually the first step in a POLICE/AGENCY setup.

These agencies are absolutely CORRUPT to their very core…, and you have to get this through your heads once and for all.

As Mark Passio says…, the Illuminati considers all police to be nothing better than DOGS!

The high level Freemasons give out the ORDERS…, and these people (usually not very bright) follow those ORDERS…, regardless of how legal or constitutional they are.


I have been able to stay one step ahead of them because I KNOW that “they” (The CABAL/ILLUMINATI) have TIME TRAVEL…, and have been using it against me and my family!

Trust me, knowing this has helped me get around their “traps” countless times.

If you do not understand or can not concieve of how “knowing” that they have TIME TRAVEL might help you actually fight back against them…., then I suggest that you rent or buy the movie TIME COP.

Watch the entire movie…, and then ask yourself this question:

Was the character played by Jean Claude von Damme helped significantly in his fight against those who were trying to hurt him by KNOWING that time travel was real and did exist???  Was he more prepared??

Watch the movie!

Sadly…, the very people who have in their possession and are “using” the LOOKING GLASS/QUANTUM ACCESS technology the most, are the very Luciferians who want to take over the world.

This is also most likely why those men and women who are really “good people” have been so tormented and harrassed throughout their entire lives!   (KARMA has very little to do with it)

This little update is simply an insurance policy for my readers and for the public.


We really are fighting a WAR here…, (never forget that) and the stakes are very, very high for the DARK CABAL.

Their New World Order is on the line…, and they have been planning this for hundreds (if not thousands) of years!

Just consider how much I’ve already done to expose them and their operations.

If indeed David Wilcock’s source named Emery Smith has been once again attacked…, (as David claims in his blog posts) then what we are actually seeing is a massive movement by the Deep State against what it considers to be the most DANGEROUS whistle blowers out there.

Emery Smith is not the ONLY person that is being attacked!  You need to know this.   It is very likely that there are many people on that “hit” list!

Most of them simply do not have access to blogs or websites to tell you about what is happening to them is all.

If any more break ins and blatant theft occurs, I will let you know!

For now…, keep me in your prayers!

All my love….



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