By: Bradley Loves


Thinking WAY bigger and WAY deeper has it benefits!  I’m really grateful to Aron for bringing this post to my attention!

We’ve finally got some readers here at this blog who are really starting to DIG to the deepest depths and look under every single rock!

Aron brought THIS to my attention!

And it is something that I’ve been looking into every since I started writing.  In fact, if you look on YouTube, you may find a video of me doing a c0 – interview with Dani McKenny and a former Super Soldier who basically said that the Illuminati powers were using CERN to open portals and gateways into OTHER DIMESIONS for this very purpose!

(At least that was what he “speculated”)

He also said that there were “White Hats” watching CERN very closely, and that destroying it totally was not off the table.

Here are the most important parts of the post:

Quantum Computing: the New Religion.

D-WAVE Systems Inc is a quantum computing company claiming to be the world’s first company to sell computers which exploit quantum effects in their operation.

The general idea is to tap in resources from parallel universes through the use of quantum computers and import them to have an effect in our world. You got it: magic!

Let’s watch until 8:00 how D-WAVE’s founder Geordie Rose describes these machines: video. “It feels like an altar to an alien god”. Okay… But there is more, watch until 10:40.

Did you catch it? Our magician of the day confesses he’s not pulling out resources from parallel universes but from their “shadows”. This is the very essence of magic in its darkest form and his deluded audience is buying all of it.

To know more about this, let’s decode the Maestro’s tweets. He tweeted twice on Feb 3 2019.

Img4  The first tweet was very entertaining and challenging to decode. It was posted at 16:14 and this time going to Q1614 did not help. I was intrigued by the sentence: “He shot a 64”. When the Maestro gives you a number, it always means something. I finally found the way by opening the Bible. Since Genesis is the first chapter of the Bible, the timestamp 16:14 can be read Genesis 6:14.

This verse is about Noah’s Ark and says: “Make thee an ark of gopher wood”. Since the tweet is about Tiger, Jack and golf, this “gopher” is one pronounced L away from being in context. You would then have a clear path from gopher wood to golfer wood and finally to Tiger Woods. Pretty cool right?

Where do we get the L? Peruvian Coffee for those who saw L is the 64th letter of the alphabet and this is why the Maestro said: “He shot a 64”! Hahaha! Thank you Mr. President, this was awesome! What do we get from this? We get we are in biblical context and this helps decode the capital letters. They add up to ETTGHHTMNJHJT= 163 which is the same value as NIMROD THE MAGICIAN. First clue.

Img5 The second tweet was posted at 17:03. We go to Q1703 and see RR. This brings the ROD that confirms the NIMROD found earlier. Capital letters add up to 264 for the first group and 93 for KEEP OUT. Because of the minus sign, we subtract and get 264-93=171 which is SAVIOR OF MANKIND and BLACK HOLE DIMENSION.

Why do we keep both of them? Because they respectively echo the capitalized STRONG and KEEP OUT from the tweet. I’ll show you. Peruvian Coffee for those who know their Q drops and connected SAVIOR OF MANKIND to the US Military through Q114 and solved STRONG! To solve KEEP OUT and why it’s related to this BLACK HOLE DIMENSION, you need to watch the Maestro until 9:30 here.

Did you catch his hands’ circular movement when talking about the portals? He is alluding to the BLACK HOLE DIMENSION from which extra dimensional immigrants are illegally entering our planet, our biology and our homes.

If you doubt this, ask yourself what kind of “human pain” he is really referring to when answering the next question video. Do you know the ultimate target for criminal aliens in their effort to destroy human society? Answer: the atom of human society, the couple. Now you know why the Maestro said this about human pain:  “The husband that lost the wife or the wife that lost the husband to an illegal immigrant that came 5 or 6 times that shouldn’t be here.

That’s the human pain.”   Yes, he is talking about the disturbance of the human couple caused by extra dimensional entities and that led to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the Flood in the past… This past is our future as we approach the Return of Christ:

But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Matthew 24:37

If you don’t know Noah’s Ark and the Flood was about genetic manipulation, the alteration of the human form to create hybrid alien species and ultimately trans-humanism and the antichrist agenda, then you probably don’t know Sodom and Gomorrah was about conscious or unconscious sexual intercourse with extra dimensional entities in order to set the stage for the destruction of the human couple.

So? We are under attack. From other dimensions. Through technologies like quantum computing and the CERN Hadron collider, a group of Satanists have partnered with extra dimensional entities to facilitate this invasion. They are resurrecting ancient technologies used by Nimrod and are refreshing the other “scientific” experiments that caused the Flood and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

You thought the engineered illegal immigration was just about destroying America? Now that you are aware of its metaphysical component, you know it’s bigger than you thought: it’s about destroying mankind.


I’ve ALWAYS been very honest with my readers!  I’ve never held back, and I’ve never LIED.

From the very beginning I’ve TOLD YOU ALL that we are in a SPIRITUAL WAR!

I’ve also said that it is on going and that every last SOUL is in jeapordy!

The SATANISTS were allowed to get too powerful here on Earth.  This was a result of “LOOKING AWAY”…, not wanting to judge, not wanting to get hurt.

All I can say is this:  GOD WAS WATCHING!

It is an insult to our loving FATHER when a man or woman takes “money” to cause harm to another human being.

In countless SECRET PROGRAMS that are currently on-going, millions of men and women have taken a “PAYCHECK” to keep quiet about amazingly EVIL THINGS while the entire world SUFFERED under the hand and thumb of the CABAL.

In other words, they “took the money” to look the other way while their human brothers and sisters were being tormented, abused, neglected and killed.

They are abject cowards.


We are now seeing the “benefit” of (or the penance of) willingly turning a BLIND EYE to all of the evil things that were literally ALLOWED TO HAPPEN here on Earth…, simply in exchange for MONEY.


He saw that man was more willing to take dollars than to VALUE HUMAN LIFE.

This lack of wisdom comes with a very severe cost!

If man takes money and devalues someone else’s life…, then he devalues HIS OWN LIFE AS WELL.


Let the Demons have them!  NOW they will have to FIGHT for every single life on Earth…, and maybe then they will VALUE LIFE!

None of this needed to happen if the ILLUMINATI had been rounded up by the MILITARY decades ago!

Instead, the Police, Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, and Government Officials SERVED THEM as if they were Royalty.

This is cowardice!


Thank you Aron for sending me this link and for THINKING BIGGER and for DIGGING DEEPER!

All my love…


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