If you think otherwise, then you do not “know” God.

  • God’s “power” is His gentle hand. 
  • God’s “glory” is His endless presence everywhere.
  • God’s “might” is His quiet patience, and His ability to forgive.

Never underestimate that God is everywhere!



They “hate” God. 

They hate God because HE will not just “obey” them (by simply becoming an energy source that they can use at their whim) and refuses to give in to their selfish desires of domination and conquest. 

They “hate” that God is actually intelligent, and has a will of His own!

HE refuses to manipulate Time and Space just to please them.

This is why the Luciferians have turned to Demonic Entities/Dark Forces to do their bidding instead – because these far lessor beings will in fact OBEY THEM (for a price).

The Luciferians have come to the conclusion that their own desires are far more important than being obedient to God, listening to Him, or learning from Him.

The Luciferians hate God for the same reasons that the Jewish Leaders hated Jesus when he walked the Earth (and who eventually had him killed by the Romans).

They (the Jewish leaders) wanted God to destroy their enemies, and to hand them the entire Earth as a gift, which God (at that time) did not want to do!  He wanted “them” to simply Love Him and to treat others with kindness and respect which they refused to do!

They did not want that.  Instead they wanted a God of Power, Glory, and Might coming in as “a destroyer” – one that would more or less would do “THEIR BIDDING” as a violent military arm of their own will that could (and would) vanquish all of their foes – no matter what the cost, and no matter how cruel their own efforts or behaviors were, no matter what their own relationship to Him was, and especially forgetting about their own worthiness to even have the Earth.

And so now today, the DEEP STATE and the LUCIFERIANS, since God will not just “OBEY THEM” – have turned to far lessor beings who are willing to BE THE DESTROYERS for them, and who will give them what they want!

Don’t believe me?   Watch the Video Below:

THE WHITE HATS have now taken over CERN.

This is just one of the many “Chess Moves” happening behind the scenes that have allowed them to move forward with “THE PLAN”.

The battle of “good” vs. “evil” is being fought behind the scenes and the White Hats are definitely winning this battle.

So please do not give in to fear, do not give in to hate, do not give in to despair.



Love God! Love God! Love God!

He has our best interest in His Mind and in His Heart!  There is no fear necessary when we give it over to God!  We must act (to be sure) – and we must do our part!  But, then allow His Hand to guide us through it all.  He knows what needs to be done!


All my love


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