By: Bradley Loves

Continuing with Preston James long article, I will be talking today about what he wrote in PART TWO of what ended up being a THREE PART SERIES.  The entire series was called:

Alien Agenda V: World Zionists Play Russian Roulette With Alien ET’s… and part two of that series can be found posted on the VETERANS TODAY website located HERE.

He starts off Part Two with this written in bold:

The Dracos are allegedly threatening complete “Global Reset” if their cutouts do not complete their assigned Alien Agenda.

Now…, when he first wrote this article it was July 19, 2014!  In Part One…, he stated that the “CABAL OLIGARCHS” (according to insider sources) had been given 2 (TWO, II) years to completely “reset” the Globe, AND to kill 90 percent of the population…, or the DRACO’S themselves (and their allies the Greys) would do it FOR THEM…, killing them as well.

So let’s see now…, the article was published in July of 2014…, take away a month or two for insider sources to get the word out…, that takes us back to about May or June of 2014…, and now ADD two years for the Ultimatum…, and BINGO…, we get approximately MAY or JUNE of 2016!

Where are we now?  Oh yeah…, we are at March 13 of 2016…, aren’t we!  As I’ve said in another article…, NOT MUCH TIME LEFT…, is there?

Oh, and what have we “heard” in the Alternative News over and over again for the last year or so…, that THERE IS GOING TO BE A GLOBAL RESET!

It’s coming!

WOW!  You bet it is!

And, we’ve got hundreds of millions of people all over the world “begging” for the GLOBAL RESET, so they can cash in or exchange their DINAR…,  But…, my question is this…, WHAT KIND OF RESET ARE WE GOING TO REALLY GET?

So to “start” this second part of his article, Preston says this:

According to inside sources which have provided reliable information in the past, these Draco Alien ETs are deadly serious about attaining their Agenda. They have now informed the WZs and their top Policy-Makers in the SSG that they are willing to let humans continue to live and inhabit planet earth only if they submit to draconian control measures. This means they must allow themselves to be completely Psychotronically and remotely “hived” to a centralized virtual group mind inside a large quantum computer, allowing no deviations from their specified set of social rules. Perhaps the new Vesuvius computer at the Bluffdale, Utah NSA Facility is to be this central “hive-mind.”

Well…, that about sums it up…, doesn’t it!  These sleezy, glutonous Oligarchs…, which sold us ALL OUT to Aliens, have now been told that they haven’t done “enough” to curtail the human herd for the Draco’s…, and that unless they GO ALL IN…, even “they” will have their heads on the chopping block!

Quite a motivating ultimatum, don’t you think?

The Draco’s apparently have built a SUPER COMPUTER in the basement (the underground) over at BLUFFDALE called: VESUVIUS  which “could” be meant to “run” the extensive A.I. MIND CONTROL NET that each and every human man, woman, and child would be FORCED TO LIVE UNDER for eternity.

Is that even possible?

Well…, I don’t know about you…, but since 2014…, the CHEM TRAILS have only gotten more and more thick…, and with the information that we gained from Harald Katz Vella…, we can be certain that those Chem Trails were FILLED with Nano-technology, Nano-bots, or Nanites!

And, (for those who were paying attention) didn’t we learn in the A.I. Symposium that I did last fall with at least 10 people, and was hosted by Lisa Harrison that these Nano-bots and Nano-technology had been specifically created to not only control a human beings MIND…, but their control their physical body as well?

And…, didn’t this technology (Nano-Tech) actually come from the DRACO’s?

Here’s the entire 4 hour broadcast which was watched by 400,000 people worldwide!

So what do the Draco’s want with Earth?   He continues:

If enacted this will mean that the Dracos will be able to create a complete Luciferian Dynasty run by a Draco King seated in Jerusalem some believe is supposed to be Lucifer himself. It is also believed that the Dracos have been the true source of all the Crusaders obsession with taking and holding Jerusalem over the years even though all such efforts always seem to fail. If the WZs fail to voluntarily institute their own 90% Global population reduction or “Reset”, the Draco Alien ETs allegedly will institute their own 100% reset which will eliminate all of the WZs too. So the WZs are now deeply committed to using their secret cell of top Nuclear Weapons developers to develop and deploy the necessary weapons to create a 90% reset without destroying all the electronics, electric grid and electrical machinery.

Some top Intel insiders who have had extensive access to Alien ET matters, and US and NATO Secret Space Fleet matters believe that the Dracos and their hived Android servant-creations the Greys, are consummate liars and secretly engaged in harmful activities against humans that were prohibited in their ongoing treaties with the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) aka Majesty Twelve or MJ-12.

These same Intel folks believe that these Dracos are exaggerators too and do not have all the power they claim. Some Intel Cowboys believe that the Dracos intend to eventually get rid of all humans and are just providing a benevolent front to obtain consent that they will later ignore and proceed with their real agenda which is 100% evil and parasitical. They have lied in the past and violated their treaty regarding human abductions and hot caught several times butchering and eating humans, so there are plenty of good reasons not to trust much that they claim or promise. In the past they were able to get WZ Cutouts (BCCs and IZCS members) to do their dirty work to help attain their Agenda by providing massive money, status and power to these cutouts as huge rewards for serving evil.

Well…, it makes sense that the Draco’s made their agreements with these sleezy OLIGARCHS…, because aren’t “they” LUCIFERIANS as well?  Don’t they do RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE?  And, just to add some entertainment to their lives…, aren’t most of them PEDOPHILES?

What I just can’t figure out is why any human being on the planet will obey ANY of their orders?  Can you say complete…, utter…, and total…, COWARDS?

But Preston gives us a heads up about something that they’ve discovered:

The Rule of Consent, an apparent binding Cosmic Rule which controls all Alien interaction with Earth’s human inhabitants.

Some Muslim Clerics and non-Zionist Christian Pastors also believe that these Tall White Nordics are just smoother and even more deception and although not into mass-murder, still have their own Alien Agenda to share the earth’s surface with humans and actually run their governments and set up their own World Ruler in Jerusalem.

And some believe these Tall White Nordics like the Dracos do not believe there is a God Almighty at all, and want to elevate themselves to rule over humans, but cannot do so without the mass consent of humans.

This is called the Rule of Consent and some insiders have reported that it is a binding Cosmic Law or rule that limits the actual exercise of power that Alien ETs can have over humans unless humans provide consent.

BINGO Preston!  And what have I been saying all along?  In almost every article that I’ve ever written…, I’ve said that they MUST HAVE OUR CONSENT…, or they can’t do anything here on Earth.

And THAT…, is why I keep hounding and begging people to simply start to disobey their ORDERS!  Don’t CONSENT!

This of course only would mean something IF (and I do mean IF) you were truly clear on what the “agenda” happening on Earth really was, and where all of this so-called “authority” of the Draco’s comes from!  It comes from our UNWILLINGNESS TO SAY NO TO THEM!  PERIOD!

So now he talks about what the Draco’s want!

The Georgia Guidestones, the Draco’s literal statement of their Alien ET Agenda for Planet Earth and notice to the Human Inhabitants.(3)

This expensive stone monument contains the Dracos Master Agenda for massive depopulation of humans from the world leaving only a small remnant of approximately 10%. This stone monument provides a New Ten Commandments for Planet Earth and its inhabitants which are to be enacted by the Draco’s God Lucifer, according to re[ports from insiders.

It is alleged that the Dracos power comes from their alignment with Evil, the darkside and Lucifer aka the great Satan or the Devil.

It has been alleged that the Dracos have received their immense power to deceive the whole world through their deployment of Babylonian Money-Magic and Black magic Arts of the Darkside through selected “Bloodline Cutouts”. It is their Cutouts who are also willing to submit to their god Lucifer and form a blood contract with him in order to receive a personal “spirit guide” and immense wealth, power and status in return.

This monument was allegedly built with money provided to a Cutout which some believed to be a Rosicrucian Scribe, and perpetual funds from an investment vehicle were provided to maintain this monument.

The Banker involved will not reveal the party who paid and ordered the construction of this monument to the NWO because of bank secrecy rules, so we cannot know for sure.

An association between the Draco Alien ETs and Lucifer aka Satan has been recognized based on Aleister Crowley’s recorded experiences and sketch of the ET that appeared to him.

For may years Catholic Priests and some Protestant Clergy have conducted real Exorcisms of demon entities from human subjects who have been infested with one or more of these entities, now known to be Cosmic Parasites. Yes, these exorcisms are quite real and so are the Demons that are brought out. The Exorcists insist that all this is done by invoking the power of Jesus Christ which these Demon entities must obey. It has also been reported that numerous Alien ET abductions have been stopped cold by human victims calling on the name of Jesus Christ which immediately sends the Aliens packing. Go figure what this means.

Noted Vatican insider Father Malachi Martin corroborated these facts about demonic possession and exorcisms, and also disclosed that Luciferian/Satanic cult members had infected the Vatican and actually done Satanic rituals in the Vatican Basement. It is now known that he was murdered for disclosing this dark secret.

I know that it is really hard or difficult for some people to think or believe that a person could be “possessed”…, and that an other dimensional “entity” could enter into and take over their body!  But this does happen…, and for some reason it is the NEW AGERS who are the biggest fools and the most outspoken against this saying it can’t happen.

But then…, it is the NEW AGERS who are constantly “channeling”…, and for those that do ACTUAL CHANNELING (not the fake kind)…, they KNOW first hand that an entity is really, actually, taking over their body and speaking through them.

So why then, is it so hard for NEW AGERS to believe that just like there may be “good” entities…, that there are not totally EVIL and parasitic entities as well???

How do the New Agers know that there are not tens of thousands of evil parasitic entities?  How do they know there are not millions out there possessing the bodies of millions of human beings???

What does it mean to be a SATAN WORSHIPER?  What does it mean to belong to a COVEN?  What does it mean to sign an oath in blood to Lucifer or Baphomet (as many of the Hollywood Actors do, (and as many of the Music Industries singers and musicians do as well)?

Preston James continues:

The Mystery of Evil is very hard to explain.

Numerous Alien ET abduction victims have reported Alien E Greys walking through walls and abducting them and then performing apparent medical procedures on them with Alien ET Dracos standing in the background directing the procedures. Based on all the grossly evil machinations done by the Dracos Cutouts at their direction, we can assume that the Dracos themselves are remarkably EVIL and evil beyond what most can imagine.

But why are some humans, the ones who run the world at the top of the Pyramid of Power, the world hierarchy, so evil? Is it due to a selection process where only the pure criminal psychopaths who can project a phony humanitarian image to con We the People can move to the top? Or is it that the WZs select out those types who can be easily corrupted by the “sins of the flesh” and have no adequate character to prevent this, folks who will do anything for power, wealth and status?

It’s a known fact that most who serve the WZ as well as the Draco Agenda have absolutely no idea what the Master Agenda is that they serve or that it is Pure Evil. Many lose their souls in the process of selling out to Big Power and enjoy the badge, the position over others and the great pay and perks. You can bet that most folks working for DHS, a known Neo-Bolshevik Israeli occupation force for the WZs have no clue about the exceedingly evil Agenda they actually work to attain. If they knew their actions would bring death and destruction on themselves and their families they would stop participating and quit, but the WZs have mind-kontrolled the masses quite successfully through 50 years of their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), Wall Street Advertising and massive Psyops against We the People. This, however is all breaking down now thanks to the worldwide Internet, the new Gutenberg Press which publishes and diffuses ideas and knowledge at the speed of light instead of the speed of printing and ink.

I’m not certain I agree…, because here, he states that ONLY those who have psychopathic tendencies are chosen…, but I think (since all souls are given free will)…, the men and women who end up serving SATAN are simply LAZY and WEAK…, and have many bad virtues which leads them to seek the easiest way to power, fame, fortune and glory.  AND…, if it means selling their very soul (which they can not see, feel or touch) they are okay with that…, as long as they GET the reward they seek.

They are the “CHAFF”…, which the BIBLE talks about.  They are not the “WHEAT” which produces good stock.

Preston Continues”

The Dracos have hijacked Planet Earth and greatly reward those “Bloodline individuals” who serve them and enacting unimaginable evil on their behalf while pretending they are doing good and while losing their souls in the process, or never had any at all.

The Dracos have highly rewarded their Cutout to create on Planet earth consisting of mass death and painful human suffering through created diseases, wars and other forms of massive human suffering that accompanies staged chaos and social breakdown. Now there are numerous insiders who do not believe that a God Almighty exist because if he did, he would be benevolent and never allow such evil and immense human suffering and painful death to exist as it does. They believe that he would never allow such evil entities as the Dracos and their Cutout who appear to have no souls or any consciences at all, to exist.

Yes, the presence and existence of raw evil beyond imagination is difficult to explain or understand. However there is good reason to believe that some very powerful positive entity somewhere in the Universe that is setting limits and requiring human Consent before such Alien entities and their Cutouts can proceed. And based on reports of some Insiders who have documented strange Psi-power occurrences such as a complete replay of all memories in a split second in dire emergencies, it appears that some very large, powerful master entity is recording everything that happens down to the last molecules movement. Some prefer to all this entity God Almighty, others prefer to call it a central character of the Universe.

Well, here he says it again!  CONSENT is everything!

But, what have we got going on Earth today and still even down to the last minute…., ESPECIALLY WITH THE NEW AGERS, who constantly tell us…, don’t worry, be happy!  We will be saved by someone else…, there is nothing we need to do!

And to that I say this:  YES, THERE IS SOMETHING WE NEED TO DO!

We must withdraw all consent from ANY of our leaders who actually worship SATAN or LUCIFER!   We must refuse to obey them because they represent and are working for the DRACO’s!

Prime Creator will ONLY help us IF by our own action of NON CONSENT we prove to him that we do NOT want these beings ruling here!

Next, Preston talks about the SOLUTION (in his perspective of what we can and should do!)

It appears there is a way for humans to take control back from the Dracos and their Cutouts the WZs and their BCC and IZCS.

This has been done before by the American Founding fathers who withdrew consent from the City of London WZs that were jealous of their Colonial wealth and wanted to hijack it. The Founding fathers withdrew consent and when 3% were willing to fight the British, they were able to defeat them. And ever since the City of London WZs have been trying to take America back and are almost there, having hijacked the American Monetary Production and Distribution System in 1913 with the passage of the illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve System Act.

As Veterans Today Talk Show Host and consummate deep insider, Mike Harris has been saying for many years, “There is no Superman, we have to do this ourselves.” And he is right, this must be done by the raised consciousness of We the People that start thinking right in unison and working together at every level to completely route out this evil tyranny that has hijacked Our Land and Institutions. For several years now Mike Harris has been recommending that folks read a key chapter from Solzenitzen’s classic “Gulag Archipelago” where he describes how they should have all fought back instead of just cooperating with their arrests. He believes this would have stopped the arrests cold because their would have been far too many losses of those Bolsheviks that were doing the arrests.

And we must start at the local level to take it all back and never quit or give up no matter what that is.  And never let DHS take your guns, the last guarantee of our freedom. As Professor Jim Fetzer, also a Veterans Today Editor says frequently, “when they come for your guns, it is time to use them.”

Here is his conclusion:


As incredible as the information disclosed in this article may seem, it can become easier to think it may be possible when one considers the very strange political and economic situation America is now in and the extreme corruption at every level of Government, Intel and Police. And this includes the very strange circumstances with which DHS was set up to be an Israeli occupying secret Police Force inside America to run all Alphabets, and internal police functions accompanied. And this also includes the complete destruction of Rule of Law, diminution of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and all done under the excuse and justification of the phony War on Terror which is a complete fraud.

The real terrorists are the NeoCons, PNACers and Israeli-American Israeli-first “Dual Citizens” and USG and Military Traitors that did the 9/11/01 nuclear attack on America as a False-Flag attack to create a false-justification for their illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared Mideast wars. And DHS is the New American Stasi, an Internal Israeli Neo-Bolshevik Occupation Force here to  tyrannize, disarm, detain and eventually mass-murder all American Goyim.

Now folks must ask themselves how could this situation in America ever get so nasty? Could it be explained by some highly intelligent evil force that has no conscience and hates humans, and deploys mass-murder, tyranny and complete oppression to attain their Agenda.

Doesn’t it stand to reason that those who have set this Agenda which is completely anti-human, are probably non humans at all and use the power of evil?

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