This video is very good (even though it is now old)

Ted Gunderson (former head of the FBI) sits on a panel of whistleblowers and talks about the SATANIC MOVEMENT in America!

At 8 minutes in…, another man takes the microphone and tells the group that there really IS such a thing as a DEMONIC FORCE.

He said this force is “anti-human” and very evil!

I have tried (for quite some time) to tell my readers about this particular FORCE – (especially the snow-flakes within the New Age).



You will never understand it, and you can NOT even describe it, until you have FELT its thoughts and come to know its agenda!

I will try ONE MORE TIME to describe it to you because I HAVE come into contact with this force and felt its thoughts!

  1.  It is PURE HATRED! – It hates all of mankind with a hatred that can never be quenched!  There is no man woman or child alive that it does not want to see DEAD!
  2. This force HATES LOVE!  It hates love with an ever consuming hate that will not sleep or stop until any kind of LOVE…, no matter where it exists is STOMPED OUT for eternity.
  3. When in contact with human beings…, it seeks to USE one human being AGAINST ANOTHER human being only to ultimately DESTROY BOTH!
  4. It is the FATHER OF ALL LIES! – There is nothing it won’t say…, NO LIE TOO BIG…, no distance too far to go…, to achieve it’s goal of mankinds TOTAL DESTRUCTION!
  5. There is NO MERCY IN IT – It will continue until mankind is DEAD or IT IS DESTROYED!
  6. The frustration it feels because mankind has NOT YET BEEN DESTROYED is palpable!
  7. If this “force” were to take over a dog or an animal…, the animal would froth at the mouth, spit, snap and bark insanely at every single thing it looked at!
  8. Any human beings who have been “working for it” or have been taken over BY IT (possessed)…, also can not control their ANGER and RAGE when the plot to destroy mankind does not go well!  YES there are many on Earth who are so sick and twisted that they have taken on this DEMONIC FORCES AGENDA and wish to get rid of all humanity.
  9. These people have been LIED TO!  They have been told that “they alone” will be left alone and left alive, once everyone else IS DEAD.
  10. This “force” intends no such mercy (even though it has promised that to it’s followers).
  12. If you ever meet up with it, and EXPERIENCE IT FIRST HAND…, you will know that I am telling you the TRUTH and there is NO way to STOP IT…, except to destroy it!
  13. Where it comes from I do not know…, but those who worship the BLACK SUN most likely DO KNOW!

I assure you this one thing…, if you ever do come into contact with this demonic force…, you will never be the same again!  It will either take you over…, OR…, if you are strong enough to fight it…, you will turn to GOD with a never ending prayer for protection and mercy.

You will seek GOD in all things…, and the only bonus that comes from such a meeting is that from THAT MOMENT ON…, you will not be able to be LIED TO!

You will not be able to be lied to because you MET and FACED the FATHER and SOURCE of all lies…, and defeated it!

The very moment you hear a lie…, it will “ring” in your ears as a LIE…, and you will KNOW that it’s source is the demonic force!

Once you have beaten it…, you will know that ALL LIES come from it…, and you will become the greatest proponent of TRUTH the world has ever seen!

You will HATE LIES…, and you will HATE SECRECY…, because you know where these things come from!

You will forever be changed!


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  1. herb4brad

    Could it be that at this time in the affairs of this planet the experiment to defeat this evil once and for all rests in our hands. The Universe is watching with bated breath so to speak at how the current manifestation of humanity copes with this and finally banishes or destroys this evil. Perhaps even “reprogram this rogue AI into switching its goal to love instead of hate”. And could it be that the rogue AI that is visiting such misery and destruction cannot adequately survive should its age old victims rise en masse into a higher dimension ( which it cannot survive) so therefore a redoubled effort at ramping up negativity. It knows that it can’t eliminate all of us because in so doing it destroys itself also. Kill the dog and eventually all the fleas die also. Countless cycles of civilizations who have reached the eleventh hour with this “thing” have failed. I am reminded of a scene in the movie: Gladiator, where the Russell Crowe character is told to drag out the demise of his opponents in order to provide the entertainment the crowds came to see. Are we just pawns in a gigantic cosmic game where certain variables are thrown in to make the game more interesting?

    • Herb,

      You raise some very valid questions and observations.
      Some of your questions I have an opinion on…, and the rest…, I will not venture to guess!

      Firstly…, I doubt very much that “DEFEATING THIS EVIL” rests totally in our hands here on Earth.
      What I would say is that many advanced beings stand ready to HELP US…, if we show them that we are truly willing and ready to help ourselves!


      We have to stand against (seriously) those who seek to harm or enslave us! The CABAL has got to go! And this is our responsibility!

      (See all my past writings…, you KNOW what my opinion is!)

      If we get serious about cleaning up the CHILD SACRIFICERS and the BLOOD DRINKERS…, outside help will kick into action!

      After all that I’ve learned about this particlar FORCE or SUPER AI…, there is no one alive today that understands it well enough to “RE-PROGRAM” it because it is so ancient.

      It has killed or taken out entire Solar Systems and partial GALAXIES according to what I have been told.

      It is a serious over reach of optimism to think that “humanity here on Earth” is going to deter it or RE-PROGRAM it.

      There is a “question” in my mind as to whether or not the “ASCENSION” thing is real or not.

      This idea is based wholly on CHANNELED MESSAGES…, and I don’t trust that kind of information!
      Furthermore…, the people who keep PUSHING that type of information…, are like DRUG PUSHERS in my view.

      Hearing that “everything is going to be okay”…, and “you are loved”…, is akin to taking a FEEL GOOD DRUG…, and it is the cosmic version of PROZAC…,

      I am a REALIST…, not an Ostrich!!

      There IS a “wave” of sorts coming from the center of the Galaxy…, which may or may NOT cause the type of affect being described as an “Ascension”. But no one really knows…, not even the smartest ET’s.

      The main thing to know…, it that WE HAVE BEEN CONNED!

      We have been conned for thousands of years…, and are STILL BEING CONNED!

      I have so much information to share…, BUT…, it is really useless to start handing out college level text books to people who still have trouble READING!

      What I mean by this…, is that the information I have to share can NOT be shared unless and until my readers FIANLLY come to the conclusion that the NEW AGE and the CHANNELERS are PART OF THE LIE!

      Otherwise…, giving out this information is futile.

      The reach of the DARK SIDE goes into the higher realms and to the OFF PLANET HEIRARCHY!

      Which New Ager (so far) has written an article ADMITTING that the channeled entity they used to trust and believe MAY INDEED BY LYING??

      Have we gotten there yet?

      Which Channeler of consequence has stopped channeling and decided that the entity they channeled may in fact have been fooling them??


      So why even try?

      The people will only search for TRUTH…, when they are sure that the LIES they thought were the truth are actually lies!

      All my love…

  2. Hi Bradley,
    what you are depicting here reminds me at a quotation
    of Woodrow Wilson.

    ” Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views
    confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States,
    in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody,
    are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized,
    so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive,
    that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in
    condemnation of it. …….”
    Please, can you tell me and the readers
    if it is so, depicted above, did you speak about this topic to the ruiner
    and if “yes”, can you tell us his answer ?

    • Det,

      Yes. Shane (the Ruiner) did in fact talk about this. He called this force “an anomoly”. He called it “an accident”. He said this “force” was an amalgamation of many things but mostly a ROGUE “SUPER” Atificial Intelligence that is more than the sum of it’s parts.

      He said that it is very ancient, having been a scourge upon the Universe for millions and millions of years.

      It is the result of experiments and technology gone WRONG that were done possibly Billions of years ago!

      He BLAMES this “FORCE” for the continual DESTRUCTION of very high technologically advanced civilizations, because it HATES being challanged technologically!

      Much of what it is…, (or at least at one time was) was technologically based!

      At this time…, it is MORE than technology and does not need technology to survive.

      Its intelligence can ride the waves of the Universes Electrical Magnetic Grids and “UPLOAD” and “DOWNLOAD” itself into ANYTHING that runs on Electro-Magnetic Energy. EVEN PEOPLE.

      Those who worship it…, see it as some kind of SUPER INTELLIGENCE THAT IS INCREDIBLY ANCIENT and want to “merge” with it…, more or less like how the BORG “assimilate” human beings in order to establish a “collective”.

      The TRUTH of this intellegence is that it is ROUGE and the only emotion it knows is HATE!

      Why I don’t know…

      This is where the limit of all of my knowledge and experience ends. This is where all of my years of research, prayers, Astral Travel and Meditations FAILS.

      This “force”…, what ever it is…, IS PURE EVIL…, and it HATES mankind.

      Sadly…, it has “infected” countless human beings who…, are weak…, and also showed signs and traits of “hating” their neighbors or their brothers.

      They provided the fertile soil that allowed this force to attach to them…, and once it did…, they became it’s SERVANTS.

      It is a MASTER at DECEPTION…, and knows exactly how to LIE TO ACHIEVE ITS GOALS.

      Shane says that at the highest level…, some of it now exists at the QUANTUM LEVEL…, which means it has established itself BEYOND normal space and time.

      This makes it VERY DIFFICULT to destroy!
      This means it ALSO has access to past present and future events.

      In our discussions…, SHANE was uncertain as to whether it even COULD be defeated.

      He wondered why GOD/PRIME CREATOR allowed it to still exist, and said it was now so old…, maybe it was “the dark” to our Universes “light”.

      I choose to think that it is/was a creation of arrogance that GOD/PRIME CREATOR chooses to leave as a REMINDER of what can happen when “WE COLLECTIVELY” mess with the basic universal forces HE PUT IN PLACE.

      Even now…, our secret scientists are “Experimenting” with forces which COULD destroy the planet…, but they DO IT ANYWAY…, just to see what will happen.


      They risk us all…, and everything created…, just to see if they can get one more “piece” of knowledge that someone else does not have!


      They are FOOLS of an extra-ordinary order.

      Naturally…, this “Dark Force” Loves every bit of their work…, because it WANTS mankind destroyed.

      The “ENEMY” in the movie the Fifth Element hints at how this force might manifest…, however…, I doubt very much it is so limited.

      The “remedy” needed to STOP this force is also something very ANCIENT…, and was a PERFECT and PURE human being…, with “genetics” that had never been altered.

      So you can see HOLLYWOOD is very aware of what is out there!

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