By: Bradley Loves


It is now 2015!  The year is already off to a great START!  Discovery on “multiple levels” is occurring, and those who are becoming aware are finding more and more of the truth that is hidden being revealed to them with the passing of each day!

As promised, in this New Year, I will be “unpacking” a sizable amount of the information that I shared with my readers in a very compressed format at the very end of 2014.

It was difficult then to go through all of this information step by step, and inch by inch, only because in those previously written articles, there was so much information to share with everyone, and becuase the time for handing it out had almost passed us by, it literally all had to come out as a huge “data dump” just so that the information could see the light of day before the calendar year 2014 ended.

This was crucial because on a higher level – a renewal of CONTRACTS takes place with our enslavers each year at Christmas time due to Cosmic and Astrological alignments.

Since not everything in our reality is as it appears to be, a TIME STAMP had to be applied to ALL of the information I so quickly shared as having been placed into the public awareness before the celebration of the New Year took place.

This quick data dump then became a multi-dimensional chess move that may not make much sense to you at this time — unless you understand that we all also actually exist on a much higher frequency levels as well as existing here on this level.

If you were aware of this – then you would ALSO be aware that the chessboard that is presently our Earth, actually has other parts to it besides the parts that we can see physically with our own eyes.

Unfortunately the monumental “job” that I am now taking on in putting out this vast array of information, is the very “job” that millions of journalists all over the world were supposed to do, and are already being paid to do.

The sad reality however is that they are NOT DOING IT!

Not only are they NOT doing it — they are actively REFUSING TO DO IT in exchange for money and other nefarious bribes which will literally result in their own destruction!

Those men and women who are working within the mass media have become nothing more than obstructionists to the TRUTH, and are literally standing in the way of all of mankind!

Sadly, they have done this for as little as the promise of a golden ticket to a safe place of protection when the “crap” that has been scheduled, hits the veritable fan!

In other words, they choose, yes they actively CHOOSE — to distribute lies to the ENTIRE WORLD — and choose to deceive us as all to the nature of our true situation here on the EARTH — all for a survival card (that they will never actually see) and a survival card that you and I were never ever going to get from these plotters and planners either!

We’ll just see how “that” works out for them in the days to come.


At this point in time, it is becoming increasingly clear to most people — if it has not become crystal clear already — that nothing the mass media is telling us can ever be trusted!

We just went through yet ANOTHER FALSE FLAG EVENT in Paris, France — a false flag, which was just as botched, and just as obvious to those who are “awake” as was the Boston Bombing false flag — or for that matter, the now totally exposed Sandy Hook false flag event.

These false flag events are always supported by the media, and this false flag was no exception in that it was wholly supported and “dished up” by the media as the total truth — and continues to be dished up countless days later — endlessly rehashed and revisited — in order to “drive” an AGENDA that has nothing to do with the event itself!

As David Icke puts it – “problem – reaction – solution!


See this archived article from Veterans Today!

Certainly those at the top of the media conglomerates are fully in the KNOW about what is going to happen on their turf — as well as law enforcement officials — and even how it is going to happen, before it happens!

So, if this is the case, then there is NO POSSIBLE way that we can avoid labeling the media, the government, and law enforcement as despicable LIARS, since that is exactly what they are.

We have to get clear on this one important issue in the year of 2015 – if we are ever going to get past the year of 2016:

Those who are participating in the great lie – aka GREAT CON – at this time DO HAVE A CHOICE!

Their free will has not been taken from them, and they can certainly step down from their positions if they want to!

No one is holding a gun to their head and saying to them as they read the tele-prompter: YOU MUST TELL THESE LIES!

They are literally choosing to continue to do so each and every day for money!

Now, while it is true that those refusing to participate in the great LIE may be fired if they don’t don’t do it – there are FAR WORSE consequences waiting for their SOULS after they pass on – so knowing this – it then becomes a very easy choice to make…


Why continue to lie — for money — to the entire world, if the telling of those lies will end up resulting in massive chain reactions of many other horrible things happening in various countries across the planet?

The choice for these disposables is actually all TOO EASY!

It is either this:

Let people across the world suffer deeply as a result of spreading all of these obvious lies…

Or this:

Quit your job – do something else – and SAVE your own soul!

Okay, so what am I missing here?


The DENIAL of our connection to one another on this planet is EPIC — and our own collective responsibility for the damage being done when we participate in the lies of ORGANIZED CRIME can no longer be over looked.

Friends — please get this!

The “news media” is totally complicit in the massive problems that have been, and are going on in the Ukraine, in Gaza, in Syria, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and dozens of other countries all over the world!

It is like by NOT TELLING THE TRUTH, they are are the ones who are shooting the bullets themselves.

Now that we know this as a fact —  we need to do something very uncommon if we are to ever move past all of this and fix it — we need to:



I’m going to be very blunt at this point, and say that whether it is false flag attacks, ebola outbreaks and pandemics, Russia blamed for invading Crimea, bankers falling out of windows, planes falling out of the sky, the worldwide financial crisis, riots in Missouri, the Police State, or any other “wag the dog” news events that pop up on your television screen FOR ANY REASON — these are ALL orchestrated events, or at the very least “steered events” being rolled out for your viewing pleasure, and are meant to keep your attention directed away from OTHER IMPORTANT THINGS.


Any good magician will tell you that the best magic is done while your audience is looking the other way!  The “art” of distraction is the most important part of a good magician’s toolbox. If the audience is to be really “hoodwinked” in a very convincing way – there has to be as MUCH DISTRACTION happening on the stage as is possible at the same time the magician is doing his “trick”.

The stage in this case is the holographic reality that we call the EARTH!

The stage is our World — and thus World Events are nothing more than magical distractions — put there for a purpose! Far more sinister than you may have understood — our “reality” is being “managed” by those who do not have our best interests in their minds and hearts. They work discretely from behind the scenes, pulling strings and pushing buttons, which are designed to have an AFFECT upon the mass consciousness of the world!

The affect they are seeking is always “magnetic” and has to do with the “frequency” and “vibration” of the planet more than any other thing!


In my many other articles – I have called the men operating behind the curtain – DARK MAGICIANS.  You will remember that the word MAGIC decoded is:

MAG – net – IC!

So the truth of the matter is that in order to get any significant MAGNETIC AFFECT to happen uoon the Earth, you need to be a MAGNET -ICIAN – or the shorter version – a magician! I hope you can all see the logic in this!

In the Epic Movie – THE WIZARD OF OZ – where there was a huge evil head hovering above a stone alter and spewing out fire while screaming at Dorothy, there are secret messages hidden within the film for us to get.

It is clear to us that the holographic head in the WIZARD OF OZ – was nothing more than a fake projection, and it was meant to cause fear within all those who saw it.

I suggest to you that the VERY SAME THING is happening within our world as we speak – and it STARTS with the NEWS MEDIA!

In the WIZARD OF OZ – there was a “man behind the curtain” pulling all the levers – and nothing that Dorothy and her crew were seeing in front of them was real.

What’s worse is that we find that the unlikely group of travelers could NOT INITIALLY UNDERSTAND that the head was a fake, only because they “collectively” were missing:


This is just too obvious of a slam on the public at large from the Illuminati —
those who see themselves as our owners – in that We the People are the ones who have — no brains, no heart, and no courage!

Only a little dog managed to figure it out!  This is what they think of us!

This movie was the Illuminati laughing directly into our collective faces!

Now, as it happens, there are many, many players involved in the manipulation of our planets “magnetics” and frequencies besides these evil wizards themselves.

THE LIZARD WIZARD ??    THE WIZARD LIZARD ??  What is the difference between “W” and “L” really ??   

“A pile of crap, by any other name, will still stink the same”


Following along with the theme of THE WIZARD OF OZ – the henchmen of the wicked witch of the west were “all monkeys”!

(Lizards – I mean Wizards and Witches go together you see.)

Is it too much of a stretch here to guess that those beings from OFF WORLD – who are not really human – would view human beings as nothing more than a large group of “multi-colored monkeys?”


  • Do you think they – not being human themselves – would laugh at that?
  • And…, even better, would it not also be a huge joke to them to tell us — in their controlled schools – that we all evolved from monkeys?

Thus, the evil henchmen who are working to help the DARK WIZARDS — Beings who are not from Earth — are nothing better than large stupid monkeys to their controllers (treasonous humans).


So now ask yourself this:  Is it also a stretch of my “imagination” to think that the word WIZARD looks just a little bit too much like LIZARD?   Am I missing something here?

Thus – in the movies, we’ve been told who is here, and what they are doing to us, and how they are fooling us!

There are low-level managers – mid-level managers – and top-level managers who are all helping the wizards/lizards working toward this AGENDA on the Earth! I’ll get into who they are later!


The television in your home – actually belongs to those who are working toward the AGENDA.  When you watch the television, you are not only “consenting” to be willingly “distracted” by their propaganda delivering device, you are submitting to several hours of magnetically charged plasma being radiated from your screen and into your home IF you watch the television for several hours per day.

Here’s a quick clue for all of you who doubt this – it’s called:  TELL – A – VISION for a very good reason!

  • The device inside your home is NOT what you think it is!
  • It is there in order to “tell you a vision” of what is going on in the world.


IT IS NOT THERE TO TELL YOU WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING – but instead, it is there to tell you “THEIR VISION” or better yet, THEIR VERSION – of what they want you to think and they want you to believe – NONE OF WHICH IS THE TRUTH, and all of which is a “distraction”.


Before we continue, let’s carefully “unpack” the word distraction, because it does NOT mean what you think it means.

Distraction is:  DIS – “TRACTION”, or the lack of TRACTION.

Traction – is what keeps the car driving safely down the road. Dis – traction, or loss of traction, is what causes the car to spin out of control and then end up in the ditch going NOWHERE!

So any type of distraction placed in front of you is actually put there in order to get your personal awareness to lose traction – to spin out of control – and land you in the ditch where you can no longer think for yourself or act properly when faced with life’s decisions. As a result you go NOWHERE!

Let’s get honest and see what is offered up daily on their TELL – A – VISION.

Endless sporting events – game shows – soap opera’s – talk shows – cartoons – reality T.V. – scandal magazine shows – court T.V. – movies – and all the “news” you can possibly stomach – all of which are actually:


They don’t call them “programs” accidentally either – they call them “programs” because your mind is being “programmed” to think in a certain way about the reality we live in.

So then, this is a really big idea: Dis — traction Programing = a program for your mind that will cause you to lose traction in your life – and cause you to spin helplessly out of control – while other things are happening on the planet that you are unable to deal with!

Tell – a – vision = Dis – “traction” Programming

Now that you have become fully aware of what a television really is – and what its purpose truly is I can finally tell you this:

NOTHING – NOTHING on this Earth is as it seems.

Because it’s 2015 now – it’s time to start getting “real” about the scope of things, what is really going on out there, and to finally start to understand just how deep the “rabbit hole” goes!

It is time also to really understand just how many of our family and friends — those people who work in various industries — are DEEPLY, DEEPLY COMPLICIT with the lies that are being told to everyone. This cannot be corrected by simply “ignoring” it.  In addition, by feeling sorry for these people and saying they are just trying to do their best — without calling them on it — you are “consenting” on an unseen and supernatural level, to have them continue to LIE TO YOU.

Without “acting” to put a stop to it, you have thusly become both an enabler of deceit, and COMPLICIT in your own imprisonment!  This is not rocket science people — it is simple esoteric knowledge of “energetics”.

No real parent would ever accept from his or her child the “idea” that it was okay, and unavoidable, that his or her child was just going to lie to them everyday. What kind of parent would think like that? On some level, even a parent knows that there are “consequences” that will come back to haunt them if they indeed do not put a stop to their child’s lying!

A real parent thus DEMANDS the truth from their child no matter what! Why are we treating these other members of our broader family any differently than our own children?

It is OUR JOB to put a stop to their lies!

If we do not — then the consequences of doing nothing will be the NEW WORLD ORDER TAKEOVER — a huge consequence that is justifiably going to haunt us.

That idea is not rocket science either. The lies told by all of those in positions of power have to stop — and WE HAVE TO BE THE ONES TO DO IT!


There is an overriding plan that is going on here — and “that PLAN” has been going on for decades within the “span” of our short lives — as well as for centuries and millennia, in the span of the lives of those who are looking to control this world. We have been “handed” an exceedingly complex problem to solve – NOT A PROBLEM TO FURTHER IGNORE!

So the ENTIRE reason that the media is even there is to create and to dish out as much DISTRACTION for the masses as possible — yes they know this — and they do it so that the UNSEEN AGENDA can move forward while we are left confused.

Nothing of substance any longer ever comes out of the media — or government officials. They are spineless cowards who literally joke and laugh around the water cooler about which stories they are going to have to ignore and NOT TALK ABOUT when they finally get on the air. Your best alternate action is to stop watching television and to THINK BIGGER – AND LOOK DEEPER!


I’ve been asked over and over again to explain why such a thing as a “personal declaration of independence” could possibly make any difference to a human beings life in our reality! This is truly a “complex” idea and is not easily unpacked without extensive explanation. I could write a book on just this, but time is short and it is only one aspect of what is necessary to know.

CONSENT is a large part of our GOD GIVEN FREE WILL.

Besides the obvious “idea” that there is something called FREE WILL, which has been talked about within both philosophy and religion and even relates to stories of the origin of the Soul itself, there is another big idea called “multi-dimensional existence” that comes into play here with our so called free will, and is as important to understand as is consent.

I explained it to another person very effectively in this way: If you ever had the opportunity to watch the original STAR TREK SERIES, you may have seen SPOCK playing “chess” on three levels in a few of those episodes.

There were playing pieces on all three levels – and moves could be made on all three levels! Not only that, but under certain circumstances – a piece from the bottom level could do a move and take out a piece a few levels up.

This brings in the idea of the SUPERNATURAL which was part of the title of my long series: GCOM – (Great Con Of Man).

Supernatural simply means: happening on a level that can’t normally be seen.

So, in this regard, and in the way that I am choosing to use this word in this post -supernatural and multidimensional – are basically the same thing, because they have to do with the unseen.

What I am trying to explain here is that we are dealing with forces that are totally unseen.

YET, they really do exist, they have substance, and they are in fact trying to control our lives.  However, because we are an “enslaved race”, we are not meant to SEE our prison, or notice those prison guards that are having a daily affect on us, even though they do exist. The guards and controllers exist on higher frequency levels, which are not available to our limited eyesight.

This creates a very specific problem for us.

Back to SPOCK’S chess game.

He claimed that it was very difficult for a human being to play chess on three levels, because they were not used to thinking on multiple levels at the same time. What a great “clue” this is as to how things really are – and how WE are being manipulated by beings on a higher level.

Even though WE can’t see the other levels of the chessboard – they are there – and WE do have PLAYING PIECES on those levels – it is just that we can’t see them.

WE have chess pieces on the supernatural levels that WE have NEVER EVEN TOUCHED – much less moved on the board and into play in the great game.

Everything — and this is not a joke — I’m totally serious — and I’m not kidding — that happens with regards to our lives here on the Earth requires our CONSENT, which is a Chess Piece that we must move fist on a HIGHER LEVEL – before anything can happen to our physical bodies HERE ON THIS LEVEL!

No matter what it is — we must first sign or place our SIGNATURE (signet), or “sign” of consent — somewhere on the dotted line at some point – even if it is just mentally –  or nothing can be done to us — it’s required by COSMIC LAW.

Every kid knows how to say NO!   So why are adults so much dumber than their own kids? – Well, let’s find out shall we?



From the very moment you are born into this world, you are being trained – groomed – programmed and taught – to ALWAYS give your most sacred possession – YOUR CONSENT – to everything other people who are in positions of authority tell you to do!

This is a difficult process and takes a lot of time!


This is far from accidental!

It is the most critical part of the enslavement process — and it starts from the very second you are born — and when your parents “sign” the certificate of live birth at the Hospital.

The reason it is so critical is as I’ve pointed out above – NOTHING can ever be done to you without YOUR CONSENT – IT IS JUST THAT VITAL!

Thankfully – little kids don’t understand the memo at first!


This is the most vital part of “enslavement training” taking place here on Earth – and it is the process of teaching young children how NOT to say NO – but instead to say YES – TO EVERYTHING!

This takes about 12 full years of something called:   SCHOOLING!


It is the most critical part of the enslavement process — and it starts from the very second you are born — and when your parents “sign” the certificate of live birth at the Hospital.

What parents have done is “given consent” to the hospital to send the certificate of live birth to the “state” which then issues a formal BIRTH CERTIFICATE – with the name of their child all capitalized on it.

Here is what the STATE “really” did  when this happened.

  • They declared your child “still born” or dead!
  • Because your child is dead (legally on paper) – they are no longer a true living being.

So the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is really just a DEATH CERTIFICATE, and because they declared the child to be dead, they declared that all of it’s future assets and wealth, its physical body and mind, and even its children would therefore be “forfeit” and now somehow belonged to the STATE.

(And since neither you, nor your parents contested this gross FRAUD, it became “truth” inside of their absolutely crazy and insane law)

At this point, they graciously gave back to you – and to your parents – all the things that they now claimed to OWN, for your use – as long as you paid them a usury tax.

These things, they will allow you to “use” as long as you do what you are told to do. In other words you must follow all of their laws – their government rules – their regulations – etc. etc.

This of course is totally unlawful and against COSMIC LAW!

However, all anyone ever had to do was to CHALLENGE THIS and know – really know – what had been done to them —AND the “state” would have to back off.


The one thing – the only thing – that these Dark Magicians – and those f’ing off-world aka other dimensional beings could never claim to own is:  


They know that if they did that, then PRIME CREATOR – our loving Father -would kick them so hard that their cousin’s dog – living in another galaxy – would squeal endlessly from the pain.

This is why they set up our Earthly System of Banking and insane Legal Hierarchy which includes:  The Courts


This is why they gave those first civilizations they attempted to conquer and control, particularly the ancient maritime civilization – based first in Phoenicia – the Ancient Law of Contracts – and began to use paper contracts for everything done here on Earth!

From there it spread to Sumer, then to Babylon & finally to Egypt.

A signature became necessary for every act — because the signature becomes the “record” or your consent to what was being done. This did not happen all at once – and they have been playing this “takeover” game of theirs, with an eye toward the final period – a period of play that we are in RIGHT NOW.

Thus, the way they have set up the system on Earth – THEIR SYSTEM – which is an ENSLAVEMENT SYSTEM – nothing can ever be done without a signature or your consent on record.

Here’s the ELEPHANT in the room my friends.

  • WHY – WHY or someone please tell me why a signature always required?

It is NOT for the reason that you were told – NOTHING that you’ve ever been told is the truth!

The truth is very simple!  They need your signature as CONSENT – to record your agreement with your continued ENSLAVEMENT.

Could it really be as simple as the idea that NOTHING could ever be done to you if you had not consented to it in some way or some fashion first, perhaps even on a level that you were unaware of?


Even when you are a child, the “state” gives your parents the right to speak for you in all matters – which means that any consent concerning your welfare has to come from your parents. They need this consent because even though they claim to own your body – your SOUL is still up for grabs – and because you are the “product” of your parents DNA – it is your parents who are given the right to speak for you.

But remember, they were trained and taught as children to ALWAYS CONSENT to the authorities as well! So naturally, they usually give their consent on your behalf to the authorities until you can speak for yourself. By the time you are able to do so – you’ve also been trained to always consent, too.

(That’s right “fido” – you’ve been a very good dog today – you’ve consented to everything we’ve asked by simply writing your name on every piece of paper put in front of you!)


That unseen chess piece is your CONSENT – aka your ability to say NO!


Those beings who have imprisoned us know that this Universe is a FREEWILL ZONE, and they also know that there is in fact that A PRIME CREATOR.

They also know that there is a Universal Justice System that would literally DESTROY them permanently if they did not get – “on some level” – your permission for keeping you enslaved in the ways that they are currently doing it.

It’s simple for me to say – yet complicated for me to show you – just how deep the rabbit hole really goes – because you are so used to it.

YOUR CONSENT – is the very thing that they are getting from you daily – as you go about your life doing “business” every time you sign something. The idea and the fact that you are not totally aware of that – is the desired goal!

Unpacking this one idea could take hundreds of pages – and dozens of articles – so in the interest of moving forward – let’s leave that for now and say just one more thing –


That is why you need a marriage license to get married.

A license is permission to do something that is illegal – such as having sex with your spouse without a license. A license gives you legal permission to take your wife home and “do your business.”

That’s why who you have sex with is: None of my business.

You are correct!

It is YOUR BUSINESS, as is every other thing you do here on Earth – which is “regulated” by those who created BUSINESS in the first place.


Business is just: “Busy” “ness” or the act of being busy.

All of your “busy” – ness is regulated by our controllers which is why you need a “busy” ness license (from them) in order to even go out of your house and earn a living on this planet.

Even taking over the EARTH — and enslaving every living SOUL on the planet is very risky “busy” ness for them to undertake! And they are treading on very thin ice with PRIME CREATOR!

They have to do it in such a way so that everyone here asks for it, and gives their consent.

This is the whole purpose for the calendar and for religious celebrations! Each celebration marks a “RENEWAL” of your “CONTRACT” with them.

Each CHRISTMAS and EASTER and other Holidays – or HOLY DAYS are in fact the end of “CONTRACT CYCLES” which then need to be renewed. Thus almost every religion calls upon you to celebrate with them their holy day/holiday – and if you do – it must mean you are consenting to a new contract!

That is why they have to get millions and millions of signed “contracts” for every business thing that they do to us when interacting with us here on Earth or else PRIME CREATOR will have their “a$$”!

They have to get and have a record of your CONSENT on file for every tiny little thing – which you are trained to always give them – and their files are mind bogglingly large.

They also knew that a time was coming when everyone would be allowed to choose to either leave the game or to stay enslaved. If you are awake at all, you can see that they are currently using your consent — consent that was already given from the time you are a young adult — against you in every way possible to keep you from getting any more knowledge or freedom that might allow you to break free of their enslavement game.

Here’s where it gets really sticky!

Because you’ve already given so much consent in so many ways for so many years on the gross physical level, they really do have you on an “energetic level” which can cause endless problems in your life on the physical level.

However, every single one of you have many games pieces on the 2nd level up and the 3rd level up of the chess board that YOU’VE NEVER EVEN TOUCHED -merely because you didn’t even know they were there.

Using a “personal declaration of independence” – like the one that I have written and having a printed or spoken CONTRACT that removes any and all the consent you’ve ever given is a SUPERNATURAL TOOL — and is moving a very powerful piece on the game board a few levels up.

The truth is that this move does not necessarily WIN the game for you!

You’ve been had and screwed on the 1st level of the game board for a very long time and you were totally losing there. Moving a higher-level piece into play simply manages to STOP any future hurt and pain that they may be planning for you, and removes all consent to their tactics.

It basically achieves a supernatural roadblock and nothing more. It gives you time to assess just how much control they have gained over you in your life and how much you’ve been consenting to it all along.

It also tells those LOVING BEINGS – real beings who live many levels up on the game board that you are NO LONGER consenting to everything your enslavers want from you – and thus Cosmic Law now allows them to give you some much needed assistance!

Without this CHESS move – they are forbidden to interfere!

I’ve been asked this many times as well.

  • Who do we send this DECLARATION to on the physical level?

Here again – always thinking only on the bottom level!

Spock was right!  Stop thinking merely on just one level! You don’t have to send it to ANYONE!

You just need to download it – read it – sign it – and make it your own – and MEAN IT!

Once you’ve done this – you have moved a supernatural chess piece into play in your life on a much higher level.


Don’t be surprised if the very reason that the DENVER CIRCLE OF TWELVE (see this article below by Preston James) — and those men who practice RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE are doing this for the very same reasons I’ve just talked about.

They know all about higher-level discarnate beings. They understand that these beings operate energetically on the higher levels that are unseen. When they ask these DEMON gods for a favor – and for power over others – and for financial gain at any cost – the ENERGY necessary to do that type of work needs to come from somewhere!

These DEMONS need to be “fed” in order to energetically bind good people who would stand in the way of criminal activity, and the energy to do that “binding” has to come from somewhere. So, those asking for the favor offer up the life, blood and soul of a little child, IN SACRIFICE as “food” to the DEMON who will do the work they ask.

Because the NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA involves OFF WORLD multi-dimensional entities who truly want to own the planet and see all humans here continue to be enslaved, playing the chess game on the higher level is not only a wise thing to do – it probably is our only hope!

YOU can block their actions against you by removing your consent for anything they might want to do to you. A tool like the DECLARATION is fundamental in this regard.

As much as this sounds like “voodoo” or superstition, you have to remember who it was that TOLD YOU these things are not to be believed!

It was the government, and your friends at the Vatican who claimed these things are not for us to be concerned about.


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