Those men and women who seek to HIDE the truth – under the outrageous banner of  calling TRUTH a “hate-crime”…, will FALL INTO THE DEEPEST PITS of DARKNESS!


WE as an Earthly collective are rounding the final turn!

The chaff is being separated from the wheat as we speak!

There are those who are trying to HELP and SAVE mankind…, and there are those who are eager to HARM and DESTROY mankind.


Bringing in millions of migrants into Europe was a PLANNED EVENT that was calculated to destroy civil society and unleash CHAOS!

It was done so that when all was eventually destroyed a NEW WORLD ORDER OF LUCIFER could be revealed and put into place!

Those CHOOSING to enforce EVIL upon others…, are by their own actions calling to themselves the very demons who will feed upon them!

The German Government (and those who occupy it) are skating upon VERY THIN ICE!



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