By: Bradley Loves


There does not seem to be too much to smile about…, most of the time…, considering the continued push for the NEW WORLD ORDER…, and the blatant stupidity of the NEW AGE…, which chooses to be blind to it all.

Yet…, there ARE things that I love…, and make me smile!

First off:  The White Lions

This video of the white lions is special…, and I’ve never seen such an elegant animal as an all white lion.

Second: Jesse Pardon

This is a young boy who WON the Dutch “version” of THE VOICE KIDS in 2013, when he WAS only 13…, which is sort of synchronistic.  I’ve never heard a youngster sing with such feeling and such heart as this kid does.  He makes me smile.

Here is Jesse, being interviewed at a Dutch radio station, and singing Bohemian Rhapsody Live!  Jesse makes me smile.

Third:  The Rescue of a baby Elephant

These CARING human beings (unlike New Agers) have decided to take REAL ACTION, in the REAL WORLD and save a life!

No amount of PRAYERS would have gotten this baby out of this hole…, but CARING did!

Human beings who CARE…, enough to ACT…, make me smile!

More will be coming……



























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