By: Bradley Loves


As I have always been told…, even the blind will finally be made to see!

David Wilcock has posted a very long 4 part series, and I do think that it is well worth reading.

That link is here:


You see, David Wilcock…, even though he is a good researcher, has ALWAYS been a guy in denile.  Unwilling to call a spade a spade…, and just tell it like it is.

Well, he is CHANGING.

Welcome to the club David!

Welcome to what it feels like to be one of GODS real warriors.

Why do I say such things?

Because it was David Wilcock who first made up the word:


That was actaully (as far as I can tell) a creation of his own making.

It has (sadly) been used like a knife against good people and good researchers the WORLD OVER.  And it HURTS!!!!

And I am not the only one who has had to deal with the fallout of his giant EGO.

Men like Steve Quayle, and several others have had to defend themselves against other people who attacked them with DAVID’s OWN PHRASE….

David has NO CLUE that by using such a word, he actually empowered all kinds of blatant disregard and hate towards those of us who were really trying to bring out the deepest and darkest secrets the CABAL was hiding from us.

David has NO CLUE that by using such a word, he created an atmosphere where good men and women did not even want to support or donate to BLOGS like mine, and others which were digging deep and really bringing out the darkest secrets!

All because of his repeated use of his own created phrase: FEAR PORN

But unlike David Wilcock…, I am far more loving…, (and forgiving) and so I can recognize effort.  I am posting his article because it contains possibly some good information and I think he MAY have turned a corner.

What’s interesting to note here are the words that he is using now!!


Although this may cause fear, anxiety and paranoia, we need to look at this head-on if we ever want this global nightmare to stop.


Did you EVER in your wildest dreams think that the “creator” of the phrase FEAR PORN would be saying somthinng like this??

I think David has finally “grown up”!

It may be that due to ALL of the hidden information coming out.., he is finally seeing just how dark, how dank, how corrupt, and how putrid and horible things were behind the scenes!!

Remember this guy is a researcher…, but he had his OWN personal BIAS…, which in my opinion was HUGE…, and kept him from really getting it on the deeper LEVEL.

He always wanted to BELIEVE…, that the “dark” was somehow good.., or helping mankind.

This “belief” I think is starting to get smaller and smaller and he RECOGNIZES that we need to clean up and get RID OF the dark.

David’s problem (which is the same with ALL NEW AGERS) is his belief in CHANNELED MESSAGES.

It has taken him a long time to shake off what most GREAT (not just good) researchers have learned was an elaborate CON JOB.

I could post a dozen parts of his Four Part Article which prove he has changed his mind-set from what it used to be…, but that is NOT my real goal in this post.

It is simply to bring your attention to his article, and give you a reason to look at it.

PS…, I find it only too interesting that in the middle of all the scandals coming forward…, it appears as if Barack Obama is up to his eye-balls in corruption, crime, and evil!

Read the Article he posted!

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