By: Bradley Loves


How much can we “trust” our Main Stream Media??

Then again…, how much can we “trust” our alternative media??   Or, can we even call it media?  What is the “meaning” of the word “media”?

Media – (noun – plural)

1) A plural form of medium…

Medium – (noun)

3) An intervening substance, as air, through which a force acts, or an effect is produced.

Hmmm.   This seems to suggest that “Media”…, is nothing more than a “medium” through which a “force” can act…, and an “effect” can be produced!

This says NOTHING about telling the TRUTH…, or even about “informing” people about what is happening in the world.  The very word seems to suggest that “media” is a TOOL.

It is a medium though which an effect can be “produced”.

So, if you take all of the “mediums” out there, and put them together (TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Movies, Radio)…, and call it a “Media”…(plural form of “mediums”)  you’ve got the TOOL with which those who run and own it are using to create an “effect”.


Who else do we know that used tools (on stage) to create an “effect”?


They use props…, they use distractions…, AND….,  they use pretty girls in bikini’s…, who point one direction…, while all of the action on the stage, is happening in the other!!

By the way…, have you watched TV NEWS lately?    (CNN – MSNBC – and even Fox) Where do they get all of these women??  They are “clones” of each other.  Each and every one of them as dumb as the other…, and ONLY THERE because they have “hired on” for their looks.  Their job…, is to point in one direction…, while all of the action happens in another!

The election coverage was a perfect example of this…, and I DARE YOU to tell me I’m wrong!!


Okay…, so… Look these two words up…, I used DICTIONARY.COM online…, which is usually very good.

In my (balanced) expose’ of this phenom…, let’s start with the alternative “media”.

There were literally countless articles and posts this summer talking about how General “Dunford” had somehow become “President” of the Republic…, and that Paul Ryan had become his VP.  (We were told “in June” that “announcements” would be coming soon!)

Well…, we are still waiting for those stupid announcements..

Then, we were “told” (in the Alt. Media) that Paul Ryan was now “President”of the Republic and Dunford was the VP.

We were told months ago…, that Obama was now ineffective…, and would “soon” move out of the White House!

Then we were “told” (by Ben Fulford – no less) that the election would NEVER take place!   We were told that Trump would never be President.

Then…, Trump got elected!   Then the “electors” actually  went and sealed the deal!

Now…, we are only waiting on the inauguration!

But this is not the end of what we have been “TOLD” on the Alternative side!

We were “told” for SEVERAL YEARS…, in the run up to 2012 (by the Channeling Community) that a massive Ascension was coming…, and that EVERYONE…, including every criminal and dark human being who ever committed a heinous crime…, was going to “Ascend” as well.

We were “told”…, that it had all been just a “game”…, and that these men and women had just being playing “roles”…, and that the PROPER way to look at this now, was to FORGIVE every sick, demented, and torturous thing the CABAL had ever done…, and to over look it all.

We were “told” if we did not do this…, we were being JUDGMENTAL!  We were made to feel (by the channeling community) that WE were being the “bad people” for having thought that there was actually a DIFFERENCE between good and evil!

WE were the idiots and the slow ones…, for thinking “wrongly”!

Well…, here we are going into 2017 now…, and  NO ASCENSION has EVER HAPPENED!

We are five years down the road people!!  And let me tell you something…, there has NEVER been a word of apology from the Channelers about the agregeious acts of deception and mis-leading they perpetrated upon those who read their articles and messages!

In fact…, in the greatest tradition of the cabal and the Illuminati…, those men and women I have confronted have said (in a round about way) THEY JUST DON’T CARE…, and take NO responsibility for anyone who read what they wrote…, or for what those people chose to believe.

And THESE are supposed to be “spiritual people”!

Let me tell you something…, they are ANYTHING…, but spiritual!

As Mark Passio has said:


The most important ceremony that the men who go to Bohemian Grove (as Satanists/Luciferians) participate in is the ceremony called:



It is a ceremony that is specifically tailored to demonstrate and to show that they are willing to “burn in the fire”…, ALL CARE and CONCERN about anything they will have to do in the coming year.

They “burn” an effigy in front of MOLOCH (a pagan deity) to prove that no matter how much murder, and killing, and war…, they will create with their politics and policies…, THEY WILL NOT CARE ABOUT IT!

The “cremation” of ALL CARE is a SATANIC IDEAL.

And the Channeling Community has fully and whole heartedly “embraced” this Satanic Ideal when they say they do NOT CARE that the messages they channeled were faulty, incorrect, and totally inaccurate!!

The Channeling Community also “told” us that Barack Obama…, was a very “high soul”…, and a “chosen one”…, who was going to “disclose” all of the secrets of the Secret Space Program…, and ANYONE who challanged that idea (in writing like myself) was shouted down in print…, (by the New Age no less) and I was made to look less than spiritual for even questioning what the Channelers were saying!

HOW DARE I…, even ask these questions…, when “Channelers A, B, C, and D” all say he is a very high soul??


Barack Obama was President for 8 long years…, and he did not disclose ANYTHING!  He’s done now…, it’s OVER!  He did NOTHING for our country!!

In fact…, it is proven that he LIED about Osama bin Laden…, he lied about Bengazi (along with Clinton)…, he LIED about 9/11…, he LIED about Sandy Hook…, etc, etc, etc….., HE LIED, HE LIED, and HE LIED!

Now…, I DARE ANY CHANNELER to post a comment under this post…, and address these issues!  Not only did Obama LIE about many countless things (far more than I’ve posted) but…, he supported Hillary Clinton for President!

She is a known Criminal…, and according to the leaked e-mails from Wiki-leaks…, her campaign manager John Podesta is a PEDOPHILE!

There is NO WAY that Obama could not have known this…, since he also had fund raisers done for him at COMET PING PONG…, (the PIZZA PARLOR of PIZZA-GATE fame).

Here is what these useless and brain washed New Agers need to know!  Obama himself may very well have used “Jimmy Comets”  (James Alifantis) services and engaged in sexual acts with boys.

The tell tale signs are there…, it is just that the smoking gun has not appeared yet because all of the evidence is being held back from Anthony Wieners LapTop by the NYPD!!

Remember this photo taken at the White House:


Here is just one of Jimmy Comets Instagrams taken at the White House of Obama playing Ping Pong with what appears to be a young boy of about 10 years old.

The “Rumors” that have been going around ever since he was elected…, is that Obama is gay!  Countless people have come forward and said that he used to spend time at High End Chicago Bath Houses…, where men get together to have sex.

Oh…, and then there is THIS VIDEO of Joan Rivers (done only 7 days before she “died”)

Are we starting to get the picture??

Whether it is MAIN STREAM MEDIA…, or ALTERNATIVE MEDIA…, just what the heck is the real “purpose” of MEDIA/MEDIUM??

It’s a TOOL of force, that is put into play that will “cause” an “effect”.

That is the ACTUAL DEFINITION OF THE WORD…, look it up!

More will be coming…, I’m just getting started!  I will next focus on the lies of the Main Stream Media…


Oh…,and by the way…, I am now operating with out any laptop…, so please forgive the many more spelling errors that you might see (all due to spell check…, and auto correct) which is part of the downside of Apple technology.

All my love….



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