By: Bradley Loves


Is it just me, or do I see MORE and MORE human beings acting as if “thinking” is for fools?

The MSM, and the Illuminati have poured millions of dollars into grooming Media Broadcasters and News “Presenters” who “make fun” of any one who engages in critical thinking!


If you just watched even a few mintues of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, or CBS…, (and you did it with a “clear” mind) ….you would see that these men and women are basically NOT ALLOWING YOU to think for yourself!

(I left FOX out temporarily because some of them are actually trying to tell us the truth).

These Networks don’t ask you to THINK, they don’t want you to THINK!

What they will do is to tell you all of the reasons that you should either FEEL or THINK in a certain way…, but that is not asking you to figure things out for yourself!

They are NOT asking you to use deductive reasoning, nor are they asking you to connect any dots. (They will do that for you!)

They are basically  “CREATING OPINIONS” and then handing them off to you as your own!

If you take (without asking any questions and without doing any research of your own) their “opinions” and then you repeat or regurgitate those opinions to someone else…, then…, YOU ARE A BRAINWASHED MORON!

If you watch these Media outlets carefully, and closely disect what they are doing on their “programs” what you will find is that they are very carefully giving you all of the reasons why you NEED to have a certain opinion, without letting you decide for yourself what that is.

This, very simply, is known as:    BRAINWASHING.

Almost every single News Presenter has gone to the Tavistock Institute for training, which is the very core of MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY around the world for Media Presenters.



Anyone who has “made the contract” with SATAN, and is working for the Globalists will do everything within their power to “belittle” and “make fun” of people who want to THINK THINGS THROUGH for themselves.

It is one of their biggest missions, and they are trained to do it in every way possible.

In fact, a CIA Asset once told me that the biggest single weapon they have to use against humanity is:  RIDICULE

He said that 90 percent of all humanity will always buckle and “come back in line” simply as a result of this one single TOOL.

He said the DEEP FEAR of ridicule is what controls almost everyone on the planet!

He told me that the CIA does not “like” to kill people if they don’t have to…, and so “ridicule” is always used to the EXTREME before they move on to other tactics.

A key part of the RIDICULE PROJECT that is in place for the CIA is actively spreading “false” information.

DISINFORMATION or FAKE INFORMATION is a huge key in aiding the men and women of the CIA to use the RIDICULE tactic on actual targets.



The CIA was able to infiltrate and to place countless “assets” who are being PAID and getting a salary from them into almost every single NEWS ORGANIZATION!

Anderson Cooper of CNN is just one example of countless thousands of men and women working actively for the CIA and taking their money!

  • Well…, what does a CIA “asset” (not agent) do for the CIA?

Their job is to “spread” dis-information, fake information, false information, and half truths so that when real CIA agents show up and target would be whistle blowers and truth tellers…, they can use the RIDICULE tactic more effectively.

They tell the “target” that no one sane will ever believe them, and they will be seen as a total FOOL for the rest of their lives!

Men like Anderson Cooper are INSANELY EVIL, and doing insanely evil work!

The “work” he does for the CIA allows for far more insidious work to be done by OTHERS…, and allows for innocent LIVES to be ruined and destroyed!

This is how things work.

When you refuse to THINK CRITICALLY about things, and break down these subjects into small pieces and inspect them microscopically, you miss how it all fits together.

Cooper is not the only one doing this!  He is just one of thousands, if not tens of thousands of men and women that are actively on the payroll of the CIA!

Now, when I write an article telling you as my readers that you are actively being BETRAYED by your friends and neighbors, and that there are countless human beings who are TAKING MONEY to LIE and to DECIEVE YOU…, this is not a joke and this is not hype!

The world looks the way it does ONLY because so many human beings have BETRAYED and SOLD OUT their own species!

Closer to home, these men and women are DESTROYING AMERICA and are committing TREASON against the people of this country!

Like George HW Bush once said to a journalist:

If the people of this country ever found out what we are doing to them…, they would chase us down and string us up from the highest lamp post!

Why would he say that?

Because it’s TREASON

These men and women are actively betraying their fellow country men and therefore deserve to be SHOT!

(Even Bush Sr. Knew this and said so!)



All of this costs the “Government” Billions of dollars.  We are not talking about a paltry few million here.   BILLIONS are being spent on these willing “assets” whose only job it is to DIS-INFORM and DECIEVE the American Population.

Now, it used to be ILLEGAL for the CIA to run Psy-ops Operations within the borders of America!

Guess who got rid of that law??

“Saint Obama”

Yes, that’s right…, the one the “channelers” told us (over and over again) was here to DISCLOSE THE TRUTH about everything made certain that once he left office, NO ONE would ever know the TRUTH.

He got rid of the LAW that made it ILLEGAL for the CIA to lie to the American people.

Don’t believe me…, read this link:

U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans



The New Age (which was started by the Freemasons) has basically developed a whole entire system of MIND CONTROL in the same way that the CIA works.

Once again, this control is quite subtle, but the KEY ELEMENT is always the same.  That is the “spread” of false information by New Age Blogs and Websites, so that “others” can use RIDICULE against you if you don’t believe as they do.

Their mission is to tell you what the TRUTH (supposedly) is, and give you every reason NOT want to THINK about it.

The “TRUTH” comes to you already “pre-packaged” , and placed into a nice easy to open box with a bow around it.

This is essentially what Channeled Messages are:

Pre-Packaged Truth in a box, with a bow around it!

None of the Channelers EVER ask you to think about what they say and try to figure out if it is TRUE or not.

Why would they?

This defeats their purpose entirely.

The CON that they are playing on you here is that the “TRUTH” has already been decoded and given to you…, NO RESEARCH NECESSARY!

Like a McDonald’s hamburger…, it comes pre-packaged in a box and is already pre-cooked and ready to eat!  You don’t have to DO ANYTHING.

New Agers, just like the men and women who go to church every Sunday, want SOME ONE ELSE to tell them what the TRUTH is.

They don’t want to THINK!

So whether you are watching the MSM (Main Stream Media) or…, yes New Agers…, OR…, listening/reading a Channeled Message…, you are REQUIRED to think deeply about what you just heard/read and then literally RIP that message apart into tiny little pieces to see if it holds water!

Here is where most people watching the News or Listening to Channeled Messages FAIL EVERY TIME.

No matter who they are…, when you ask them why they refuse to change their thinking, they will tell you:

  • I just want to BELIEVE
  • I just want to have FAITH
  • I want to TRUST
  • I don’t want to THINK

And now you know exactly why the world looks like it does!

Here is the lesson for today my brothers and sisters…, hear it if you can…



All my love….









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