Almost everything I have written here is the TRUTH – and almost everything is written in code!

Five years ago – no one would have thought that what we are going through right now could have happened.  

Yet I warned you of what they were up to!

I am re-writing THINK BIGGER – LOOK DEEPER t0 prove to you that everything I said five years ago was real and TRUE!

  • No one listened to me then!
  • Only a few are listening to me now!

If five more years go by, and real action is not taken to put down these Luciferians – then what you will see and experience at that time – when you see what is happening then – you will wish to GOD you had listened to me!

At that time, every single breath you take – you will curse your self – for being so foolish and for not listening to and not reading what was written here!  

Furthermore – you will never forgive yourself for not taking REAL and IMMEDIATE ACTION while you still had the chance!




Everything that Hollywood does – which is filled with Satanists and Pedophiles – refers to Ancient Egypt and Babylon!

See this about PTAH!

Every single New Ager and New Age Bl0g is “consumed” by the “gods” of Egypt, Babylon, and the Satanists!


You are being “MIS-LED”

Oh, and just to prove it to you – who does David Wilcock point to the most when preaching his NEW AGE religion??  The Egyptian god RA!

I have just one thing to say here – RA IS NOT A GOD!  

Notice here that when Hollywood itself depicts the “god” RA – he is surrounded by many very young children – mostly boys – who are almost naked!

And yet everything this entity has said was recorded into a series of books called THE LAW OF ONE – which is being sold as the total TRUTH!

See the video above at exactly 2:12 in – and see the all seeing eye of RA on the Jaffa’s arm! Plain as day!

Further more – if Hollywood could have gotten away with it – every single child in this particular scene – standing around RA – would have been totally naked!  That is because the “gods” use children sexually!  This is the message in this scene!


This proves only one single thing – Wilcock – and others like him, – whether they understand it or not – are worshipping the very SAME gods being worshipped by the Satanists and the Luciferians!

They simply are not willing to admit it.   It is called:  Living in – De-Nile

Here is where almost every New Ager lives…


See this post:





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