By: Bradley Loves


It never ceases to amaze me just how wonderful people can be when you meet them in person, and talk to them honestly and openly…, as if they are your best friend.

Even though I have not had the pleasant experience of visiting personally with many of my readers, I am certain that if I did, I’d really enjoy it, because it is only an a very personal level that one finds that real communication takes place.

Only a few days ago…, I was putting the final touches on the last of my spring “projects”, the bulk of which took quite a bit of my personal time over the last 2 months.

I built a large backyard deck, and a “custom” walk-in shower that is made of a natural stone called travertine, replacing an old “fiberglass” shower that was very tiny and out of touch with the rest of the bathroom that it was in.

Here are two pictures of my finished work to give you an idea.

I am telling you this for an important reason!

It was while I was working and simply “doing what I do” that I met a man who I was able to have a conversation with…, and talk honestly to…, and really able to LEARN more about what was happening in the world around me.

As a part of building the custom shower, I met, and got to know the gentleman who I called to install the glass portion of the custom shower. (pictured above)

He was about as nice as they come…, and simply worked hard for a living.  He was not a “New Ager”…, knew nothing about Ascension…, but still held a very important conviction that things were changing on Earth.

He grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, and was able to talk to me about people’s “energies”…, and how he “felt” I was someone he should listen to.

We talked about the current political atmosphere in the country, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Religion, Magic, and the “energies” surrounding everything happening in the world.

After about an hour of some serious exoteric and esoteric discussion…, (while he did his work) he revealed to me that he was very worried about his own mother.

He was of hispanic/mexican descent…, and even though he was a professed “christian” and believed in christian values…, he admitted that his own mother still practiced “the old ways”.

He said she was heavily involved in voodoo, black magic, and other things that he did not approve of, and was very worried about her and his family relationship to her.

He then told me how he had asked his mother to stop what she was doing…, but had gotten nowhere with her, noting that she had claimed that she was perfectly “protected” from any harm or fallout from her “magical” activities.

So this is where todays “lesson” (if you want to call it that) starts.


The gentleman told me that he noticed that even though his mother never seemed to suffer any ill effects from what she was doing…, he noted that his own family…, (his wife and his children) seemed to be suffering far too many “extreme bad luck” experiences in rapid succession to be over-looked.

He admitted that he many times wondered if some of the harmful affects of what she was doing was bouncing back on him, his wife, and his kids.  He then asked me what I thought about it!

This drew our discussion into the “unseen” world that I talked about in this article here:

I explained to him that it was highly plausible that his mothers actions were indeed the source of his own families suffering from many esoteric reasons that were not a first obvious.

I told him that the power and the energy that she was sending out into the manifest frequency world was most likely having an effect upon her intended targets…, but there was always a RESIDUAL PORTION of that energy which HAD TO COME BACK TO IT’S SOURCE, or the one who is/was sending it out.

Since she was taking actions to “magically” or “magnetically” block the return of those “energies” to her own physical body…, he (as her son) and an extension of her life and her extended energy…, was the next best place for those energies to make their return to.

You see…, if we look deeply into the way “energies” work…, we could consider this man’s mother as the “trunk” of a very large tree…, while the man and his family, as well as any other brothers or sisters he might have…., were smaller branches of the very same tree.

Energetically…, however…, they are part of the same “family tree”.

If the returning negative energies could not attack the trunk of the tree directly…, then “attacking the branches” is the only other option for these returning negative energies.

This man told me about about countless bizzare sicknesses and untimely accidents that he and his own family was having and experiencing at the moment…, all of them seemingly random and out of reason, and wondered if it could be a result of what his mother was doing.


This type of “energy science” has nothing to do with “RELIGION” at all…, or even religious belief systems…, but instead has to do wholly with energetics,  harmonics, and the way these “unseen” forces work.

The process of energies working within the cosmos is called:


This is why the Bible was able to say things like:

…The sins of the father (or the mother) will be visited unto the next 7 generations.


To answer that…, there is also a biblical teaching that goes like this:

…As you sow…, so shall you reap….

We’ve basically discussed this before…

This means very simply (in farming terms) that IF you plant corn…, then the only possible thing that will grow is corn!

No one in the history of planting seeds has ever planted corn…, and gotten tomatoes to grow!

If you sow corn…, you GET CORN!

On the level of ENERGY or more simply put energetics…, it works the very same way!

Whatever you sow (or plant)…, THAT IS WHAT YOU REAP…, (meaning that this is what COMES BACK TO YOU)

This means that if you send out evil…, evil HAS TO RETURN TO YOU because YOU are the source of that evil!

It’s a must…, a NATURAL LAW…, or a given!

Now…, this being said…, let’s THINK BIGGER…, and LOOK DEEPER!

As crazy as things are getting in our recent history…, I have to admit…, even things like NATURAL LAW are being totally messed with.


Gene splicing…, genetically modifying seeds and the food we eat is literally “changing” the way things work and manifest in our Natural World.

By messing with and “adjusting” the frequencies that we live in and and that surround us…., by using Microwaves, Scalar Waves and all other manner of “wave type” weapons, the powers that be are now attempting to CHANGE what happens in the unseen world of “energetics”, and thereby desperatly trying to have a real effect on NATURAL LAW.


So…, even though “as you sow…, that shall you reap”…, normally holds true…, what I am seeing is an attempt to CHANGE THAT!

Here’s something to think about:

WHAT IF…., technology had been developed that assisted those working with and for “THE DARK” in transfering the energy signature of evil deeds, and was able to move it from one human being , and reattach it to another??


A less religious way of saying “as you sow…, so shall you reap”…, is that for every action…, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Once again…, leaving out all of the religious superstition here…, all that we are dealing with here is energy and it’s natural affects as designed by the cosmos.

Now…, I’ve really opened up a real can of worms here to suggest that there is actual TECHNOLOGY that has been developed to divert, or steer returning “energy” haven’t I?

But this is what seems to have happened in the fake reality we are now living in…, and thus, you are seeing men and women on a daily basis who are in leadership roles and positions who are doing GREAT EVIL here on the Earth…, and who never seem to suffer…, while at the same time seeing perfectly loving people all over the planet who are suffering greatly.


This has always bothered me…, and the completely “canned” and supremely delusional answer that the NEW AGERS have come up with…, which is that these “loving people” did really “bad” things in past lives…, has also bothered me to no end.


You are NOT getting the whole story…, and you certainly can not TRUST that the messages that are coming from the out of body beings (as in Channeled Messages) are in any way accurate or trustworthy.

What if the “attraction” or the “frequency” for your own personal KARMA was nothing more than a “magnetic signature”??

What if “magnetic signatures” could be “applied” to your energetic system as easy as recording something on a Digital Memory Stick??

What if the actual “magnetic signatures” for KARMA had been discovered inside the energy body of human beings??


Isn’t all “memory” magnetic at some level after all…, even genetic memory??

What “IF” that memory could be messed with, changed or altered?

What if your “personal Karma” was nothing more than a residual magnetic signature resting within your “energy being”…, and that very powerful technology had been developed by lets say (The Draco’s) or other Alien frieds of the DARK CABAL…, that could “cancel out” that energy signuture on one person, and then duplicate the same signature onto another??

How hard would that be knowing what we know about computers, programming, and bio-chemical similarities between computer hardware and the human body?

OKAY…, let’s just say this was possible…, AND for agruments sake…, let’s say that it is being done!

How would the Universe even know?

What if there were some really messed up “higher beings” or “gate keepers” above us in technology who were “in charge” of certain levels of  creation…, and as LONG AS ALL OF THE EARNED KARMA from this particular region of creation was resolved or paid (BY SOMEONE)…, no one from a HIGHER LEVEL OF CREATION would ever bother to check to see if everything was being done honestly???


How easy would it be for such technological beings as described above to simply erase a magnetic signature that was originally designed by SOURCE or PRIME CREATOR as a result of “natural law” to attach to a 3D human in order to “bring the karma or the result” of a person’s actions back to them?

What if it was really as simple as erasing that “magnetic signature” from one human, and then recreating it on someone else…, only to keep the “BOOKS BALANCED” so that no one from the higher up levels would stop to take notice?

What if what we are all experiencing here on the EARTH as earned “KARMA”…, is simply an ACCOUNTING TRICK on Galactic Scale??


Do we know of anyone living here on Earth at this time that is using endless CONS and “accounting tricks” to steal personal wealth and personal energy, pillaging, and enslaving countless human beings without their consent or even their knowledge??


The ALL CAPS NAME…, and the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is “exactly” this type of “accounting trick” and is being done to ALL OF US as we speak!

Do you think that if the technology to STEAL GOOD KARMA was avaiable to the DARK CABAL…, that it would NOT BE USED??


What would the Earth begin to look like if this was possible??

Really evil and devaint men and women (who worked for such out of body beings) would live really great lives of health and abundance no matter how much EVIL they did or were doing, while men and women who only did really good and loving things in their life always seemed to have bad luck and get horrible things suddenly happening to them!

As I look around I see DEEPLY EVIL BEINGS living grand and glorious lives and seemingly are able to side step a very important COSMIC and NATURAL LAW that should be functioning without interuption!


The leaders of many countries could rape little children on a daily basis and do Ritual Child Sacrifice…, (horribly evil things)…, and through the use of (perhaps Alien) super advanced technology…, get the “KARMA” of that action erased from their own “magnetic signatures” and then transfered over to someone else who had no bad “KARMA” at all.

And here’s the rub…,

You see…, AS LONG AS THE KARMA GETS PAID…., no one from the higher levels bothers to check into it because the “BOOKS ARE BALANCING” and so no problem seems to be occurring on the lower levels were we are experiencing reality.

For this to be happening…, the DARK CABAL would have to have enlisted the help (bribed) some very high beings who are supposed to be check and balance for things like this!

And hmm, let’s see…, what do we know about checks and balances being corrupted!

Let’s look at the Banking System.

Moody’s, Standard & Poors…, and other rating system were supposed to grade investments and keep the Banks honest…, but instead…, they started taking bribes and working for the VERY PEOPLE THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE WATCHING!

You don’t think this could happen on a higher level??

Remember this is all happening on an ENERGETIC LEVEL…, so as long as the energy balances out…, the Universe can still act as if everything is hunky dory.

What if all of this was happening, or being done to us due to our ASSUMED CONSENT…, due to the ALL CAPS NAME??

Since they think the “OWN US”…., just like they take everything else from their “slaves”…, why not take their GOOD KARMA TOO…, and “deposit” their own evil Karma upon their slaves.

What “IF” …, when your “BIRTH CERTIFICATE”, (a Bank Bond) was created…, and your ALL CAPS NAME placed on it…, that was a DARK MAGIC SPELL done by the elites in order to not only claim your body as their property (as they have done)…, but to very literally have a place to easily transfer THEIR BAD KARMA TO…, and a place to TAKE GOOD KARMA FROM!!

Isn’t this MORE OF THE SAME type of ACCOUNTING TRICKS THEY ARE ALREADY DOING??  Why would this be any different that what we’ve already seen?

This would give them an endless cycle of happy and joyous living while here on Earth…, no matter how many bad or evil things they ever decided to do while they were here

It would be like living permanently without consequences…, and never having to pay for what you did!

Now…, who do we know that would love to live like that???

Does HILLARY CLINTON ring a bell to anyone??

What about JOHN PODESTA??



Do the New Ager’s out there even know what they are talking about when they say EVERYTHING that happens here is due to bad Karma??

Have they thought of everything, or looked at all the possibilities that could happen in a wave type of enviornment??

Or…, are they just acting like “parrots” and repeating and regurgitating what they heard from some channeled entity??

I’ll leave you thinking about this for now…, but…, MORE will most certainly be coming.

Look for PART TWO of:


All my love…



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