How many people are worried about their lives or about the condition of the world as we speak? How many people can’t sleep or even stay calm any longer? 

These days, it seems that everyone is being adversely affected by what we call daily life and what is happening behind the scenes in ways we can’t imagine, but it does not need to be this way!

Did you know that Jesus called himself the “good shepherd”?  Did you know that HE “wants” to help you and “wants” to bring you all of the peace that you seek, just as any good shepherd wants to bring comfort and peace to his flock?

So, what exactly is standing in your way then?

Man is a fickle sort of being. He wants to do everything by himself, and on his own terms. But when he fails, he loves to justify his failed actions as the only ones that were available to him at the time.  This is hardly ever the case!

Our loving Father is forever waiting for us – his soul creations – to call upon HIM and to simply ask HIM for HIS help so that HE can supply us with grace and aid.

I have been asked by various people why “GOD” just does not help us when we need it the most.  I mean –

“Surely HE can see what I want and what I need…”

these people say to me –

“So why then doesn’t HE just wave HIS hand and give me what I need…”

 “Did you ASK HIM for this help?”  

Comes my reply…

Now come all of the excuses!  And they are many.

“Why should I even have to ask?”

Is the most common one.  Usually followed by:

“Well, IF GOD is so powerful – why doesn’t HE just see what I need and then give it me – why do I have to ask him?”

I smile and shake my head and then make this standard reply:

Little babies get treated that way when they are very young by their mothers.  YOU on the other hand, are an adult. Do you expect to be treated like a tiny child your entire life?

This usually stops all of the excuses in their tracks.

When adults want or need something, I continue – they ASK for it.  Have you ever heard of FREEWILL?

 You see, most people have actually “heard” of freewill, but almost NO ONE understands freewill. The correct meaning of freewill has been educated out of them by a very sick socialist/communist school system. 

(One that tells them that “GOD” does not even exist).

FREEWILL means that GOD our loving Father has given each of his soul creations the right to “choose” what they will do and what they won’t do. This is the single greatest gift that HE ever gave us  – and HE promised never to remove that gift – under any circumstances.

However, GOD also never said that HE would “protect” us from the fallout or the consequences of our “freewill choices” if we made bad ones.  This is very advanced stuff and is sometimes hard to grasp!  For instance – we all have the freewill to “choose” to walk off of a cliff!

However, if we use our freewill to “choose” that action – and we actually do it – then the consequence of choosing that action will be to fall down the cliff and possibly die.

You see, GODS “gift” of freewill remains even when we use that freewill gift to “choose” something that will bring us harm and ultimately death.

Now, let’s say that we “choose” certain things (using our own freewill) that bring us consequences that we don’t want – or did not intend. Let’s say that we did not know or realize what the outcome of certain choices would actually be.

It is at this point in time – that we can actually use our freewill to “choose” to ask GOD our loving Father to negate or nullify the consequences of our choices – if we are in regular contact with HIM.

This also is VERY possible!

What I mean by “regular contact” is that we should all have a running and daily conversation with HIM as to our life here on Earth and how we are living it so that if we DO get into trouble – we can have a way out.  This only makes common sense.  I mean what human being is so certain of themselves that they THINK they can handle every little thing that happens to them on every single day of their life?

You’d have to be pretty arrogant indeed to think that YOU could understand and handle it ALL…

The reason you’d want this kind of on-going conversation with GOD is that no one is so wise as to be able to see every single outcome and every single possible effect of the choices that they make.

There are just too many possibilities sometimes.

In other words – no matter how hard we try – we are bound to make mistakes with our choices and thus bring to ourselves consequences from those choices that we do not want nor intend. To think otherwise is not only foolish – but ARROGANT to the extreme.


As hard as they might try – those who “claim” there is no GOD – still recognize to the extreme that freewill choices create consequences and effects in the real world.

And so, while actively “denying” that there is a GOD – they have spent BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars developing greater and greater Super Computers that can account for ALL POSSIBLE OUTCOMES of every single possible choice – and give them advance notice so they don’t make a “mistake”.

And when the Super Computers they had developed were not fast enough – they developed “QUANTUM” computers which can see through time, and also the “LOOKING GLASS” device which can also see all possible “TIME-LINES” in the vast expanse of possible Time-Lines.

I find it interesting or “fascinating” would perhaps be a better word – that all of the worlds militaries (some of which do not believe in GOD) have actively used these SUPER COMPUTERS and now – these highly advanced QUANTUM SUPER COMPUTERS to run  “SIMULATIONS”  of every possible outcome – of every possible choiceonly so that they can see what will happen before they attempt to do it.

I hope that you can see the DISCONNECT in their thinking here – because it is really huge.

You see, what is truly fascinating here is that while they are basically ADMITTING that such a thing as “choice” does exist (a.k.a. “Freewill) – and while also ADMITTING that various choices produce unforeseen effects and outcomes in the real world…

..and while further ADMITTING they are not capable of seeing or knowing every single possible outcome or effect of all of the billions of possible choices they could make – and thus they have designed these Quantum Super Computers to help them crunch the infinite and unlimited data – they still REFUSE to acknowledge that what they are actually doing is merely reacting to GODS GIFT of FREEWILL and trying to understand it.

Is this not just totally fascinating?

It is to me!

You see, if GOD our loving Father is the “AUTHOR” of our Freewill – and HE is the “AUTHOR” of all possible outcomes – then don’t you suppose that HE could “CHANGE” any or ALL of the outcomes if HE chose to do so?

I hope you can see the “irony” in this, because I sure can…

I mean, what we’ve got is BIG TECH – associated with the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM – associated with the DEEP STATE and world’s military’s, all working night and day to run SIMULATIONS and crunch infinite possibilities – when PRAYER TO GOD could simply zero in and change the trillions of potentials directly into the one that you wanted.


What would you say if I told you that any man – with a proper connection to GOD – could see EXACTLY what was going to occur – not only in THIS time-line, but in many OTHER time-lines?  With a running conversation with GOD – and grace – any man or woman could be kept “up to date” and can be aware of what is coming down the road – even 4 or 5 years in advance.


Now, apparently those who are playing on TEAM DARK – have finally realized that there really IS A SPIRITUAL and UNSEEN component to seeing and knowing what is going to happen in the future – and so the “crazies” who have developed the D-WAVE QUANTUM COMPUTERS – are now hiring “wizards” and “witches” who know how to “CONJURE” Dark Spirits – in order to “merge” dark entities with their QUANTUM A.I. – in order to be able to see and predict more – all because while NOT ADMITTING that there is a GOD – they are actually and secretly AFRAID OF GOD.

Thus, they are attempting to “employ” DARK ENTITIES or DEMONS while running their SIMULATIONS.

Could it be that “they” are imploring their Dark Alien “gods” to attempt the “change things” in the Time-Lines in the same way the GOD our loving Father can “change things” in the Time-lines??


I mean, they ADMIT that “choice” does exist – and they ADMIT that making different choices causes different effects – some which they want – and some of which they don’t want…, but they REFUSE to look at where “CHOICE” actually comes from, OR – if they do realize where “choice” comes from (GOD and FREEWILL) – they actively try to NEGATE IT – by using A.I., Demons, and Quantum Access tools, in order to get SUPER-NATURAL or UNNATURAL outcomes.

Ultimately what you get (as a result) is a TEMPORAL WAR!

Or a “war” that is being fought though the TIME-LINES!



If these recalcitrant leaders did look to see WHERE choice actually comes from – then they’d have to ADMIT that there is in fact a CREATOR.

Talk about disconnect.

Once again, do you also realize that SUPER COMPUTERS are not even necessary if you have a good connection to GOD?  Do you realize that if you simply align yourself with the Holy Spirit – HE will tell you and show you everything?

Super Computer not needed!

Naturally this really pisses off the people in the parts of the Military who have a vested interest in denying that GOD even exists.

Here again, human beings are fickle.

They would rather go their grave denying that GOD is real – only so that they can CLAIM that all of the consequences of all of their choices are merely random – and unpredictable – rather than totally foreseeable and knowable IF they have a good connection with their own creator!

They create Super Computers to “predict” outcomes which they claim are random and could never have been foreseen by anyone and yet – one might just ask – how is it that I – a carpenter – was able to write the series called: THE GREAT CON OF MAN – THE END GAME, which basically predicted exactly where we are right now as we speak?


How was I able to “predict” and “know” what was coming down the road in just a few short years – without the use of any Government SUPER COMPUTER – QUANTUM ACCESS COMPUTERS – OR LOOKING GLASS?

The answer is really simple.


Let me repeat that for the ones with thick heads. The answer is really simple.


When you pray daily – and keep in constant contact with HIM – HE shows you what is coming, and if something surprising happens that you don’t want – then HE takes care of it for you (if you ask HIM to).

Think on these things…

All my love…

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