I know, I know – everyone who has never seen, felt, or experienced GOD in some way wants PROOF! 

The fact of the matter is that there is nothing that I will ever be able to say, demonstrate, or show you that will provide you ultimate proof of GOD unless and until HE does that HIMSELF.

And, because of FREEWILL, you have to ask HIM for that and then patiently wait.

However, for those of you, my very dedicated readers, who have been with me and have been following me from the very beginning, you will have NOW SEEN VERIFIABLE PROOF that what I am writing here and have already written many times is the truth.

This goes for even the more Arcane and Outrageous things that I have posted – things which I had no way of knowing – and things that are also being proved true.

  • How can a guy who spent his entire life building and remodeling things KNOW all of these things??
  • How does a carpenter KNOW for a fact that the world we live on – and the entire Universe is a HOLOGRAM?
  • Furthermore – how did I know that it was specifically a MAGNETIC HOLOGRAM??
  • How can a man who has never (in his entire life) studied “magic” know so much – very deep things about magic?
  • How can I know anything that I know – without formal school or training – and still get it so right?

The truth of the matter – and you’ll have to think very carefully about this – is that GOD is using “me” as his servant – to provide you with the PROOF that HE does exist.

HE is showing everyone who has ever read at LOVE TRUTH SITE – that anyone – no matter who they are – and no matter what humble beginnings they may have come from – can KNOW EVERYTHING – even so far as predicting future events – because all of that information is coming from HIM!

So I am walking and talking proof – that GOD DOES EXIST.

Because if GOD did not exist – for all you doubters out there – then please logically EXPLAIN what I am doing here and how I am writing all of this…, and teaching all of you many things which are not even found in any university on the planet?

Is it that hard for you to believe in a benevolent GOD – who loves us all so very much – that HE would do everything in HIS power to help and to give aid – even BEFORE most people have even asked for it??

Why did HE send so many volunteer souls to Earth – if HE did not see this coming and see the NEED for them beforehand?

Go back seven years in my writings and you’ll see countless predictions which were very accurate about what was coming and what to look for.

GOD is also “forcing” those who oppose you to openly TELL YOU who they are:



Above is an article written by Henry Makow – but apparently taken from a letter or message that he purportedly got directly from Jacob Rothschild himself.  And below that is a second article as to why Makow really believes the message was from Rothschild.

I will tell you WHY this had to happen.

He felt he had to say something honestly to the public because Rothschild – an unapologetic DARK LUCIFERIAN MAGICIAN – sees that his “magic” is obviously no longer working.

He has carefully retraced all of his steps in casting this world wide spell and the ONLY conclusion for it not to be working (that he can think of) is that he did not FULLY and OPENLY inform everyone on Earth of what he was attempting to do to them – and so GOD (someone he hates) and the ANGELS that are helping us are holding him away from his final goal.

So – he felt he HAD to come out into the public and openly and very honestly tell everyone on Earth what he was attempting to do them!  In this way – he felt that the BLOCK on his magic spell would be removed – and if everyone STILL allowed him to do it – then he could use that in the Court of Heaven against all of humanity as a reason for GOD to allow his desires to come to pass.


This is also proof – that GOD does exist. 

If GOD did not exist – there would not have been any blocks or holds placed upon this Luciferian take over of the Earth.

We are living in AMAZING TIMES!

At every turn – GOD is showing you that HE does exist!

All you have to do it look – and have FAITH the size of a mustard seed!


Recognize that HE is everywhere – and HE SEES everything.

Finally, even little kids seem to “get” it – they do KNOW – GOD SHOWS THEM.

All my love…


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