By: Bradley Loves


The backlash against Donald Trump is staggering, and he’s been in office only a few weeks.  I get it.   He’s not popular!  But can he help make things better in the reality that we all share?

More and more people are thinking the answer is no.  But…, have we given him any time?  Barack Obama was given 8 long years…., why not give Trump a few months to see.

I can not see any way that TRUMP could destroy the world MORE than what Obama has done.

There are many problems that we are all facing…, but is Trump in bed with those who created these problems?   He certainly has led a life filled with benefit…, but…, at this moment in time…, is he for, or against those who have intentionally created such a worldwide mess?

The signs seem to indicate that most of the “World Establishment” neither likes, nor wants him.  They preferred Hillary.

This has to lead one to believe that at the very least there is a conflict happening at very high levels of world control.

This is why the video interview between Jeff Rense and Cathrine Austin Fitts seemed to be a good one.  It looks at this dynamic.

Honestly though…, in my opinion…, if Trump wants to do anything successful at all…, he would need to start telling the TRUTH!

Moving the chess pieces around on the chess board for better position, is NO LONGER GOING TO WORK!

We’ve got many people who also think he can do a lot for America…, but if all he does is move the furniture around on the deck of the Titanic as it sinks, then he is not really helping…, and we are going to have to come to grips with that!

So…, it just really boils down to one thing…, and one thing only.

The real question is this:   IS HE GOING TO TELL THE TRUTH?

TRUTH…, as I’ve said many times…, is what is going to SAVE US ALL!

Not just Americans…, but everyone.   It is the “end” of secrecy that will be the end to division.

Let me repeat that, because sometimes the most profound things in a post…, don’t get the attention they need.



Barack Obama had 8 long years to push for Disclosure and to tell even the tiniest bit of the TRUTH!  He failed!  He failed miserably…, and in my opinion is a disgrace!

But what about Donald Trump??

There is a lot of speculation that Trump is in fact a FREEMASON.   I’ve seen several articles that have said as much…, (many on but I’ve seen NO pictures of him wearing his Freemasonic Regalia!

I’ve also seen articles on claiming that Freemason Donald Trump (we have yet to prove he is one) is here to save America!  I doubt very much that many of the things I’ve read recently on this website are true.  Too many of the recent posts there are filled with wild and almost fantastic fancy.

Getting back to Donald Trump as a Freemason….

All Freemason’s have to wear the apron and sash, and usually have pictures of themselves doing so.

I’ve yet to see any.

We did have a bunch of nude plastic statues of him placed in certain cities around the country wearing the Masonic Ring on a finger…, but THAT is not conclusive.

It is of interest “HOW” it was done however…, as if to say…, “The Emporer has NO clothes…”, and to show him naked…, but with the ring on his finger.

So, if anyone has REAL picture of him wearing his apron and sash…, I’d like to see them.


Freemasons are a very secretive and deceptive society.

I don’t know how many slides I’ve put up on my blog showing my readers the reach of Freemasonry in America.  I’ve also shown that there is a huge connection between Freemasonry and Satanism.

There is also a huge connection between Freemasonry and the Jesuits!

Don’t forget that!!



Sort of like that “stage show” that gets put in America’s Heavy Weaight Wrestling.

What we need right now IS REAL PROOF!   What we need right now is REAL RESEARCH!

What we don’t need right now…, is more crazy channeled messages telling us that Obama is going to save us all….,  or more channeled messages telling us that the Ascension is on the verge of happening sooooonnnnnn!

So…, I will do my part to dig as deeply as I can…,  to make sure that we are considering everything…, but I need help as well!

If we put our heads together…, we will figure this out!

All my love…


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