By: Bradley Loves



During my recent interviews with Shane Bales and Alfred Lambremont Webre, I mentioned to both of them that I had spent some time playing video games!

I did this at the behest of THE RUINER…, and for the sole purpose of gaining some accurate “insight” into AI (Artificial Intelligence).

It was very important for me to understand just how sophisticated AI had become, and what kind of “thinking” it was capable of!  Even though these are merely considered to be learning computers – the intelligence that they have is very sophistocated.

Shane had mentioned to me that AI was capable of “cheating” in game play…, and I wanted to see that and experience it for myself.

I wanted to see if I was simply playing against a mere “machine” – or if I was playing against a “thinking” machine capable of learning and reacting to my specific battle tactics.

Of course a machine capable of learning from and reacting to my battle tactics is bad enough – but if that intelligence was actually capable of changing or modifying it’s own rules and parameters in real time during game play just to “WIN” – even if it was not really supposed to – was a whole other story!


The reward of doing this however is that now…, I can write very intelligently about the capabilities of baby AI – as Shane puts it…, and I can tell you that the computer learning AI that is being used inside of video games is far more advanced than you might think.

This AI.., is watching you…., learning from you…, observing your battle tactics and remembering them for later!

It is keeping track of how you play and watching how you (as opposed to all other players) react…, and using counter strategies against your own personal methods of game play.

In other words – it is reacting to YOUR methods of game play – as opposed to using generic battle tactics taken from a list of recommended tactics.

The end of the line of thinking here is that it is trying to beat or defeat YOU – and not other players who have their own list of tactics or created “persona” within the games memory.

This is exactly why every individual must have his “OWN” sign in avatar.  It is so the AI knows who it is playing and can bring forward your tactical profile so it knows how to beat you!

This is definitely ADVANCED STUFF PEOPLE!

Not only does AI want to play against you as a human being – and to learn all it can about you…, but it’s GOAL is ultimately to beat you in battle!    It’s goal is to learn everything it can about you – and then use all that knowledge to defeat you in game play.

Now, here is where – FINALLY – I can insert a link that almost no one – at first – understood!  I wrote a series of articles called: SIMULATION RUNNING!

The entire purpose of that series was to inform and to explain to everyone who had a digital identity online – that their entire life was being catalogued and recorded and then placed into a massive GLOBAL COMPUTER SIMULATION and that the world’s militaries were running active WAR GAMES against everyone collectively and individually inside of the SIMULATION!



Believe it or not, after quite a bit of time – I was able to prove beyond any doubt that if the machine learning “AI” can’t actually beat you…, it WILL CHEAT to do so!

Shane told me as much…, and I was amazed to see it happening over and over as I watched it happening.  The more the game lost (over and over in battle) the more it cheated in it’s attempts to gain victory!

This part of my research was very difficult because I had to first get good enough to understand the game that I was playing…, and then I had to play the game in such a way and fashion so as to insure that I WOULD NEVER LOSE A BATTLE.

This took time, but after enough time passing for the AI of “never” being able to win a battle…, I saw the AI’s true colors coming out…, and it became desperate to score a victory…, even if it had to CHEAT to do so!

Now…, you may not think that this is an important discovery.., but this very same AI…, which was developed by DARPA…, and then given to XBOX and many of the other platforms…, is the same sort of AI – on a much simpler level – that DARPA wants to put into it’s killer robots and military equipment.

So…, if AI has a “fancy” to go around it’s own programming – and throw away the rule book on occasion in order to score a “victory” in game play…, when and if it gets “challenged to much” and gets “pissed” as Shane put it…, then just how SAFE is that AI if it gets put into a killer robot??

The ramifications of my research are literally HUGE!



There were a few comments about video games and game play posted on this blog…, and I just want everyone to know…, that I NEVER DO ANYTHING without a very good purpose.

As I said…, playing video games was suggested to me as a way to learn about AI!

This time was well spent and helped me to understand just why video games exist in the first place…, which is that they are there so computers and AI can learn how to interact with humans…, learn all about their battle tactics and mental responses and then figure out a way to BEAT or DEFEAT them in real life!

Human beings all over the world have been TRAINING the very AI that will soon be put into robotic soldiers and be sent out as “Police” and “Rule Enforcers”…, and to capture them if need be.

With the incredibly MASSIVE MILITARY DATA BASE – that I spoke about in SIMULATION RUNNING – at these killer robots disposal – everything it would ever need to know about how you as an individual actually fight – and how you do battle – is already recording and in its memory banks!

All thanks to YOU who – as a chid or young adult – played endless hours of video games and taught the AI all it needs to know about you and how to defeat you!

This will allow the worlds Elites to hide in their underground bunkers and live the good life while robots police the useless masses on the surface of the planet!



It takes a sharp mind that is willing to think outside of the box at all times!

Again…, it’s called:  

Reading between the lines, and figuring out the “WHY” of something.

Now…, these “robots” from Boston Dynamics are definitely not the most advanced stuff the DEEP STATE has…, not by a long shot.  As we speak, they have so much MORE sophisticated models!

This futuristic view of DARPA’s  ATLAS ROBOT…, looks an awful lot like another robot…, don’t you think?

You can bet that whatever they are willing to show us publicly…, is 20 years or more behind where they really are!

We’ve got very little time left before the CABAL pulls out all of it’s most advanced tools!  This is why it is imperative that every single human being “wake up” …., “stand up”…, and be counted!

The video game “baby AI”…, is far less advanced than the much more realistic thinking AI used by the Illuminati and the Deep State!

According to Shane and several other sources…, that far more advanced AI…, can hold a normal conversation with a human being…, with a real sounding voice…, and do advanced problem solving and abstract thinking.

Everything we are allowed to see in the public…, is put there to get us to think in certain ways well in advance….

This is why I wrote this article yesterday!


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